The Martian Revolt

Due to the interference of Micah Harwin, the harmonics that prevented the Archons from ever setting foot on Mars became deadly to the humans and Transadapts of Mars.  Not in the sense that it killed them outright but because it rendered the colonists sterile.

In 2197 Sindri learns of what caused the humans and Transadapts alike to become sterile. He realizes that he must do something and fast or they would all perish within a generation. For days he double checked his data and tried to come up with a convincing plan to the committee of one hundred, telling them both of the tragic news but also offering a solution to the problem. 

While searching through the database he discovered information about Parallax Red, a massive space station hidden behind the Earth's Moon. More importantly he discovered information about the gateway it contained. 

He presented the information to the Committee but they laughed at him, called him insane. When he told them about the mat trans unit on the station they decided to exile him with his father to the Pyramid. This made him determined to make them relinquish their decision. 

Thus he turned to the Transadapts. He persuaded them that they must find a new, safe home, away from Mars. He won their support and due to the fact that they made up most of the Martian population, it was Sindri's hope that the humans would bow to their will. 

Instead, the humans preferred death. This made the revolution not only necessary, but inevitable. There were no neutrals. Everyone was forced to fight.  In a months time it was over, the humans were wiped out to the last man, and two thirds of the Transadapts were killed.

With the humans out of the picture Sindri now had the means to return his people to earth, and start a new life.

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