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   This is a complete listing of all the books, along with their authors. "James Axler" is a pen name originally used by Laurence James and later adopted by Gold Eagle, who own the rights to it. Each link goes (or will go) to a short summary of the book.

   Pilgrimage to Hell (1986) by Jack Adrian and Laurence James
   Red Holocaust (1986) by Laurence James
   Neutron Solstice (1987) by Laurence James
   Crater Lake (1987) by Laurence James
   Homeward Bound (1988) by Laurence James
   Pony Soldiers (1988) by Laurence James
   Dectra Chain (1988) by Laurence James
   Ice and Fire (1988) by Laurence James
   Red Equinox (1989) by Laurence James
   Northstar Rising (1988) by Laurence James
   Time Nomads (1989) by Laurence James
   Latitude Zero (1991) by Laurence James
   Seedling (1991) by Laurence James
   Dark Carnival (1992) by Laurence James
   Chill Factor (1992) by Laurence James
   Moon Fate (1992) by Laurence James
   Fury's Pilgrims (1993) by Laurence James
   Shockscape (1993) by Laurence James
   Deep Empire (1994) by Laurence James
   Cold Asylum (1994) by Laurence James
   Twilight Children (1994) by Laurence James
   Rider, Reaper (1994) by Laurence James
   Road Wars (1994) by Laurence James
   Trader Redux (1994) by Laurence James
   Genesis Echo (1995) by Laurence James
   Shadowfall (1995) by Laurence James
   Ground Zero (1995) by Laurence James
   Emerald Fire (1995) by Laurence James
   Bloodlines (1995) by Laurence James
   Crossways (1996) by Laurence James
   Keepers of the Sun (1996) by Laurence James
   Circle Thrice (1996) by Laurence James
   Eclipse at Noon (1996) by Laurence James
   Stoneface (1996) by Mark Ellis
   Bitter Fruit (1997) by Mel Odom
   Skydark (1997) by Alan Philipson
   Demons of Eden (1997) by Mark Ellis
   The Mars Arena (1997) by Mel Odom
   Watersleep (1997) by Terry Collins
   Nightmare Passage (1998) by Mark Ellis
   Freedom Lost (1998) by Terry Collins
   Way of the Wolf (1998) by Mel Odom
   Dark Emblem (1998) by Terry Collins
   Crucible of Time (1999) by Laurence James
   Deathlands Collectors Edition: Encounter (1999) by Alan Philipson, Mark Ellis, and Laurence James
   Starfall (1999) by Mel Odom

The Baronies Trilogy

   Shadow World (2000) by Alan Philipson
   Pandora's Redoubt (2000) by Nick Pollotta
   Rat King (2000) by Andy Boot
   Zero City (2000) by Nick Pollotta

The Skydark Chronicles

   Sunchild (2001) by Andy Boot
   Breakthrough (2002) by Alan Philipson
   Salvation Road (2002) by Andy Boot

The Illuminated Ones

   Skydark Spawn (2003) by Edo van Belkom
   Damnation Road Show (2003) by Alan Philipson

Scorpion God

   Hellbenders (2004) by Andy Boot
   Separation (2004) by Andy Boot
   Death Hunt (2004) by Andy Boot
   Shaking Earth (2004) by Victor Milán
   Black Harvest (2005) by Edo van Belkom
   Vengeance Trail (2005) by Victor Milán

Altered States

   Labyrinth (2006) by Alan Philipson
   Strontium Swamp (2006) by Andy Boot

The Coldfire Project

   Cannibal Moon (2007) by Alan Philipson
   Sky Raider (2007) by Nick Pollotta
   Remember Tomorrow (2007) by Andy Boot
   Sunspot (2007) by Alan Philipson
   Desert Kings (2008) by Nick Pollotta
   Apocalypse Unborn (2008) by Alan Philipson
   Thunder Road (2008) by Andy Boot

Empire of Xibalba

   Eden's Twilight (2009) by Nick Pollotta
   Desolation Crossing (2009) by Andy Boot
   Alpha Wave (2009) by Rik Hoskin
   Time Castaways (2009) by Nick Pollotta
   Prophecy (2010) by Andy Boot
   Blood Harvest (2010) by Chuck Rogers
   Arcadian's Asylum (2010) by Andy Boot
   Baptism of Rage (2010) by Rik Hoskin
   Doom Helix (2010) by Alan Philipson
   Moonfeast (2010) by Nick Pollotta
   Downrigger Drift (2011) by John Helfers
   Playfair's Axiom (2011) by Victor Milan
   Tainted Cascade (2011) by Nick Pollotta
   Perception Fault Jul, 2011 by John Helfers
   Prodigal's Return Sep, 2011 by Nick Pollotta
   Lost Gates Nov, 2011 by Andy Boot
   Haven's Blight Jan, 2012 by Victor Milán
   Hell Road Warriors Mar, 2012 by Chuck Rogers
   Palaces of Light May, 2012 by Andy Boot
   No Man's Land Nov, 2012 by Unknown

DEATHLANDS, OUTLANDERS, EARTH BLOOD, and JAMES AXLER are all the property of Gold Eagle / Worldwide Library, and are used here strictly under Fair Use guidelines.
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