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   Mat-trans (matter-transmission) gateways are typically located in redoubts, underground military complexes built as part of Project Cerberus. All gateways, with a few notable exceptions, are hexagonally shaped, with glowing metal disks on floor and ceiling, opaque (or rarely translucent) armaglass walls, and a single door. The gateways are color-coded - that is, each chamber's walls are a different color or combination of colors, enabling those who are familiar with the system to identify their location. There is no other way to identify a gate's location from inside the redoubt. All mat-trans chambers were (in predark times) accessible only to those with B-12 or higher clearance. Some redoubts have different clearance levels; it is unclear, in most cases, if this is deliberate or merely an editorial mistake.
   In almost all cases, a mat-trans chamber is activated simply by closing the door. Older models have a ship-style hatch with a rotating locking wheel; these must be activated via computer. During a "jump", tendrils of mist swirl around the chamber as the system powers up, then the contents vanish and the mist dissipates. Conscious beings often suffer nausea, headaches, and/or vivid nightmares; unconscious beings are seemingly immune to these side effects (or at least suffer lesser effects). In Dark Emblem, Doc is injected with a cocktail of drugs and sent on several time-jumps while conscious; he suffers no ill effects beyond a severe nosebleed.
   It is stated in the Outlanders series that the mat-trans system is actually slightly out of sync with normal space-time, which results in the physical problems and nightmares; Lakesh fixes this problem so that he and his allies can use the system without suffering the effects.

   There are a number of known characteristics and failsafes in the mat-trans system:
  • A gate cannot be used unless the door is closed. The door to a gateway on the receiving end of a jump will automatically close just before it receives a transmission. Interfering with the seal (sticking objects in between the door and the jamb) will not inhibit the jump, but can cause problems for living beings that are being transported.
  • Once a mat-trans unit is used, it cannot receive another transmission for 20 minutes - this is probably to ensure that any people/cargo inside the chamber are unloaded safely. It is unclear what happens to living beings in the chamber on the receiving end of a jump that is activated outside the 20-minute window. It also unclear what happens to nonliving objects like water, debris, etc. - some books have the companions arriving in a gateway that's partially flooded, infested with mold, or inhabited with insects, while others have them jumping with water, insects, etc. and the companions arrive alone (and in one case, bone dry).
  • With most gates, the person(s) using it can input a code for a specific gate or use the LD button (see below); closing the door without inputting a code automatically sets the system to "random".
  • There do not appear to be failsafes in place to prevent teleportation to a destroyed or disabled gate (though see below). It is unknown what happens if the specific code for an inoperative gate is entered (as opposed to a random jump); most likely the jump simply fails. If it's a random jump, the system will search for a new destination, which appears to take a variable amount of time. According to Rick Ginsburg, there's a code that, when entered before a jump, can prevent the system from choosing an inoperative gate.
  • The "LD" button automatically sends anyone inside a given gateway to the last gateway it accessed, provided it is used within 30 minutes. For example, someone jumps to the gate in Dulce from the one in Alaska. If the Dulce gate isn't used again within 30 minutes, that person can hit "LD", get back into the gate, and be sent back to Alaska without having to know or use the proper code. (Note: In Chill Factor, Zimyanin's men apparently violate this rule by using the gates to jump all over Deathlands and capturing slaves (which takes far more than 30 minutes), then bringing them back to Alaska. It's possible they knew the code for the Alaska gateway, however.)
  • The chambers have a security lockout code - 108J - which, when entered, will disable a particular gateway until entered again.
  • Time travel or trawling can only be accessed by using the control computers, and only for certain gates; rebooting the system will default the gate's function to standard mat-trans.

   No one knows exactly how many gates there are, or their locations. The computers in the Anthill have the locations of all the gates in the continental US, and Silas Jamaisvous had an encoded CD that supposedly had the locations of all the gates on it, which the companions took but never managed to decode.
   The gateways noted below are listed by location; since the majority are in the United States, these are broken down by state. The others are listed by location, or Unknown. The book(s) in which they appear are listed in parentheses. Active gates are blue; disabled gates are yellow; and destroyed/inoperative gates are red. Gates whose status is unknown are white. All gates in a given category are listed in chronological order of appearance - Deathlands books first, then Outlanders books, if applicable.

