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Overproject Excalibur

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   The Totality Concept encompassed a large number of projects, operations, and experiments. This section covers all the ones that are known to fall under Overproject Excalibur, which dealt with genetics and genome research.

   Genesis Project: The specifics of the Genesis Project are unclear, but it is known to have employed genetic manipulation; its aim was likely to create some sort of superhuman. The subjects of the project, the Cornelius clan, had astonishing strength, stamina, speed, and senses; there were also nearly immortal. They survived by absorbing DNA from normal humans (either through draining blood or from sexual intercourse), which they would incorporate into their bodies to make them stronger and regenerate their health. After skydark, they escaped from Redoubt 47 and inhabited a mansion near Bramton, Louisiana, where they fed on the local populace. Many died over the years to accidents or disease, and the companions killed the remaining four (Bloodlines).
   This project may have had ties to Enterprise Eternity.

   Mission Invictus: Mission Invictus was a genetic program designed to create the perfect human, someone who could survive in a post-holocaust environment. It was conducted in a remote redoubt in California, sealed off after skydark. The project successfully created two subjects, a male named Alpha and a female named Epsilon. When Alpha reached 16 years of age, he had the project director place him into cryogenic suspension for 80 years (Nightmare Passage).

   Project Calypso: Little is known about this program, except that its subjects are apparently immune to aging and disease, and that it was run from the White Sands redoubt. Major Drake Burroughs and his men were the primary subjects; they lived on long after everyone else had died (Bitter Fruit).
   (Note: Calypso is technically part of a program called the Lydecker Foundation, the civilian equivalent of the Totality Concept, but is included here for reference purposes.)

   Project Janus: Janus was a project centered around cloning living beings. It was set up shortly before skydark in the Crichton Institute. The specifics of the project are unclear, but it involved a pair of modified mat-trans chambers; the scientists placed a living being inside one, tweaked some settings using a computer, and then activated the system, which would create a copy in the second. The copy would have whatever changes the scientists programmed in - more or fewer limbs, a different personality and/or abilities, etc. Their goal was to eradicate (harmful) mutations by cloning perfect specimens, similar to the Nazis' eugenics program (Genesis Echo).
   (Note: This project was never actually named in the books. All the details are accurate, but the name was made up so that it could be included here; it was also originally named as part of Overproject Whisper, but was moved here since it fit better.)

   Scenario Joshua:

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