Deathlands/Outlanders Frequently Asked Questions

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This page will cover many of the questions I receive via email on a regular basis. I know it won't cut down on the mail but what the hell!

Question:. What is Deathlands?
Answer: The Deathlands is a series of novels that take place almost a century after World War three. It follows the adventures of a group of warrior survivalists led by Ryan Cawdor, the son of a powerful east coast Baron. They travel the width and breadth of the remains of the United States of America using hidden government facilities that contain technological miracles known as Gateways.  They are Matter Transmitter devices.

Question: When did the Deathlands series begin?
Answer: The first novel was printed in 1986.

Question: What is the Outlanders?
Answer: Outlanders is the official spin off series from Deathlands. It takes place nearly a full century after Deathlands began.  In this time, there are nine baronies that rule the Former United States. Civilization, after a fashion, has returned. But freedom is just a dream. The novels follow a group of exiles, led by an ancient scientist and a pair of former enforcers for the new Regime. 

Question: When did the Outlanders series begin?
The series began in 1997.

Question: Are Deathlands and Outlanders connected?
Answer: Yes. Events that occurred in Deathlands have been mentioned in Outlanders. The series shares the same universe.  Outlanders even goes as far as to explain the events that caused the holocaust, as well as many of the secrets that were hinted at in Deathlands. 

Question: Who writes Deathlands? Is it one person or is it a group of people?
Answer: Originally it was one person who wrote the Deathlands series up to and including book #33 Eclipse at Noon.  This person was Laurence James. However due to failing health he was forced to leave the series.  He wrote one last novel, Crucible of Time. All other Deathlands have been written by several other authors. 

Question: Who is the writer for Outlanders?
Answer: I am not at liberty to say at this time. But it isn't difficult to find out if you know where to look. He has written the entire series with the exception of Wreath of Fire at this time. 

Question: Will Laurence James be coming back to write for the series?
Answer: No. 

Question: How can I get the older books?
Answer: You can check the Trading Post Page for books for sale, or send me your list of books that you need and I will post it there for you.  Finally you can check a few places out online such as or the Sentry Box.

Question: The books do not have numbers on the spine. How can I find out what order the books were published in?
Answer: Check out the book Summary for Both Deathlands and Outlanders.  They are listed in Chronological order.

Question: How can I contact the authors for Deathlands or Outlanders? Can you give out their email addresses?
Answer: You can send me your questions or comments and I will post it in the appropriate pages as well as forward the messages for you. Occasionally the authors might reply to you directly.  

Question: Is this the official page for Deathlands and Outlanders?
Answer: No. This is simply a fan page. There is at this time no official page.

Question: What is the Fan Club?
Answer: Originally the fan club was started as a way for fellow fans of the series that had access to the net to get in touch. Since the initial set up for the fan club, not much has been done with it. However that is changing. At this time fan club members enjoy the benefits of getting to see new covers before they are posted on the page, as well as a monthly newsletter that has news regarding the page and the series. There will be more advantages as time goes on.

Question: Will there be a Deathlands movie or TV series?
Answer: Currently there is nothing in the works. But we can all hope that will change in the future. Keep watching the page for more information.

Question: Is there any way to get the novels before they hit the book stores? I hate having to wait!
Answer: Go to the page titled 'Get books directly from Gold Eagle'. Here you will find the phone numbers as well as addresses.

Question: Now that Laurence James is no longer writing for Deathlands, is it going to end?
Answer: Nope.  Just to see that I am not lying to you, go to the Upcoming Cover preview page?

Question: Since January 20 is coming up soon, does that mean that the Deathlands Series will be ending?
Answer: No. Just because the world ended in the series on January 20, 2001 doesn't mean that the series will. I am sure that when Gold Eagle started the series they had no idea that it would last as long as it has. The only thing that will kill the series will be low sales. 

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