Outlanders Timeline (skydark to present)

   2002 CE: A skeleton staff of soldiers and support personnel in The Anthill begin preparations to survive as long as possible. Certain members begin to undergo surgery being implanted with cybernetic enhancements.
   October 3rd: Lakesh witnesses yet another in a long string of suicides. He spends the night one last time with his love, Dian Baptist.
   October 4th: Lakesh is put into cryosleep inside the Anthill complex. He expects that he will be under for about twenty years.

   2004 CE: Anne Malloy integrates her mind with TARA in Redoubt Zulu after it is abandoned.

   2008 CE: Survivors from Parallax Red and other space stations retreat to the Cydonia Base on Mars to live with the colonists and the transadapts.

   2020-2024 CE: Old Druidic and other pagan systems begin to take root over the remains of the United Kingdom. The worst effects of the nuclear winter begin to ebb.

   2021 CE: S.D. "Bob" Falconer of the Special Cybernetics Operations Unit, headquartered in White Sands, New Mexico, arrives in Louisiana to put an end to the threat of Ocajnik and his swampie horde.

   2025 CE: Nuclear winter ends.

   2076 CE: The mutants known as stickies first appear in the Deathlands.

   2096-2100 CE: The events as depicted in the Deathlands series. (See here for detailed timeline.)

   2108 CE*: The Wyeth Codex is written around this time.

   2109 CE: The Council of Front Royal institutes the Program of Unification. The barons are created in the Dulce redoubt in New Mexico. At least nine special hybrids, who will eventually become barons, are given life using the best of human DNA as well as genetic material provided by OL-misc.

   2110-2120 CE: The bloody years of the Program of Unification. This includes the Baron Blasters, groups of people who actively and savagely fight against the program. During this ten-year period, the nine villes are built by slave labor and Magistrate Divisions are created.

   2113 CE: General Graham Adams, Taylor Henstell and Captain Long Johnson lead a great fleet to Ireland to take it from the Celts and once again put it under the control of Britain. Not a single ship or man returns.

   2141 CE: Piotr Sverdlovosk is born in Russia.

   2143 CE: Guana Teague is born.

   2147 CE: William Longley's stasis chamber opens and he picks up where he left off with his genetic research.

   2150 CE: Kane's grandfather, a distant relation to Solomon Kane, is killed in taking back the Tartarus Pits in Cobaltville by insurgents who believe ville authority is completely arbitrary. Many Magistrates are literally torn limb from limb before the insurgents are finally wiped out.

   2151 CE (Jan. 16th): Lakesh is brought out of cryonic suspension in order to help continue with the Archon Directive and Unification Program.

   2157 CE: Lakesh decides to wage a secret war against the Barons and the Archon Directive. He begins to work on gene splicing to create warriors to be used in his war.

   2158 CE: Salvo is born. He is the product of genetic manipulation by Lakesh, and Lakesh's first attempt to create warriors to use in his war against the barons.

   2159 CE: Sky Dog is born in Cobaltville.

   2160 CE: Grant is born in Cobaltville. He is distantly related to Augustus "Granite" Grant.

   2161 CE: Aubrey Quayle is born in New London, England.

   2162 CE: Phin mac Cumhal mac Trenmor is born in Ireland.

   2163 CE: Pollard is born in Cobaltville.

   2164 CE: The bioengineering section of the Dulce redoubt is reactivated.

   2165 CE: Salvo's negative tendencies manifest themselves. Lakesh decides that his first attempt at creating the perfect warrior was a failure. He tries a second time.

   2166 CE: Kane is born in Cobaltville. He is Salvo's fraternal twin, and Lakesh's second attempt at creating the perfect soldier to use in his war against the barons.

   2166 CE: Lenya Ivornich is born in Russia.

   2167 CE: Shizuka Gozen is born in Japan.

   2168 CE: Sister Fand and Laurence Karabatos awaken from their cryogenic suspension. She flees to Ireland and gives birth to the child that she was carrying after being impregnated by Enlil. Thereafter she and her daughter, also named Fand, live in the Priory of Awen citadel.
   Lakesh reactivates Redoubt Bravo for his private retreat and waypoint for his war against the barons. He begins to upgrade the redoubt's security systems.

   2169 CE: Abrams becomes administrator of the Cobaltville Magistrate Division.
   Laurence Karabatos arrives in New London, takes the name Lord Strongbow, and begins to reorganize the people there into a strong, thriving community. He models it after a police state and brings back the old Anglo-Saxon traditions. At this time he begins to work with Enlil's genetic structure and creates a retrovirus that melds his DNA with that of the Annunaki.

