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   Deathlands has a good deal of slang terms invented by the inhabitants. The list below is not all-inclusive, but it covers the most common ones used in both series.

   Ace on the line: A sure thing.

   Baron: A feudal warlord who rules over one or more villes and/or the land around them; barons can range from the classic feudal lord who provides protection in exchange for servitude, to those who rule by strength and hold little to no regard for their subjects.

   Barony: An area ruled over by a baron.

   Blaster: A gun, or one who uses a gun (often called a "hired blaster").

   Buy the Farm: Die.

   Cannie: Cannibal.

   Chill: Kill.

   Chron: Wristwatch.

   Coldheart: A "bad" person; a cold-hearted killer.

   Doomie: One who can see the future; this ability manifests in degrees from flashes of danger to full-blown visions. In Pilgrimage to Hell, weaker doomies were called "sensers"; later books make no distinction, calling all muties who can sense the future "doomies". Full-fledged doomies are very rare; most people with this power (like Krysty Wroth) have a "danger sense", but not visions.

   Dreem: A rarer, more powerful form of jolt.

   Droolie: A retarded person.

   Feelie: An empath, someone who has the ability to sense and/or project emotions. A very rare mutation.

   Fladgie: Flagellant, one who whips him- or herself with branches, whips, or sticks in the hopes of gaining religious fulfillment.

   Freezie: Someone who was cryogenically frozen.

   Gaudy, gaudyhouse: Whorehouse.

   Ghoulie: Humanoid beings that subsist on the flesh of the dead, though they aren't opposed to living flesh. Ghoulies are generally mutated, inbred, or both, but never norms (and are not considered to be cannies). It does not appear that they are a distinct species, however.

   Gren: Grenade.

   Jack: Currency. Most baronies and villes produce their own scrip (paper money) and/or mint their own coins; some will even accept jack from other areas, though never at an equal rate. Some things are universally accepted: gold, jolt, guns, and ammo. Some books intimate that "jack" is something entirely different, a form of currency that is universally accepted, though they never make mention of what, exactly, this is.

   Jolt: A mixture of cocaine and heroin. It is highly addictive. (Mescaline was later added to the mix and this new substance became "canon", but such a combination of drugs would be deadly to anyone using it.)

   Joltsky: A mixture of alcohol and jolt; the actual components vary (some joltsky is known to contain battery acid, among other things), but it is most commonly just moonshine and a small amount of jolt.

   Last train west, last train to the coast: Death, dying, being killed.

   Longblaster: A rifle.

   Mercie: Mercenary.

   Mutie: A mutant, either human or creature. See Flora and Fauna.

   Norm: A normal, unmutated human.

   Nukecaust: The nuclear holocaust. This term is used more often in narration than by characters.

   Oozies: A mutated form of Kreutzfeldt-Jakob (mad cow) disease that affects cannibals. It can take years for symptoms to show; it manifests as tremors, loss of muscle control, dementia, and eventually death.

   Plas, plas-ex: Plastic explosive, usually C4.

   Predark: Before the nuclear holocaust.

   Program of Unification: An operation undertaken by the Nine Barons to wipe out anyone with any knowledge of the COG program, mat-trans units, or the Totality Concept, as well as anyone who opposes the barons in general.

   Rapidfire: Automatic weapon.

   Recce: Reconnaissance, scouting. Used as a noun and a verb.

   Redoubt: A secret government installation created as part of the COG (Continuity of Government) program under the Totality Concept.

   Scabbie: Someone who suffers from skin disease, usually as a result of radiation exposure.

   Sec, sec boss, sec man: Security forces, guards, watchmen.

   Self-heat: A ready-to-eat meal with a self-heating pouch; it is activated by breaking the capsules to mix the chemicals together.

   Self-light: Match.

   Stupe: Fool, idiot. Can be used as a noun ("You're a stupe!") or an adjective (Are you stupe?", "Stupe bastard!").

   Ville: Town.

   Wag: A vehicle. This term usually refers to motorized vehicles, but can refer to actual wagons as well.

   Whitecoat: Usually refers to predark scientists (very few have arisen since), but can be used to refer to any person of science.

   Wrinklie: An old person.

   Wyeth Codex: A journal written by Mildred Wyeth ca 2108. It lays down many details of the redoubts, mat-trans system, and the Totality Concept.

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