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Timeline 2 (1800 to skydark)

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   1800–1850 CE: The cult known as the Skotpsi florish in Russia for several years before they are almost wiped out buy the powers that be. The survivors go into hiding but the cult survives.
   British rule is reduced in Ireland.
   Jean Lafitte sees to the construction of a church in the Louisiana bayous so his Cajun smugglers and slave-runners will have a place in which to worship. The priest, Father Ocajnik, is later revealed to be an Old One who has taken on human guise and preys on the parishioners. A voodoo priest, Daddy Lefevre, contains Ocajnik in a tomb beneath the church.

   1853 CE: The samurai - a class of professional warriors who flourished in ancient Japan for several hundred years - effectively die out.

   1856 CE (July 10): Nikola Tesla is born in Smiljan, Lika (Austria-Hungary). He created the core idea behind HAARP, as well as more than 700 other patents.

   1860-65 CE: American Civil War. Days after the Confederates surrender, President Abraham Lincoln is assassinated.

   1868 CE (Feb 14): Theophilus Algernon Tanner is born in South Strafford, Vermont.

   1870 CE: Astronomers report monstrous explosions occurring on Mars. The phenomenon ends abruptly in 1872. These events are apparently related to the Archons' attempt to displace the colony of Tuatha De Danaan and re-establish a foothold on the planet.

   1874 CE: Nicholas Roerich is born. He later goes on to become a famous mystic and artist.

   1880's CE: The term "Tong" is coined to describe illegal Chinese activities in and around San Francisco.

   1888 CE: Augustus "Granite" Grant is born in New York City. He grows up to be a professional boxer, a doctor and a member of the Mistakonic Project.

   1891 CE: Scottish chemist and physicist James Dewar develops a method for producing quantities of liquid oxygen, and invents the Dewar flask - a double-walled vacuum storage vessel. Using the Dewar flask, he succeeds in liquefying hydrogen gas in 1898. Modified Dewar flasks are later used in the cryonic suspension process of the late twentieth century.

   1896 CE (Nov): All of the Plains tribes have been pacified and restricted to reservations by the early 1880s, but there are rumors of a band of Sioux vanishing from a reservation, disappearing from the face of the earth.
   Dr. Theophilius Algernon Tanner disappears without a trace from Omaha, Nebraska, snatched by Operation Chronos. His two children are killed during the process.

   1899 CE: Nikola Tesla builds a transmitter on top of a Colorado mountain as his first experiment in utilizing Earth's electromagnetic radiation to provide a free energy source.
   Balam is the father of three hybrid children, whose mother was a human. The children are raised in the city of Agartha.

   1900 CE: Max Planck, professor at the University of Berlin, announces the quantum theory.

   1901 CE: Nikola Tesla proposes his world system. Specifically he anticipated very low frequency global navigation, radar, Morse code telegraphy with ships at sea, multiplexing, remote controlled weapons, and many others.

   1902 CE (Nov 12th): Clark Savage Jr. is born. From an early age he undergoes rigorous physical and mental training, and grows up to become one of the most brilliant scientists of the twentieth century. Savage is later responsible for a number of scientific developments in the fields of physics and medicine, as well as devoting his life and wealth to aiding the oppressed and rehabilitating criminals.

   1907 CE: A Russian explorer and archaeologist named Kosloff becomes the first European to study the ruins of the ancient city of Kharo-Khoto, in the southwestern Gobi Desert.

   1908 CE (June 17th): An Archon ship crashes in the Tunguska River region of Siberia, causing a massive explosion.

   1911 CE: The Mongol chieftain Dambin Jansang becomes the Tushe Gun and is appointed governor of the west.

   1913 CE: Danish physicist Niels Bohr reaches the summit of his career with a theory of the atom which departs from classical mechanics and makes use of Planck's constant and quantum theory. The strange blend of Newtonian and quantum theories leaves physicists uneasy about the supposedly basic principles of their science.

   1913 CE: Ambrose Gwinett Bierce disappears in Mexico during the Revolution. He is one of Operation Chronos' failed experiments.

