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The New World

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Map of Deathlands

Map of Deathlands

   Following the megacull of 2001, the world as we know it was vastly changed. Cities were wiped out, entire coastlines altered, mountains raised or lowered, lakes and swamps forming or disappearing.

See also: Flora and Fauna (a listing of mutant creatures and new lifeforms); and Locations of Note.

North America

   Canada and Alaska are even more frigid than before, with temperatures rarely breaking the freezing point. New England was largely unaltered, but everything along the East Coast from Massachusetts to South Carolina is a tangled wasteland of ruined cities and scattered baronies. New York City was hit hard, mostly with non-nuclear missiles; the city is now a warren of ruins populated by gangs of teenagers, and part of lower Manhattan is controlled by an army of scalies.
   Washington, D.C. and its environs were completely obliterated; the area is now called the Washington Hole or Ground Zero, as this is where the first nuclear bombs were unleashed. Sometime after the nukes fell, a huge volcano arose in or near the crater.
   In the south (Georgia, Florida, Lousiana, and Missouri), chemical and biological agents have turned the land into a series of vast, fetid swamps and subtropical forests inhabited by mutated creatures and humans alike.
   The Midwest bears a great variety of terrain; the Great Lakes have more or less merged into one massive body of water bordered by blasted lands. The Badlands (North and South Dakota) are still barren, and Montana is still flat and cold. Great Salt Lake now covers 15,000 square miles. Kansas is covered in forest, and Texas is mostly desert. Most of Chicago is nothing but burned rubble.
   The Southwest (Arizona, New Mexico, southern Nevada, down into northern Mexico) is now a barren wasteland, a desert in the truest sense of the word, where 250-mph winds scour the terrain. On the odd occasion that storms bring rain, it's acid rain that can strip a man to the bones in mere minutes.
   The West Coast is no longer. Most of California, Oregon, and Washington are gone, along with the Baja Peninsula, lost to earthquakes and volcanic eruptions set off by earthshaker bombs and ICBMs from the Russians; the Western Islands, a series of uninhabited islands interspersed with deep fjords and steaming lagoons, are all that remain of southern California. Seattle, though hit during the nuclear exchange, has become a thriving center of trade in the new world.

South America

   Little is known of South America; the Amazon Jungle has rebounded from the decimation of the late 20th century and is now more verdant than ever.


   Little is known of Europe either; England has returned to the feudal baronies of the Middle Ages.


   Japan, as always, is still rocked by earthquakes. Civilization there has reverted to the old feudal system run by shoguns.
   Russia, surprisingly, is further along the road to civilization than the US. They have running water and electricity in some areas, and even have crude manufacturing. The Security Bereau (a cross between the army and the KGB) more or less runs things now.

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