United States


   Pale blue streaked with gray (Redoubt Zulu; about 50 miles N of Anchorage; Red Holocaust, Pony Soldiers, Ritual Chill, Doomstar Relic)
   Yellow and green stripes (Near Nome; Chrono Spasm)


   Unknown (Exact location unknown; Remember Tomorrow)


   Pallid, translucent gray (Southern CA, near Death Valley; Ice and Fire)
   Unknown (San Clemente Island?; probably destroyed during skydark (only mentioned in passing); Dark Carnival)
   Dark brown, flecked with white (Western Islands; Shadowfall, Ground Zero)
   Unknown (Near the Western Islands; The Mars Arena)
   Pale rust brown (Guadalupe, 150 miles NNW of Los Angeles1; Nightmare Passage, Freedom Lost)
   Deep maroon (50 miles E of Fresno, Kings Canyon Nat'l Park; Crucible of Time)
   Chartreuse (N of Los Angeles; Wreath of Fire)


   Cobalt blue (W of Denver; Shockscape)
   Gray (Near Lonesome Gulch; Twilight Children)
   Salmon pink (5 miles N of Glenwood Springs; control room partially flooded; Crossways)


   Blue-green (Greenglades, disabled by the companions; Dark Carnival, Watersleep)
   Pale yellow (Florida Keys, destroyed by a tsunami; Deep Empire)


   White-yellow (Kings Point Naval Station; Watersleep)
   Blue w/gold streaks (Exact location unknown (Savannah?); Prodigal's Return)


   Unknown (40 miles from Idaho Falls; Starfall)
   Unknown (Southern Idaho, probably Craters of the Moon Nat'l Monument; Doom Helix)


   Crimson (Chicago; Fury's Pilgrims)


   Purple-blue (Near Indianopolis; Black Harvest)
   Green (Southern Indiana; Sky Raider)


   Unknown (NW of Des Moines; No Man's Land)
   Unknown (Somewhere near the Des Moines River; No Man's Land)


   Cherry red (Exact location unknown; Cold Asylum)
   Green and cobalt blue (10 miles W of Kansas City, redoubt destroyed; Rat King)
   Unknown (Somewhere in eastern Kansas; Wretched Earth).


   Jade green (Near Hazard ville; Way of the Wolf)


   Dark blue (Redoubt Delta; near West Lowellton; Neutron Solstice, Twilight Children)
   Dark brown (Redoubt 47; SE of Lafayette, SW of Baton Rouge; Bloodlines, Shadow Scourge)


   Turquoise (Ile au Haut, Acadia National Park; Dectra Chain)
   Silver (Ile au Haut, Acadia National Park; Dectra Chain)
   Dark gray (Cadillac Mountain Redoubt; Acadia National Park; control room destroyed by a fire; Genesis Echo, Shadowfall)


   Unknown (On an aircraft carrier in Lake Superior; controls blew up after the group arrived; Time Castaways)


   Red (About 100 miles NE of Duluth; Northstar Rising)


   Unknown (Near the Iowa border (only mentioned in passing, exact location unknown); Dark Carnival)
   Unknown (St Louis; Playfair's Axiom)


   Brown (Redoubt Bravo, Glacier National Park, "The Darks"; Pilgrimage to Hell)
   Light blue w/dark green stripes (SW Montana, probably in Yellowstone National Park; Starfall)

New Mexico

   Bright golden yellow (Shay Canyon Redoubt; Canyon de Chelly Nat'l Monument2; Pony Soldiers)
   Silver-tinted (Southern NM, near the Texas border, probably Carlsbad Nat'l Park; Time Nomads, Latitude Zero, Chill Factor, Moon Fate, Rider, Reaper, Genesis Echo)
   White-painted concrete (Dulce; Redoubt Alpha; Stoneface, Armageddon Axis)
   Deep jade green speckles (White Sands; Bitter Fruit)
   Mauve (Exact location unknown; Hellbenders)