   1920's CE: A high abbot from the Trasillunipo Lamasery entrusts Nicholas Roerich with a fragment of the Chintamani Stone

   1923 CE: After mounting several expeditions to Kharo-Khoto, the Russian explorer Kosloff unearths a large vault beneath the surface desert. His discoveries are never made public to the non-Soviet scientific community. Members of Kosloff's expeditions are struck down by mysterious maladies which resemble radiation sickness. In the unexpurgated report submitted by Kosloff, he claims that a major civilization once existed in the Gobi, predating even Sumeria. The Gobi civilization is said to have been technologically advanced, and the desert upon which it sat was once lush with vegetation. Kosloff hypothesized that the civilization, of which Kharo-Khoto was the hub, perished due to radiation sickness. Geologists who later visit the region discover traces of radiation. Kosloff's theory - which is rejected by his scientific contemporaries - is that the Gobi civilization was created by a nonhuman race.

   1924 CE: A combined force of Russian and Chinese troops assassinate Dambin Jansang. His head is paraded all around Mongolia to prove to the people that the messiah and the revolution are dead. In the years that follow, many people claim to see the Tushe Gun, whole and mounted on his pony, riding through the wastes.

   1930 CE (Aug 6): New York Supreme Court Judge Joseph F. Crater disappears without a trace. He is one of the failed time-trawling experiments of Operation Chronos.
   A village of over a thousand Eskimos vanishes without a trace in Canada. Even the graves of the cemetery are opened up and the corpses removed.

   1939-1945 CE: During World War II, German scientists labor to build what turn out to be purely theoretical secret weapons for the Third Reich, based on technology from the Archon Directive. Despite technological superiority, the Nazis are defeated and the Allied powers adopt the research and appropriate many of the scientists. At the end of the war, the United States becomes a cosignatory of the Archon Directive, and grants amnesty and asylum to former Nazi scientists who were working on the German Totality Concept.

   1943 CE (Jan 7th): Nikola Tesla dies in New York City.

   1945 CE (Apr 30th):. After the fall of the German Reich, C.W. Thrush executes Hitler in his bunker beneath the Reich's Chancellery. Domi witnesses the execution after a mishap during a mat-trans jump out of England.

   1947 CE: Another Archon ship crashes near Roswell, New Mexico. Colonel C.W. Thrush orders it to be covered up and that no news to be allowed to leak to the public. Brigid witnesses the events unfold after a misjump from England.
   Nicholas Roerich dies.
   A mysterious man who called himself Maha Chohan, regent of the Realm of Agartha, visits France. Not only did he describe the underground city of Agartha, claiming its origins dated back 50,000 years, but he also makes allusions to a system of physics that transcends what today's scientists understand.    The modern UFO phenomena begins on this year. Over the next five decades, three types of "alien beings" are reported in the majority of cases: the Grays (Archons), and the so-called Nordics (the Tuatha De Danann). The third type, encountered only rarely, are the Reptilians, who apparently are representatives of the Annunaki.

   1948 CE: Silas Torrance Burr is born.

   1949 CE: The southwestern region of the Gobi Desert, containing the site of the ancient city of Kharo-Khoto, becomes China's primary nuclear weapons-testing site, due to the remoteness of its location. The mysterious tradition of the area also keeps local nomads away.

   Late 1940's CE: Dwight D. Eisenhower learns of the Archons shortly after an accident in the sands of New Mexico. It is then he is briefed on the Totality Concept and the Archon Directive.

   1950 CE: After the end of the Second World War and the heating up of hostilities between the East and West, the United States government begins to construct huge underground complexes that would house the government in time of war.

   1952 CE (Oct 3rd): Mohandas Lakesh Singh is born in Kashmir, India.

   1953 CE: The United States Government enters a covert but formal pact with the Archons, believing they are emissaries from the Zeti Reticuli star system. The agreement is known as the Archon Directive.

   1955 CE*: James Laurence Karabatos is born. Two centuries later, he will be known as Lord Strongbow.

   1957 CE: Drake Burroughs is born.

   1958 CE: NASA is formed.
   The Fly is released to theaters, a glimpse into the future of matter transmission.

   1958-1960 CE: Eisenhower didn't like what he had discovered and tried to warn the American people in his farewell speech, but he employed the euphemism of the military-industrial complex. He shared the knowledge he gained with his predecessor, John F. Kennedy, who refused to agree to the code of silence like his two predecessors. He had been only allowed a glimpse of the Totality Concept and realized that the only way he could see more was to expose it to the public. But before he could go any further, he is assassinated near the end of his first term (see below).

