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Storm Breakers

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   Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. Don't resist them; that only creates sorrow. Let reality be reality. Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like.

   As the story opens, the companions are meeting some folks in New England. They were sent to deliver a package, but it turns out they were double-crossed - the recipients are slavers. The companions fight their way free, only to be surrounded by more slavers, but some locals arrive on the scene and bail them out. JB is shot and badly wounded during the fight, so the locals take the companions back to their castle.
   In exchange for medical aid for JB, the baron wants the rest of the group to find and rescue his daughter, who was captured by another group of slavers. They're given a guide, a young woman named Alysa.
   In the morning, they head south along the coast road, the route the girl's entourage was taking. As they come to a bridge, they're assaulted by a horde of frog-men, which they manage to fight off with great difficulty. They flee into the woods and get lost, but happen across a cabin inhabited by a seemingly friendly family.
   The family (the Bears) happen to be cannies; they drugged the food, but Jak senses it and warns the others, so they're (mostly) all ready when the family comes to their room that night. The companions kill the family and accidentally set the house afire along the way, but escape unscathed.
   Sometime the next day, the companions come across some slavers leading a group of slaves toward the cabin; they kill the slavers and free the slaves. One of them knows the girl and tells them she was taken south toward the coastal town of Tavern Bay to be loaded on a ship.
   They reach Tavern Bay and talk to the mayor. They suspect something is up, so Ryan takes a recon that night and sees lots more frog-men running around town. The group slips out in the middle of the night, setting a fire to cover their disappearance. Alysa is caught and killed during the escape, but the rest of the group gets away clean. They grab some horses and circle around to the shore, where they find the slavers' main base.
   Getting in is a bit of a problem, but they hijack a truck and slip in through the front gate. From there, they make their way to the ship where the girl is being held and recover her. No long after, the alarms sound - the ship is being swarmed by frog-men. The companions fight their way up to the bridge, where they're trapped by slavers. The frog-men appear and attack the slavers from behind, giving the companions time to escape over the side, where they grab a boat and head back to Stormbreak with the daughter.
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