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This file will contain information on all the new types of weapons and equipment mentioned throughout the series. 

Pilgrimage to Hell

Traders War Wags

War Wag One had once been a mobile command post. Over the years Trader’s people had modified it again and again, adding weaponry to it, removing equipment they couldn’t use. They added plates of steel for armor, and it even has retractable treads for crossing rough terrain. It is a virtual juggernaught of death and destruction. It has also been rigged with boobie traps to prevent its capture. The hull of the vehicle can be electrified to prevent unwanted passengers.

Red Holocaust

Ice Buggies

These tracked vehicles were discovered in the Alaskan Redoubt. Each vehicle can hold three or four people and plenty of fuel and equipment. The vehicles mount machine guns and mortars.

Neutron Solstice

Swamp Wags

These vehicles used in the swamps of Louisiana appear to be boats on wheels. Each swamp wag has six wheels, which hold it eight feet above the swamp. Each wheel is nearly six feet in diameter. The only way to easily access the vehicle is from small metal ladders on either side of the vehicle. The vehicle and seat eight, and has a rudder kick bar for steering. The vehicle is open on the top.


A powerful hallucinogenic mixture of cocaine, heroin and mescaline.

 Crater Lake.


Self-igniting pellets used for starting fires when matches are unavailable.

Wheeled Boats

These small, green, inflatable boats are powered by small compact noiseless engines that pushed the boat through water at a high rate of speed. Amazingly enough, these boats can also travel easily on land as in water due to wheels located on the bottom of the boat.

Wizard Island Laser weapons

These weapons are short and stubby, resembling machine pistols. They have a narrow barrel above the firing muzzle. The magazine appears to be a battery pack. The weapons have a dial, which can be set from one to twenty. One produces a minor burn from the laser, but if set on twenty, it can cause massive burn trauma. Fortunately, the weapons will only work at this setting once in one hundred shots.

 MD: Molecular Destabilizer

Dr. Ethel Tardy was carrying this small chromed hand blaster when she encountered Ryan and his band. It had small cables that trailed away out of site (presumably to a battery pack). It breaks down the bonds between molecules, turning the victim into a puddle of billions of molecules. It is said to be incredibly painful.

Homeward Bound

Implode Grenades.

This bizarre weapon was first introduced in Pilgrimage to Hell. It uses a anti gravity device to create a sudden and extremely violent vacuum so that anything caught in its radius is sucked violently into the area around the grenade. The damage is far more devastating than a normal grenade.

Dart Gun

Jabez Pendragon Cawdor carried a small pistol like weapon that fired a cluster of high velocity razor sharp darts only a half inch long, their shafts barbed making removal difficult.

Pony Soldiers

Equaloy Ammunition

This special type of ammunition is a self lubricating aluminum round with nylon coating. They travel on a flat trajectory and have triple the normal velocity. When they hit, they stop fast, transferring the kinetic energy causing heavy internal damage.

Aqua Pure Tabs

These small tablets will purify contaminated water, making it safe to drink.



A combination of home brewed alcohol, usually upwards of 150 to 200% proof, mixed liberally with the drug Jolt. Has the combined effect of causing the user to get both drunk and high at the same time. Appears to be very addictive.

LAV 25

Crew: 3+6

Configuration: 8X8

Armament: 1 25mm cannon, 1 7.62 machine gun (coaxial), 1 7.62 machine gun (anti aircraft, optional) 2 x 4 smoke dischargers.

Ammunition: 210 25mm, 420 7.62mm or 990 (with anti aircraft machine gun)

Length: 6.393 meters

Width: 2.499 meters

Height: 2.692 meters

Ground clearance: .5 meters

Combat Weight: 12,882 kg.

Maximum Road speed: 100 kmh

Maximum Water speed: 10.46 kmh

Maximum Range: 668 Km

Fuel Capacity: 300 liters

Armour: 10cm.

Dark Carnival

Dreem. This drug is a fine powder, tinted a faint pink that could be either smoked or snorted. The user experienced a fast rush and then slipped into a languorous lethargy, almost like being both awake and asleep at the same time. It also heightened all sensual experiences.

Chill Factor

Sec hunter droids. Five of these droids were encountered by Ryan when he was exploring the redoubt located near Zimyanin's mine. Ryan is able to defeat three of the five, the Russian Zimyanin destroys one, and one simply malfunctions. Physically they appear to be no more than five feet in height. They are built from rods of chromed steel. The heads were chromed with two small crystals set where the eyes would be. Below the eyes was a slit for a mouth which was filled with razor sharp, metallic teeth. The neck was tubular, articulated, like the scales on a serpent. The chest was armoured and broad, where the droids computer controls were located. One of its arms ended in pinchers, and a hammer, the other in four sharp blades. The arms were slightly longer than a humans, making it look somewhat simian. There was a warning sign posted next to where the five droids stood.

Fury's Pilgrims

M59 Tracked APC

Crew: 2+10

Configuration: Tracked

Armament: 1 12.7mm MG

Ammunition: 2205 x 12.7mm

Length: 5.613 m

Width: 3.263 m

Height: 2.768 m

Ground clearance: .457 m

Combat Weight: 19323 kg

Maximum Road speed: 51.5 kmh

Maximum Water speed: 6.9 kmh

Maximum Range: 164 km

Fuel Capacity: 518 litres

Armour: 16mm

Note: The M900 discovered and used in Fury's Pilgrims does not yet exist as far as I know. I may be wrong though. It was based on the M59, so that is why I put up the data for this APC.


Land Rover

I will be attempting to find a picture as well as the hard physical stats for this vehicle to post.

Werewolf Weed

This drug is a mutated form of Marijuana, and when mixed with other potent drugs such as peyote then smoked causes the user to become almost totally animal in mentality, and extremely violent.

Tec 10 Machine Pistol

A fully automatic submachine gun. This entry will be moved to the weapons page as soon as I can find a picture for it.


This is a large off road military vehicle that is armed to the teeth. Not as large as one of the War Wags used by Trader, but it is still a formidable piece of machinery.

Bitter Fruit


This is a potent drug that causes powerful dreams and nightmares when taken by the user. It is created from the poison sap milked from the vines the Celts use as defense.

Demons of Eden

Wind Wags

The land pirates, better known as the Red Cadre, use these vehicles, which are a combination of engine powered vehicle and a sail boat. Over fairly smooth terrain they are efficient and fast. If there is not enough wind to power the sails, they can use the gasoline powered engine to keep the wag moving.

Nightmare Passage

Horseless Chariots

The pharaoh used a combination of ancient design and modern technology to create chariots that ran on solar power and didn't require the use of actual horses, which would have been difficult to obtain deep in the desert as they were. These chariots can hold six people easily.

Incarnates Energy Rods

The sec men of Aten, or Incarnates as they are know, carry special rods that channel life energy into a potent weapon. The bolt of energy disrupts the life flow of the target, paralysing them, knocking them out, or possibly killing them. When in the hands of someone not trained to use the weapon, nothing will happen.

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