   1960 CE: The P2 Lodge is formed.

   1962 CE: The Chinese send a submarine named Octopus Lotus, loaded with nerve gas and biological agents, into the Pacific. Its final destination was to be Florida, where they would attack, causing the Americans and Russians to go to war. It was intercepted by American destroyers, who almost got it to the surface, but help arrived too late to remove the weapons, so they scuttled it.

   1963 CE (Nov 22nd): Kane witnesses C.W. Thrush coordinate the assassination of John F. Kennedy during a misjump from England.

   1964 CE (Dec 17th): Mildred Winonia Wyeth is born.

   1965 CE: The Cryonics Society of New York is founded. The first modern case of animal mutilation is reported.

   1968 CE (May): Dr. Geraldo Vidal and his wife are traveling by car in Argentina when they encountered a strange fog. When they awake, they discover that they are in Mexico. It is one of the failed attempts of Operation Chronos.

   1968 CE: Mohandas Lakesh Singh comes to America on a scholarship.
   Gordon J. F. MacDonald publishes the book, Unless Peace Comes.

   1969 CE: The construction of huge underground installations across the United States slows down to a mere trickle of what it had been.
   June: Apollo 11 is launched and lands on the Moon. Neil Armstrong is the first man to walk on the moon.

   1970 CE: The year of what becomes known as "the Black Helicopter Phenomenon" begins. They are mainly seen in remote locations and sometimes are witnessed traveling with UFOs.

   1971 CE: Mohandas Lakesh Singh receives his doctorate in cybernetics and quantum mechanics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

   1972 CE: Dian Baptiste is born.
   A secret moonbase is established in the Manilius crater region. It is built near artifacts that scientists believe are the remains of an ancient city.

   1974 CE: Mohandas Lakesh Singh is wooed away from NASA by a government contract electronics company. He finds himself working in a secret base within the Archuleta Mesa outside Dulce, New Mexico.
   Erica Van Sloane is born.

   1976 CE: Lawrence Karabatos becomes a freelance consultant for various government organizations like the NSA, DARPA, CIA, DIA, etc.
   The Viking Mars mission transmits over 50,000 images of the surface of the planet back to Earth. The mysterious head and pyramids in Cydonia are first discovered.

   1977 CE: Construction on Parallax Red begins after the discoveries are made on Mars. It is a joint project between the Soviets and the Americans, part of Overproject Majestic.

   1980 CE: COG, or Continuity of Government, begins. Secret stockpiles of food, equipment, weapons and goods are deployed all over the United States; large bases or redoubts are also constructed to allow the government to continue functioning in the event of a nuclear holocaust.

   1982 CE: The woman known first as Sister Fand and later Mother Fand is born in Ireland.

   1982 CE: The British invade the Falkland Islands in retaliation for Argentina trying to take control of them. The Cromwell Corvette class stealth ship is first deployed during this war.

   1983 CE: Ronald Reagan initiates the SDI, or Strategic Defense Initiative, also known as Star Wars. Many projects from the Totality Concept are developed in conjunction.

   1985 CE: The Soviets withdraw their support in constructing Parallax Red and begin their own partisan plans to investigate the monuments on Mars.

   1988 CE: Two probes that the Russians send to investigate the Martian moon of Phobos are destroyed.
   George Bush is elected President of the US.

   1989 CE: The technology for the mat-trans is perfected in Dulce, New Mexico. Mohandas Lakesh Singh is the first man to use the transmitters. He is briefed on the pact between the US government and the Archon Directive.

   1990 CE: A gateway is installed on the moonbase in Manitus Crater. A few months, later one is installed on Parallax Red. Late in the year, the establishment of Cydonia Compound One on Mars takes place.
   The scientists of Redoubt 47 in Louisiana bayous find and revive Ocajnik. They use his DNA to create the first prototype of the creatures later known as "swampies" and to genetically alter the Cornelius Family.
   Otto Skorzeny arrives at a Nazi stronghold in the Antarctic. A gateway unit is installed within a Quonset hut a short distance away. He and the staff of the facility go into cryonic suspension for unspecified reasons.

   1991 CE: The major portions of Parallax Red are completed. At this time, it's three years behind schedule due to mishaps and technical problems.
   In major cities, urban warfare training programs are used, wherein house to house searches for illegal firearms are conducted by men wearing black armour and traveling in black helicopters.

