Major Commissar Zimyanin

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Sex: Male

Age: 30

Height: 5' 7"

Weight: 180 lbs.

Hair Colour: None, totally bald.

Eye Colour: Unknown

Distinguishing Features: Drooping moustache, pockmarked chin.

First Appearance: Red Holocaust

Subsequent Appearances: Red Equinox

Final Appearance: Chill Factor

Place of Birth: Russia

Known Relatives: Anya: wife (dead)

Preferred Weapons: Makarov 9mm Pistol

Commonly Carried Equipment: Winter clothing, ammunition for his weapon, old English phrase book.

Clothing: A grey uniform of thick material, long tanned hide boots, and a high fur lined cap with a silver star in the centre.

Alias: Russkie, but never to his face.

Major Zimyanin was first encountered in Red Holocaust. He had been tracking a band of marauders across Siberia and eventually managed to corner them in Alaska, where they were destroyed after J.B. Dix launched a missile at an old dam, causing it to burst. The surviving members were executed by both Ryan's band and the Soviets. They were about to claim Alaska for mother Russia when Ryan pointed out the remaining missile to them. Zimyanin got the hint and he and his forces returned to the Soviet Union.

He takes his duty very seriously and is quite good at what he does. He has advanced in the Soviet ranks rapidly and after his success against Utichel in Alaska was given a promotion. He is an intelligent man, who is totally fearless. Many of his co-workers fear him because of his time in the wilderness and the fact that he is fanatical about keeping himself in tip top condition and is able to press 120 kilograms with little effort. He is an expert marksman and horseman as well as being able to survive in the worst possible conditions.

He has secretly been learning to speak English using a phrase book dated from the early nineteenth century. Thus when he speaks English, he sounds like Doc Tanner.

A short time after returning to Moscow, he married a woman named Anya, which he later kills because she made the fatal mistake of calling him a coward. He may be many things, but coward is not one of them. Besides, it was more a marriage of convenience, not of love. Truth be know, this is probably the worst thing the man has ever done as he really isn't an evil man.

He receives some very unusual reports about strangers being in the suburbs of Moscow. During his investigation he discovers that these strangers are the same one's who he'd encountered in Alaska. Wanting to know why and how they are in Moscow, he does his best to track them down, eventually cornering them in an old Dacha which housed a secret gateway. He sent in several groups to try and bring them out alive, but when that failed, lead a small squad of men in on his own.

He chases the group down to the gateway where most of his men are killed or horribly burned when a boobie trap is set off. He follows the group into the gateway where he is caught in the jump, his hands locked around Ryan's throat. When he awakens, he discovers that they are no longer in Moscow and that he is surrounded by enemies. He escapes Ryan's grasp and heads into the control chamber where he is attacked by some sort of huge mutant. As he left the gateway he closed the door, triggering the jump again.

It turns out that he survived the mutant's attack. When he left, he found a sulphur mine and slowly took it over. He studied the gateway and discovered the LD or Last Destination button and put it to good use, sending hunting parties all over the Deathlands in search of people to capture and bring back to work as slaves in the mine. It works wonderfully.

After his men capture Dean, it isn't long before Ryan Cawdor arrives and turns the operation upside down. In the end, after helping Ryan destroy a Sec Hunter droid, he is badly beaten by it. He falls from a rusting walkway to his death.

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