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Haven's Blight

Destiny's shock wave shatters the foundation fo the future...

Victor Milan

Cover Artist:
Dave Seeley

First Edition

Release Date:
January, 2012

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Release Date:
January, 2012

Cover Price:


Graphic Audio MP3 CD

Release Date:
April, 2012

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Release Date:
April, 2012

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Destiny's shockwave shatters the foundation of the future...

Bartering their expertise to a nautical band of brilliant technomads, Rayn Cawdor's group finds trouble waiting in the swamplands of the Louisiana Gulf. With the gravely injured Krysty Wroth's fate uncertain, Ryan is desperate to save Haven from a genetic blood curse. He'll succeed... if his luck doesn't run out first.

Back Cover:

Blunt Force

The future rose from the ashes of nuke-scorched America with a vengeance. The unchecked wrath of Deathlands pits Ryan Cawdor and his companions against long odds. But their skill as survivors, strategists and warriors is unmatched and they've held on to something more precious than life: their humanity. They nurture the hope that somewhere, hidden amidst the grotesquerie of a tortured land, safety and sanctuary awaits.

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Bartering their expertise to a nautical band of brilliant technomads, Ryan's group finds trouble waiting in the steaming, fetid swamplands of the Louisiana Gulf. Merciless storms and pirates strand them in Haven. But the barony's inviting name masks a ville hijacked by fear, territorial conflict and monstrous horror. With the gravely injured Krysty Wroth's fate uncertain, a desperate Ryan aids the strange but hospitable Baron Blackwell in his effort to save Haven from a genetic blood curse. He'll succeed, provided his luck -- and his options -- don't run out first.


Jak goes back home - again!
by Maximus

The new Deathlands novel is pretty decent. The companions jump once more back to Louisiana, where Jak Lauren was born and raised, there to join up with a group of tech nomads who sail the swamps and deal with the locals, which also consists of a band of pirates that plague the area.

This was sort of a strange read for me. It was good, but I felt a bit cheated that the author didn't utilize Jak and his background more here. Jak might as well been in Utah, because he didn't act like he was back home here. He should have been the one to lead this story, but again he takes back stage and nothing more is revealed about Jak and his hometown.

The new muties consists of huge manatees and some sort of squid. It was kinda hard to visualize them. The book was overall a decent adventure, but nothing that will blow fans away. There are some great stuff that this author utilizes that the original author set and used way back. Like the vampires muties that were created by the government before skydark. Here it is werewolves, which fits the bayou area and stylistic approach. That part is very cool. The new baron is a double sword wielding Jak Lauren look-a-like. He and his sister were interesting.

A decent read
by Timbermountain
This book was a decent read compared to many others in the series. I agree Jak could have played a much greater role considering he was home. I didn't really see the purpose of have Kirsty in the coma for so long, but I guess Ryan had to have some sort of dream quest objective....
deathlands light
by 10mm

wow just finished this lightweight touchy feely dix and ryan book. they have come along

way and they have become so light in their conversations almost checked to see if this was deathlands.hope this is not going to become the norm.

Good story bad book.
by slugking

*some spoilers*

This was a very dull and slow reading book. It seemed disjointed and thrown&nbsp;together. &nbsp;Starting with Kyrsty who is in a coma most of the book. Mildred , a real doctor should have been a strong lead trying to help Kyrsty. Ryan , who gets beat up several times, just lets strangers take care of her. JB who, it has been said of , that "he never uses two words, when one will do" seems to have become chatty Kathy. &nbsp;Doc ,Jak and Mildred seem to have been add on's to scenes like the author forgot them and then just added some lines here and there. Overall I was&nbsp;disappointed&nbsp;in the writing and the characters roles in the story.&nbsp;

I know that many authors write the books but mostly they&nbsp;stay&nbsp;in the same style of the original books, IMHO. This I hope is not the&nbsp;future&nbsp;of the series.