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   By Alex Maddison, Mark Ellis and Chris Van Deelen; editing, links, and additional information by Mike Chapin.

   As Morrigan pointed out in Savage Sun, "Dating in any ancient history is precarious business." In fact, it is almost impossible to achieve definitive dates when referring to events that occurred many thousands or even millions of years ago. So, to minimize reader confusion, when the time-frame can only be approximated, the historical entry is marked with a star (*). BCE means "Before the Common Era", and CE means "Common Era".
   Due to the extreme size of the timeline, it's been broken down as follows:
   The timeline up until Skydark covers events that predate (and tie into) both series; the last two sections have been split up into Deathlands and Outlanders to save space and avoid confusion. Events that are germane to both series are listed in both timelines. Events that actually occur in the books are approximate.

DEATHLANDS, OUTLANDERS, EARTH BLOOD, and JAMES AXLER are all the property of Gold Eagle / Worldwide Library, and are used here strictly under Fair Use guidelines.
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