   2170 CE: Roberta Berrier is born in Ragnarville.
   Salvo becomes a Magistrates. Shortly afterwards, with the help of a man named Landenburg, he loses his virginity to a woman who is being held for questioning.
   William Paulo Harwin, later known as Sindri, is born in the Martian Cydonia Compound.

   2171 CE: Brigid Baptiste is born in Cobaltville.

   2172 CE: Lord Strongbow, after several fatalities, finally genetically modifies enough men to create his first contingent of Dragoons.

   2173 CE: Fand wants to kill her half-human daughter but can't bring herself to do it. She is exiled from the Priory of Awen due to this act.
   William Longley's genetic experiments are finally successful with the birth of Ambika.

   2174 CE: After the death of his father, Sky Dog leaves Cobaltville with his mother, brother, and sister. On the way out, a Magistrates removes the identification chip from each of them with a knife, ensuring that they can never legally return to the ville.
   District 12 is established by the current Soviet government. The main tenet of the organization was to discover any and all predark technology, including that related to the Totality Concept.

   2175 CE: Sky Dog's sister is murdered by a roving marauder gang. Later that year his mother dies from rad poisoning after passing through a hellzone.

   2176 CE: Sky Dog and his brother meet with the Sioux in Montana. They are welcomed into the tribe.
   Dorjieff is sent to Tibet by District 12.
   Lenya Ivornich's mother is killed in the Georgian State during an uprising.

   2179 CE: Sky Dog becomes the shaman for the tribe of Sioux that took him in. He is also considered the local expert on wasicun, or whites, because of his upbringing in Cobaltville.

   2181 CE: After five long years of brutally dealing with roving bandits, would-be revolutionaries, and Chinese expeditionary forces, the utter ruthlessness Dorjieff employs earns him the title of Tsyansis Khan-Po, the King of Fear.

   2182 CE: Brigid Baptiste begins her training as an Archivist in the Historical Division.
   Kane joins the Magistrates.
   Esther Veley Lefevre is born in Louisiana.

   2183-85 CE: Domi is born around this time in an Outland settlement near the Snake River in Idaho.

   2185 CE: Brigid Baptiste's mother mysteriously disappears from Cobaltville.

   2186 CE: Kane goes on his second dark-territory probe, with Grant as his squad leader. During an ambush by Roamers, Grant is wounded in a black-powder mine explosion. Kane performs first aid on Grant, and they find that the Roamers have disabled their Sandcat. The Magistrates are forced to hike a day and a night through the Colorado hellzone, with Kane lugging Grant almost the entire distance. They become partners in Magistrate duties. Grant is cited for meritorious service.
   The basic tenet of District 12 changes slightly. Many agents are spread throughout Europe and Asia to track down "Damned Data" and keep their eyes on neighboring countries that are pulling themselves together, particularly China.

   2187 CE: Baron Ragnar begins to use a modified Spectre submachinegun when he practices his shooting in the ville's shooting range.
   Ambika begins her conquest of Outland villes on the Western Isles.

   2188 CE: Guende joins Baron Colbalt's Trust.

   2188-2198 CE: Lord Strongbow, having driven the Celts in Britannia into hiding, realizes the political folly of allowing nearby Ireland to keep breeding replacements for a potential resistance movement. Unable to invade Ireland by conventional military means, he turns to the preserved remains of Enlil. He creates viral mixtures from Enlil's nucleic acids and infects himself. The process nearly kills him, but he recovers and becomes much stronger. He fine-tunes the reaction before exposing volunteers to the virus.
   After five years, with only a few fatalities, Strongbow creates his first contingent of Dragoons. He also assembles prototype singularity inversion equipment and sets about accomplishing his long-range mission - the pacification of Ireland and death of Sister Fand's offspring.

   2189-2191 CE: Ambika arrives on the isle of Columbine and begins to carve out an empire for herself.

   2189 CE: Guana Teague becomes Boss of the Cobaltville Pits.

   2190 CE: Baron Sharpe of Sharpeville succumbs to a virus that threatens his life. He is taken to the Dulce redoubt and is saved. But his mind is no longer the same. After his brush with death and weeks of rehabilitation, Sharpe takes a mutie called Crawler and names him his advisor. This is the same mutie crawler who had been the original Baron Sharpe's personal pet, over a hundred years before.