New York

   Unknown (Mohawk Redoubt; upper NY State; Homeward Bound, Pony Soldiers)
   Pale gold (Redoubt Victor; NYC, The Bronx; Seedling)
   Transparent (Under the World Trade Center, NYC; Iceblood, Omega Path)

North Carolina

   Dingy opaque gray (Raleigh-Durham, under a medical facility; Freedom Lost, Dark Emblem)
   Violet (Exact location unknown; Skydark)

North Dakota

   Unknown (Minot; Alpha Wave)


   Black w/silver streaks (Near Salt Fork Lake, 80 miles E of Columbus; Pandora's Redoubt)


   Deep crimson (Southern Oregon, probably in or near Mt. McLoughlin; Crater Lake)

South Dakota

   Greenish blue ("The Anthill"; Stoneface, Armageddon Axis)


   Purple (50 miles W of Nashville; Circle Thrice)
   Unknown (50 miles NNE of Knoxville; Baptism of Rage)


   Unknown (Big Bend; Latitude Zero)
   Teal blue (Northern Texas3; Salvation Road)
   Cream w/gold lattice (Northern Texas; control computers mostly destroyed; Devil Riders)


   Yellow w/gold flecks (Exact location unknown; Breakthrough)
   Unknown (Exact location unknown; Desert Kings)
   Off-white w/swirls of blue (Redoubt Oscar; Dinosaur National Monument; Wreath of Fire)


   Bright purple (Near Lake Champlain4; Twilight Children)


   Unknown (Virgina Beach Naval Station; gate was only half-complete and blew up when the group arrived; Gemini Rising)


   Unknown (Near Seattle; Sunchild)
   Unknown (Southeastern WA state, possibly Umatilla Nat'l Forest; Amazon Gate)
   Unknown (Eastern WA state; Death Hunt)

Washington, D.C.

   Sky blue (Redoubt Papa; Ground Zero, Parallax Red)


   Multicolored (Ft. McCoy, 50 miles NW of Madison; Downrigger Drift)

Other Locations


   Gray (Under a mansion S of Moscow, Russia; Red Equinox, Destiny Run)
   Fiery orange (Under the US Ambassador's house, Japan; destroyed by an earthquake; Keepers of the Sun)
   Unknown (Gobi Desert, Mongolia; Destiny Run)
   Purple (Trasilunpo Lamasery, Tibet; Iceblood)


   Indigo (Bitter Fruit)
   Unknown (Under Wildwood, England; Bitter Fruit, Savage Sun)


   Dark blue (Unknown, possibly the moon5; Homeward Bound
   Dark blue (Parallax Red; Parallax Red
   Unknown (Mars; Seedling)
   Deep glowing purple (Space station Enterprise6; self-destruct activated; Dark Carnival, Fury's Pilgrims)
   Orange w/black stripes (Unknown space station; nuke generators losing power; Sky Raider)
   Dark blue (Cydonia colony, Mars; Parallax Red)


   Unknown (Encased in an iceberg in the Arctic, which sank; Way of the Wolf)
   Electric blue (San Juan, Puerto Rico; Dark Emblem)
   None (A homemade gate in the Marshall Islands; destroyed by the locals; Savage Armada)
   Unknown (A redoubt in the Marshall Islands; door was destroyed by a Cerberus construct, so gate is likely nonfunctional; Shadow Fortress)
   Chartreuse (The Azores, off the coast of Portugal; Blood Harvest)
   Unknown (A redoubt in the mountains of central Puerto Rico; Crimson Waters)
   Bright green (Poseidon Base; gate burned out after the companions arrived, and they destroyed the base; Dark Fathoms)
   Unknown (Antarctica; Hell Rising)

