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Full fathom five thy father lies;
Of his bones are coral made;
Those are pearls that were his eyes;
Nothing of him that doth fade,
But doth suffer a sea-change
Into something rich and strange.

   - The Tempest, Act 1, Scene 2
   William Shakespeare

   The group arrives in the Greenglades Amusement Park gateway, which has 6 inches of water in it. Ryan ends up face-down and nearly drowns in it before the others wake up and get him turned over. They decide to disable the gateway so they don't jump there again and risk drowning.
   A recon of the redoubt shows that a natural disaster - probably an earthquake combined with a tsunami - has hit the area recently, badly damaging the redoubt. They also find that others have managed to break in - these intruders are Cajuns from the region of Louisiana that was turned into a desert, driving them east into Florida. Ryan kills a couple teenage boys and lets another go.
   They leave the redoubt and meet up with Bill, the self-appointed caretaker of the park now that Boss Larry Zapp is dead. He puts the companions up for the night in the park's motel, then sends them on their way with supplies.
   The companions head north, intending to maybe make their way to Virginia. They get most of the way through Florida before a friendly traveller tells them that they can maybe find a boat at a marina not far away, so they go check it out. As it turns out, there is a boat - a big one - but its owners are (surprisingly enough) hostile, which gets them killed. Before they die, though, one says that they're down south on a ferry run for Admiral Poseidon to make a trade with someone for a warhead. The warhead was a scam, though, and they were about to leave when the companions showed up.
   The group takes the boat north, hoping to sail clear to Virginia, but luck is not with them. A huge chem storm sweeps in, and in the chaos they hit a mine in the water, blowing a hole in the hull. Krysty and Jak are sucked through it into the ocean, but the others manage to get to a lifeboat.
   They're adrift for a few days before a mutie fishman finds them and gives them a lift to shore, to a commune with no name. There they learn more of Poseidon; he's taken over Kings Point Naval Station, to the south, and has either co-opted or killed most of the men from the commune. He collects a monthly "protection" tax from the commune in food and supplies. The commune's leader, Shauna Watson, tells them that Poseidon was responsible for killing her husband and planting the mines that holed their boat, so Ryan immediately makes plans for revenge.
   A few days later, when the Admiral's truck arrives to pick up the food, the companions ambush it and kill everyone but the driver, then take the truck back to the base. Their plan is for Ryan and Shauna to disguise themselves as the dead soldiers and get in, but the plan goes south and they're captured. They're taken to see Poseidon himself, who strangles Shauna, then reveals that Krysty and Jak are still alive (he'd found them while testing a submersible), and they'll stay that way if Ryan helps him gain access to the redoubt under the base. Ryan has no choice, so he shows Poseidon the entry code, then kills the guards and locks Poseidon in the redoubt.
   Meanwhile, JB, Mildred, and Alan Carter (the commune's lone sec man) were let out near the base; their plan is to sneak in and plant explosives at key points, causing enough havoc to enable Ryan to accomplish his mission and get out. Krysty, having seen that Ryan is alive and has come for her, uses her Gaia power to break out of her holding cell and kill her guards. She's wandering across the compound when they catch up with her, and she tells them that Jak is being held as well.
   Ryan has learned from the egomaniacal admiral that he has a working nuclear submarine with a Tomahawk missile that lacks a warhead. Poseidon plans to take the sub out on a test run and fire the missile at the commune. With him temporarily out of the picture, Ryan heads for the sub and hides inside. Poseidon figures out the opening code and gets out; he sees on the security cameras that Ryan has gone to the sub, so he goes there as well for his planned test run.
   The sub is not far from the base when it hits a mine placed by the fishmen. Ryan beats the amdiral unconscious and escapes with the aid of one of Poseidon's men, who's not keen on going down with the ship. They flee, sending a life raft ahead of them, as the sub sinks to the bottom, taking Poseidon with it; the other man is torn apart by the fishmen, while Ryan is helped to the surface. He's later found by the rest of the group, who took a boat from the naval base marina.

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