   2191 CE: House Mashashige flees Japan and settles New Edo.

   2192 CE: Brigid Baptiste begins work as an Archivist in Cobaltville.

   2193 CE: Salvo is brought into the Trust of Baron Cobalt. Abrams is his sponsor.
   Ambika and her father reactivate a number of gasoline manufacturing plants in Mexico, providing the fuel she needs. At the same time they discover the Octopus Lotus, which has been washed ashore after a seaquake. She discovers the holds are filled with biological and chemical agents. They spent months getting it seaworthy once again and eventually bring it back to her island. The sub is to be a weapon to use against Qiang or Baron Cobalt.

   2194 CE: During a sweep of the Pits, Guana Teague is taken in for questioning. He stays in a cell for days before a Magistrates sets him free and gives him a communication unit. Over the next five years, he is contacted three times with various assignments.
   William Longley dies.
   Grant is cited for meritorious service. After the ceremony, Salvo informs Grant that his contract application for marriage with Olivia has been refused.
   Kane and Grant discover a secret route down into the Tartarus Pits from the Cobaltville Enclaves, via a ventilation shaft.

   2195 CE: Lakesh takes the senior Kane - a member of the Cobaltville Trust - into his confidence, and Kane willingly joins the resistance movement.
   In Magistrate hard-contact operations, Salvo begins assigning Kane permanently to the position of pointman. Although Kane doesn't know why, he finds that he prefers operating as pointman.
   Since only a couple of Cerberus personnel are adept at tuning out Balam's constant telepathic touch, and not knowing the extent of the mental influence on the human mind, sec protocols are instituted - only Lakesh and an exile named Banks are allowed to be alone with Balam in the containment area.
   Piotr Sverdlovosk asks the Mongolia tribesmen he is in contact with to go into the Gobi Desert with metal detectors, radiation detectors, and other instruments. During this time the chief's son Shykyr finds the Black City and opens up the vault (the buried Archon airship). Shortly after, many of the tribesmen begin to sicken and die due to radiation poisoning.
   Reba DeFore joins the group of exiles at Cerberus redoubt.

   2196 CE: A violent revolution occurs in Moscow and there is a change in government. Lenya Ivornich's husband is killed during the revolution.
   Domi leaves Cuprum, her birthplace. She eventually makes her way to the Outlands of Colorado.
   New Edo begins trading with Port Morninglight on the California coast.
   Ambika sets up a business office on the Western Island of Autarkic and establishes a home base on the Isle of the Lioness. Shortly afterwards, she is almost assassinated by a group of free traders who objected to her stranglehold. After recovering, she hunts down and kills all of them.
   Kane and Grant are present at a Magistrates briefing in Cobaltville concerning Le Loup Garou, the Wolfman - chieftain of the most vicious Roamer band in the western Outlands.
   Lakesh sees Baron Sharpe at the Dulce facility, during the barons' annual genetic treatments.
   Donald Bry, a fugitive from the villes, is brought to Redoubt Bravo and is trained in the theory and function of the Quantum Interphase Mat-Trans Inducer by Lakesh.
   Baron Cobalt begins negotiations with the Outlander trader consortiums to open up mines in Utah and the surrounding states to bring raw ore back to the ville for processing. The ore would be used in manufacturing.

   2197 CE: Guana Teague finds a pair of matched Uzis waiting for him in his quarters. He knows that they were provided for him to be used in his assignments. His third assignment is to provide his benefactor with the name of the best smuggler he knows of in the ville. He gives them the name Milton Reeth. The smuggler is given the job of supplying fresh genetic material to be used at the Dulce redoubt. Over the next year he slowly begins to send inferior samples to the redoubt out of greed. Eventually Baron Cobalt tires of this practice and issues a termination warrant for him.
   Brigid Baptiste begins work and discovers a disk that contains a message from the Preservationists. The discovery scares her badly. Over the next several months she will be contacted by the Preservationists several more times. The contacts will finally culminate with her obtaining a disk that contains the Wyeth Codex. It turns out that Lakesh has been feeding her the data.
   On Mars, after gaining access to the computers to correct a minor problem, Sindri discovers information about the Archon Directive. Weeks of research are thrown away when Sindri brings his findings to the committee of One Hundred. They laugh at him, call him insane, and threaten to exile him. A month later revolution breaks out; the humans, as well as two-thirds of the Transadapt population, are wiped out.
   In Mongolia, after providing the Mongols with food, medicines, tools and digging equipment, Sverdlovosk returns to Russia. After several months, the progress reports become sporadic. Sverdlovosk returns to Mongolia and finds that Boro Orolok has abdicated his position, and Shykyr is now the undisputed chieftain. Shykyr has forged an alliance between several western and northern tribes to restore Kharo-Khoto to its former mythical glory and use it as the magical capital city of the new Golden Clan. Shykyr strikes a bargain with Sverdlovosk to supply matériel to restore the power of Kharo-Khoto.
   In Russia, Grigori Zakat achieves the rank of Major in District Twelve after he makes General Stovoski believe that he has been seduced by a middle-aged, oversexed wife.
   December: Guana Teague brings Domi to the Tartarus pits and uses her as a sexual slave.