North America

   Dark brown, nearly black (Yukon Territory, Canada7; Chill Factor)
   Gray-painted concrete (Ontario, Canada, near Niagara Falls; one-way gate; Skydark Spawn)
   Amber w/black streaks (Ontario, Canada, near Val d'Or; Hell Road Warriors)
   Sea blue (Near Winnipeg, Canada; Hell Road Warriors)
   Unknown (Near Mexico City, Mexico, in a volcano; Shaking Earth)
   Black (Mexico City, Mexico; Tezcatlipoca Redoubt; Shaking Earth)
   Amber veined w/black (Hell Road Warriors)
   Unknown (Hell Road Warriors)
   Unknown (Hell Road Warriors)

South America

   Pallid green (Amazon jungle, Brazil; control room burned; Emerald Fire)


   Pale gray (In the middle of a radiation hotspot; Pilgrimage to Hell)
   Green (Somewhere tropical and underwater; Pilgrimage to Hell)
   Unknown (Somewhere on a mountain at high altitude; Northstar Rising)
   Dull brown (Inhabited by troggies; Northstar Rising)
   Purple (Possibly in Mexico, possibly in the future; Cold Asylum)
   Light green-blue (Somewhere very cold; Cold Asylum)
   Olive green (Cold Asylum)
   Orange (Cold Asylum)
   Gray (Cold Asylum)
   Vivid orange (Gateway section sealed off; Genesis Echo)
   Lapis lazuli (blue) (Somewhere tropical; redoubt destroyed by a nuke; Skydark)
   Brown (Occupied by norms - possibly Redoubt Bravo in the future; Dark Emblem)
   Honey-gold (Spearpoint redoubt, probably somewhere in Texas; Encounter)
   Unknown (Redoubt destroyed by lava; Pandora's Redoubt)
   Blue w/gold flecks (Somewhere in the southwestern US, near a predark city; Zero City)
   Unknown (Somewhere in the Rockies; Shaking Earth)
   Burnt pink (Somewhere in the northeastern US; Prodigal's Return)
   Unknown (Lost Gates)
   Unknown (Lost Gates)
   Unknown (Redoubt flooded; Lost Gates)
   Unknown (Lost Gates)
   Unknown (Lost Gates)
   Unknown (Lost Gates)


   1 The author took some liberties with this one. Guadalupe and the movie set do exist, but they're located on the beach, not in the middle of the desert. The entire coast of California was obliterated during skydark.
   2 It's possible that this redoubt was supposed to be located in White Sands Nat'l Monument in New Mexico, not Canyon de Chelly in Arizona. The latter is located entirely in Navajo tribal lands (which means it would have been nearly impossible for the government to build anything there), and White Sands is near the Mescalero reservation. The book actually states that the companions were in NM, so it's likely the author mixed them up.
   3 There is some confusion on this point, since JB states they're near the Alamo (which is in San Antonio, in southern Texas), but he also says they're near New Mexico and that Jak's old farm is six days' walk to the southwest, which puts them somewhere in northern Texas. Given that they walk for three days through a desert without seeing any towns, and they end up near Dallas (see the summary), it's more likely they're up in the panhandle near Lubbock or Amarillo, not down near San Antonio.
   4 The book states that the redoubt is located in "the wilds of New Hampshire", but Lake Champlain is located on the border of New York and Vermont - over 100 miles from NH. Also, Doc says that Burlington is nearby, as well as his hometown.
   5 The gateway has low gravity and next to no oxygen. After the companions jumped away and arrived in New York, Ryan asked Doc if Cerberus had any "way-weird gateways" and described the lack of gravity. Doc was a little muddled, but mentioned that "There was some talk of a gateway that was to be built upon..." (but he never finishes the sentence).
   6 At one point, the companions come to a porthole and look out, seeing nothing but space. JB and Doc say they can't recognize any constellations, and Doc suggests it might not be in our solar system. This is possible, though unlikely; it's probable that the base is orbiting either the moon or Mars - the shift in perception would make the constellations look different.
   7 Canada doesn't actually have any sulfur reserves outside of Alberta, but the redoubt is noted as being located in the Yukon. This is most likely just a little artistic license on the author's part, as Alberta is a bit too far to travel to and from Russia.

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