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Archon Directive

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   This is just random notes I pulled from the OL Timeline in the archives, which I though would be better off in a separate entry. Anyone who wants to clean it up and add to it is welcome. - Kerrick

   Kennedy never met any of the Archons, only their representative, Thrush. Through Thrush, Kennedy learns that the Totality Concept and its many related researches constitute the most ambitious and secret scientific project in recorded history. The Archons provided the crucial technology to translate and meld quantum and hyperdimensional physics with relativistic physics.
   The aim of the Archon Directive, and its involvement in the Totality concept, was to unify humanity. It was a goal that Kennedy couldn't argue with. The answer he got from them regarding their allying themselves with the Third Reich was less than satisfactory to him. He was told that backing out of the pact with the Archons was not an option. He was told by Thrush that the doomsday clock was set for twelve noon, January 20th, 2001. On that day, humanity would be united. Kennedy didn't like being told this, especially by a sinister figure like Thrush.

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