   1992 CE: Victor Boldt is born in England.
   Alaska hosts an event known as Police 2000. Military and police personnel from Canada, the United States as well as Russia participate. They merge to become a transnational police organization designed to protect the upcoming "global village".

   1994 CE: Sister Fand is selected to join the Priory of Awen where she is told of her heritage and is educated, knowing what her role in the future would be.
   The Department of Defense develops methods to manipulate storms in Projects Skyfire and Stormfury. They announce a master weather control program called Spacecast 2020.
   (April 30th): The originating date for a Department of Defense document that is likely the origin of the Magistrate Division. A presidential directive is signed that opens the door to direct intervention in domestic affairs by officers of the international police agency.

   1995 CE: A gateway is transported into Russia and installed in a dacha about twenty miles from Moscow.

   Mid-1990's: Due to a slowdown in the national economy, many of the major software corporations and research facilities move from Silicon Valley, California, to Seattle, Washington.

   1996 CE: Construction on Redoubt Bravo (later as the Cerberus Redoubt), is completed; it begins to produce modular mat-trans units for other redoubts as well as special locations.

   1997 CE: Mount Rushmore is taken over by the government. Construction on a huge 15-level redoubt known as the Anthill Complex begins.

   1998 CE As the Hale Bopp comet approaches the solar system, a number of fringe astronomers think they see something following in its wake. They believe that it might be an alien space ship.
   Construction on huge numbers of redoubts begins all over the United States and other locations across the globe.
   Laurence Karabatos is invited to join Overproject Majestic as a liaison officer between Mission Snowbird and Project Sigma.
   Dr. Theophilus Tanner is the first successful subject of a time-trawling experiment, drawn from 1896.
   Two chupacabras are captured by the US government in Puerto Rico; their DNA is combined with that of other animals to create a new species in the Puerto Rican redoubt.

   1999 CE: Dr. Connaught O'Brien joins Overproject Excalibur and is assigned to Mission Invictus. She works with three other women and eight men in a secret eugenics project to breed a human that could not only survive, but thrive in the the blasted ruins of a nuclear holocaust.
   Further research into robotics is halted due to inability to generalize. During a demonstration a sec hunter droid kills a Congressional aid because he has a mustache similar to that of a known terrorist.
   Learning of the imminent nuclear holocaust, geneticist William Longley flees from the Mission Invictus installation with medical files. He manages to get his hands on a stasis unit and takes it to a retreat in the Rocky Mountains.

   2000 CE: A holographic presentation is created about midway through the year in hopes of obtaining financing from the project-funding committees to support the further colonization of Mars.    The following redoubts gain gateways: Golf, Oscar, November, Tango, Victor, Yankee, and Zulu.
   Late Oct.: Richard Neal Ginsberg is put into cryogenic suspension in the hopes that sometime in the future a cure for ALS will be discovered.
   Dec. 28th: Dr. Tanner is propelled forward in time by the scientists of Operation Chronos.
   Dec. 30th: Brother Michael, Graham Oswald Vair, and Dolores Mae Melville disappear without a trace. They are victims of Operation Chronos.
   Dec. 31st: Lakesh, Connaught O'Brien, and Kuo Liang attend a Broadway revival of the musical "Guys and Dolls" in New York City.

   2001 CE: January: Dr. Torrance Silas Burr (later known as Silas Jamaisvous) uses the time trawling equipment to propel himself into the future where he could safely escape the impending holocaust.
   COG continues operations right up until the nuclear war. But despite the planning and preparation the government has not foreseen all the horrifying ramifications of a global nuclear exchange.
   January 15th: Laurence Karabatos comes into possession of a secret document related to an experiment recently undertaken by Operation Chronos. He discovers that the Earth will be all but destroyed by a nuclear holocaust in a week's time.
   William Longley seals his Rocky Mountain base and climbs into the stasis unit.
   Jan 19th: Sister Fand, Karabatos and a priest named Morn arrive on the isle of Great Skellig. Upon arriving on the island, Fand is raped and impregnated by Enlil the Annunaki. The creature dies after copulation. Karabatos kills Morn after the impregnation takes place.
   During a misjump from England, Grant watches as C.W. Thrush kills the Soviet ambassador and then sets the timer that will detonate the nuclear warhead below the embassy in Washington, D.C.
   Jan 20th: Three nuclear weapons are detonated in Washington DC, triggering the final war which wipes out the majority of humanity, spawning the Deathlands.

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