Dr. Mildred Winonia Wyeth

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Sex: Female

Age: Physically 36, Actual 132

Height: 5'.4"

Weight: 136 lbs.

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Deep Brown

Distinguishing Features: Mildred is African American, wears her hair in beaded dreadlocks.

First Appearance: Northstar Rising.

Place of Birth: Lincoln, Nebraska December 17th 1964

Known Relatives: Father, killed in 1965 by the KKK. Mother, dead.

Favorite Quote:

Apache Name: None.

Preferred Weapons: ZKR 551

Clothing: A Black Beret, white cotton shirt, denim jacket with a quilted lining, military jeans, and calf length black leather boots.

Commonly Carried Equipment: Ammunition for her weapon.

Mildred Wyeth was discovered by Ryan Cawdor and his friends in the ruins of the Wendigo Institue of Botanical Research, incorporating the Blackwood Center for Chemical and Neurological Research, Military Division, with the Shelly Cryonic Institute, Private. After reading over her brief history they revived her and she joined the team.

Mildred was born in 1964. Her father, a black activist and a preacher was burned to death by the Ku Klux Klan in early 1965. Those responsible for his death were likewise burned to death when a gas canister in their auto repair shop exploded.

Mildred studied medicine and became a full fledged doctor. She specialised in Cryonics and became the leading U.S. Authority in Cryonics. During her time in university, she also studied Native Anthropology, and knows quite a bit about America's history.

To top things off, she was an expert marksman and represented the United States in the Olympic Games of 1996 where she won a silver medal in free shooting. Unfortunatly she was forced to take drugs to improve her marksmanship due to the fact that everyone else were using them. She is also an expert Gunsmith.

During a routine checkup in Bethesda she had a Biopsy, the doctors suspected an ovaria cyst. When she went into pre-op she had a totally unexpected reaction to the anesthesia. She went into convulsions and slipped into a coma. Because of her importance to the Cryonics field she was placed in Cryonics to save her life. This occuered on December 28 2000.

Before going into cryo suspension, she spent quite a lot of time hiking in the wilderness. She is a very fit woman.

She never married nor had any children. For her, work and research always came first.

Her description of the group: A redhead medium, an albino street punk, a two hundred year old fart, a gun freak and a one eyed killer.

Almost from the onset her and Doc Tanner began a friendly rivalry. They constantly snipe at one another but when the chips are down they will defend each other to the bitter end.

She discovered that she shares quite a bit in common with the Armourer, J.B. Dix, especially his love of weapons. They decided to begin a relationship in Seedling, and the fact that she saved his life has caused the bond between the two of them to grow even stronger.

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