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   This is a list of locations of note that appear or are mentioned in the books.

Villes and Baronies

   Cascade: Formerly known as Buena Vista, Virginia, this isolated town cut itself off from the rest of the world shortly after skydark, after several waves of refugees, followed by a busload of bandits, attempted to raid the town and kill everyone in it. Post-skydark, the citizens occasionally send out a single person to act as a "doomie" with rumors of a "lost city" to draw traders in so they can be killed for their goods. The town was largely destroyed during a battle between a rogue trader and the combined forces of Roberto and the companions (Eden's Twilight).

   Cripple Creek: Hometown of JB Dix, located in Colorado.

   Front Royal: A town in Virginia, home to Ryan Cawdor before his brother Harvey tried to kill him and he fled. His nephew Nathan runs the ville now.

   Harmony: Hometown of Krysty Wroth, located in Colorado.

   Markland: A small ville of Vikings on the shore of Lake Superior, in Minnesota.

   Mocsin: A town formerly known as Moccasin, Montana. It was destroyed in a fire started when Trader's war wags blew up (Pilgrimage to Hell).

   Newyork: The city formerly known as New York. It is now a vast ruin inhabited by teenage street gangs and muties; a large portion of Manhattan (now called "Mattan") is controlled by scalies.

   Raw: An underground ville on the outskirts of Seattle founded by a group of Illuminated Ones. It is run by Alien, who is well-loved by his people (Sunchild).

   Salvation: A large ville in central Texas near an oil well, formerly run by Baron Silas Hunter. He founded the ville to draw workers to exploit the well (Salvation Road).

   Samtvogel: A ville of muties about 20 miles southwest of Seattle. It was run by a mutie named Sunchild before a coalition of Raw natives and the companions raided it, killed everyone, and burned it (Sunchild). Its name means "velvet bird" in German.

   Shytown: A warren of tunnels under the ruins of Chicago inhabited by the Midnites (Fury's Pilgrims).

   Towse: A ville formerly known as Taos, New Mexico.

   Two-Son Ville: A ville formerly known as Tucson, Arizona.

   Virtue Lake: A town built around a huge oil refinery in southern California; it was destroyed by Trader after its leader, Baron Zeal, double-crossed him on a deal (Encounter).

Other Locations and Points of Interest

   The Anthill: A secret government installation located inside Mount Rushmore. Politicians from the former US government live there, along with sec hunter droids and other cybernetic oddities (Stoneface).

   Brody School: A boarding school in Colorado run by Nicholas Brody. Dean Cawdor spent most of a year there.

   Crichton Institute: The Melissa Crichton Institute of Medical Research is a government medical facility dedicated to the study of cryonics and genetic research located in a remote mountain valley in Maine. It was established in 1998 and had one of the world's largest libraries of medical knowledge before a fire wiped most of it out about 30 years after skydark; the cryonics wing was likewise destroyed by an earthquake about 20 years later.
   The scientists there were focused on creating a human race free of impurities and mutations, which they would use to cleanse Deathlands; their program was called Project Janus. The cloning facility was destroyed by the companions after the scientists created a copy of Krysty and tried to have her kill Ryan (Genesis Echo).

   The Darks: An area formerly known as Glacier National Park, Montana. It is a dangerous area where few ever return from, as a tribe of Indians lives there and guards their land zealously. Redoubt Bravo can also be found there.

   Freedom Mall: A huge mall complex located in Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina, which served as a ville/trading post in post-skydark times. It was overrun by a horde of stickies.

   Greenglades Theme Park: An amusement park in southern Florida, once run by Boss Larry Zapp. After Larry's death, most of the people living there fled, and the place fell into disrepair; an earthquake a few months later added to the devastation.

   Heimdall Point: Home of the Heimdall Foundation, located in Montana.

   King's Point Naval Station: A Navy shipyard located in Georgia. It was discovered by Admiral Poseidon, who partially refurbished it and populated it with men loyal to him before he went down with his submarine (Watersleep).

   Pilatu: An island off the coast of South Carolina (most likely one one of the Sea Islands) inhabited by descendants of the slaves brought to America. They abandoned the island around 2098 due to dwindling resources and headed for the mainland (Separation), aided by the companions.

   Shelley Cryonic Institute: Located near Duluth, Minnesota, the Shelley Cryonic Institute is one of two places where people were put into cryostasis. It was a private facility that shared resources and buildings with the Wendigo Institute of Botanical Research and the Blackwood Center for Chemical and Neurological Research, Military Division. Mildred Wyeth was one of the people frozen there before the companions found and revived her (Northstar Rising).

   Washington Hole: The remains of Washington, D.C., which is little more than a radioactive crater filled with rubble overshadowed by a small volcano.

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