Cydonia Colony

The Mars colony was established in late 1990. The colony was build in conjunction with the assistance of the engineers on Parallax Red.

The colony was constructed from single storied, metal-ribbed domes on concrete slabs bases. It was laid out like a basic wheel, with two dozen domes connected by tunnel passages, radiating out from a central hub. Each dome was designated by a letter of the alphabet, from A to X.

The base consisted of living quarters for humans and Transadapts alike, fields for growing and cultivating vegetables, as well as ore processing facilities, and laboratories for studying of the alien artifacts that were taken from the ruins found scattered across the surface of the red planet.

Oxygen was pulled from the thin atmosphere to provide the colonists the means to survive.  Also the base had a built in gravity generator so that the normal humans would be comfortable.

When the Skydark occurred, survivors from Parallax Red, as well as other space stations and possibly even the base located on the surface retreated to Mars, believing that the Earth was no longer inhabitable.

Over the years the human population dwindled slightly but the Transadapts population exploded, until they outnumbered the humans nearly three to one.

Cydonia has a nefarious history, and is in part linked to the abduction conspiracy before the Skydark.  Many humans were taken and milked of their eggs and sperm to have it bio-engineered to create the Transadapts.  They were bred to be the manual labor for Mars and to be nothing more than serfs.

As mentioned in the Martian Revolt file, Mars was actually colonized in order to allow the Archons a means to end the deadly sonics that prevented them from ever returning to the red planet. The Cydonia base was built near the Pyramid monument and the Transadapts were used to scour the surface for Archon artifacts.  As mentioned above, these artifacts were briefly studied before being shipped off to earth.

Inhabitants of Mars were doomed to eventually die off due to sterilization caused from the sonic harmonics produced by the great Pyramid.

The base is still habitable, but prolonged exposure to the harmonics would render any colonists sterile.  At this time there is probably only one inhabitant left on Mars. Micah Harwin, who spends all his time in the Great Pyramid trying to unlock the secrets of the harmonics generated there.

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