   2198 CE: Lakesh notices strange readings coming from the Gobi Desert in the area that the legendary city of Kharo-Khoto is said to be located.
   Mid January: Magistrate Barch, from Ragnarville, plants data in the Archives regarding the HAARP program and Redoubt Zulu. On the Isle of the Lioness, William Longley dies of unknown causes.
   Spring: Lakesh begins to plan Beth-Li Rouch's escape from Raganarville so that she can join the resistance movement in Redoubt Bravo.
   June 15th-19th: The Outlanders series begins with Exile to Hell.
   Aug-Sep: Lakesh begins working on a project to identify naturally occurring vortices possessing the same principles as the mat-trans gateways, in order to close them off or use them to spy on the Archons.
   Sindri and an advance team of twenty transadapts travel from the Cydonia Compound to Parallax Red via mat-trans. Planning an eventual exodus of the remaining Martian transadapt population to Earth via Parallax Red, Sindri begins repairing the environmental systems and restoring marginal power to the rest of the station.
   Baron Cobalt approves Magistrate Salvo's idea to form an elite task force of Magistrates - code-named "Grudge" - which is exclusively assigned to tracking down traitors such as Kane and the Preservationists.    Sep: The events related in Destiny Run take place.
   Grigori Zakat survives the crash of the TU-114 after he and three others escape the fiasco in the Black Gobi. He travels through the mountains until he stumbles upon a monastery. Here he is taken in by the monks and meets Dorjieff, the so-called King of Fear. In the months that follow, Zakat forms an alliance with Gyatso and seduces a young Tibetan woman named Trai.
   Early Oct: Beth-Li Rouch is brought to Redoubt Bravo from Raganarville.
   Oct. 21st: Lakesh returns from in Cobaltville after learning a harvest of human genetic material is scheduled to occur in an outlander ville.

   Oct. 29: The events related in Savage Sun take place.
   Early Nov: Roberta Berrier is taken from her work station in Raganarville and thrown into detention. The incident scares her badly and is all that Magistrate Barch needs in order to win over her confidence. They begin a physical relationship soon after, and she approaches him with data on Redoubt Zulu, which he had planted about a year before.
   Ambika begins to send her forces after the ore convoys travelling from the reopened mines in the western part of the US, killing everyone in the convoy and taking anything of use.
   Mid-December: The nine baronies hold a council, clearing the secrets in the databases about the redoubts. They all agree to recce the redoubts scattered across the continent in search of the renegade Magistrates Kane and Grant.
   December 22nd-27th: The events related in Omega Path take place.

   2199 CE:
   Early Jan: A Magistrates named Rhine is assigned to the Dulce redoubt to beef up the security forces there.
   Another of Ambika's spies is captured and tortured to death in Baron Cobalt's ville. This makes three spies that his Magistrates have been able to uncover in the past twelve months.
   Jan 27th-28th: The events related in Doomstar Relic take place.
   The events related in Iceblood take place.
   Mar 13th: Hellbound Fury take place.
   Mar 17th: The events related in Night Eternal take place.
   Mar 23rd-25th: The events related in Outer Darkness take place.
   Mar 23rd: The events related in Armageddon Axis take place.
   Apr (first week): The inhabitants of Samariumville first learn of the plague affecting the outlander villes around Lafayette. The doctors and ville scientists begin to discuss and debate the ramifications of this outbreak take place.
   May 16th-20th: The events related in Wreath of Fire take place.
   May 29th: Reports start to trickle into Redoubt Bravo from the baronies about the recurrence of the bubonic plague in Samariumville.
   The scientists and ville doctors decide to send in a team to investigate.
   Jun 2nd: Partial power is restored in the ruins of the Dulce redoubt.
   Jun 12th: Barons Sharpe and Cobalt inspect the Dulce redoubt.
   Jun 12th-15th: The events related in Shadow Scourge take place.
   Jun 25th: The events related in Hell Rising take place.
   Aug 2nd: The events related in Doom Dynasty take place.