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12 Replies and 11907 Views Is that it for Slaughter Realms?  11907  12 Started by  mikeclr It's been quite a while since we've seen an update and I'm just wondering if the project has died a quiet death... AP  Ron  Anyone
12 11907
by  JettaManDanJump to last post
6/29/2011 12:07 PM
4 Replies and 6787 Views Slaughter Realms site down?  6787  4 Started by  Ida1492 Ron, Alan - I've tried to access it a few times, and have not been able to get it to come up.  Have you got it down for a reason  Was wondering.
4 6787
by  Ron MilesJump to last post
12/1/2009 12:53 AM
2 Replies and 8724 Views Slaugher Realms Chapter 5 now posted  8724  2 Started by  Ron Miles The wait is over, Chapter 5 is now live, continuing the adventures of Dr. Rind and his brain-in-a-jar companion.... (for latecomers, Slaughter Realms: Iroquois Vengeance is an all-new novel being published online by the always awesome Alan Philipson, author of such Deathlands classics as Plague Lords, Dark Resurrection, and Cannibal Moon)
2 8724
by  APJump to last post
10/4/2009 12:10 PM
2 Replies and 6236 Views Slaughter Realms Lives!  6236  2 Started by  Ron Miles I just wanted to take the opportunity to invite you all to come take another look at Slaughter Realms: Iroquois Vengeance, written by the the esteemed Mr. Alan Philipson (by way of the the tragically absent Daniel Desipio).  We have just re-launched the book in a brand new e-reader that you should really check out.  Head on over to to take a look.  Just look over in the upper right hand corner for the links to the book, which is currently live with the Prologue thr...
2 6236
by  Deathlands rogueJump to last post
8/24/2009 3:25 PM
15 Replies and 5893 Views Slaugher Realms  5893  15 Started by  Ron Miles I saw a post go by earlier today on one of the other forums, asking if I am the author of Slaughter Realms.  No, I am not.  I am just the guy helping to bring it to light.  The original manuscript is written by Daniel Desipio, and was recovered from the basement of a seedy hotel in Panama City.  Alan Philipson has been working valiantly to scrape the slime mold off of the heavily damaged manuscript and turn it into some kind of readable form.  There is some question as to whether Desipio himself...
15 5893
by  One Eyed Vengeance (Leonidas)Jump to last post
8/12/2009 12:19 AM
3 Replies and 5945 Views Slaugher Realms Chapter Three, this Friday  5945  3 Started by  Ron Miles Chapter Three of Slaughter Realms: Iroquois Vengeance will go live this Friday night, just head on over to to check it out.  This one features vikings, dinosaurs, gallons of excrement, and the slaughter of innocents.  So, you you know, just a normal day in the Slaughter Realms. For those unfamiliar, Slaughter Realms: Iroquois Vengeance is a new novel being serialized online by Alan Philipson, author of Deathlands classics like the Plague Lords / Dark Resurrectio...
3 5945
by  JettaManDanJump to last post
6/30/2009 8:18 AM
7 Replies and 6045 Views SR:IV Chapter Two is live  6045  7 Started by  Ron Miles Chapter Two of Slaughter Realms: Iroquois Vengeance is up.  Head on over to to check it out.
7 6045
by  JettaManDanJump to last post
5/20/2009 8:11 AM
13 Replies and 6782 Views Slaughter Realms is Real  6782  13 Started by  Ron Miles In case there was any mystery or confusion:  Although Alan and I unveiled Slaughter Realms on April Fool's Day, it was not just a gag.  Slaughter Realms is very real, an complete novel that will be published online a chapter at a time.  What started out months ago as a bit of a lark actually turned into something very interesting and exciting, and we are very proud of it.  If you enjoyed the Prologue, please keep checking back for each new chapter.  There is a bountiful cornucopia of action, adv...
13 6782
by  JettaManDanJump to last post
4/23/2009 1:18 PM
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