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2 Replies and 8286 Views September updates done  8286  2 Started by  Ron Miles I got a wee bit behind in August due to my work schedule, but I just finished making all of my site updates for September. Lots of new books, a couple new covers, a couple new links to print and/or Kindle editions. All good stuff. Enjoy!
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by  slingbldJump to last post
1/10/2018 8:21 AM
9 Replies and 5887 Views Website Migrated to New Host  5887  9 Started by  Ron Miles FYI - This weekend I migrated to a new web host. The person who had been hosting the site for the last several years basically decided to get out of the business, and so here we are at the new host. If you are seeing this, that means you made the jump. If you saw some weirdness recently, that's what it was about. If you notice any problems, please let me know.
9 5887
by  RandarchistJump to last post
7/9/2015 3:53 PM
3 Replies and 4772 Views Registration Temporarily Closed  4772  3 Started by  Ron Miles Due to a flood of fake user accounts being created, I am temporarily closing all new user registration on the site. My understanding is that this is a known issue currently in the DNN ecosystem, and it is not a specific targeting of this site.  The solution is to replace the existing CAPTCHA verification system with a different system, which I won't  have time to do until this weekend at the soonest.  In the meantime I have to take this step, because I am (rightfully) getting bo...
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by  RandarchistJump to last post
11/20/2014 12:41 PM
3 Replies and 4192 Views Website attack  4192  3 Started by  Ron Miles FYI - in the past few days the website has been under some kind of scripted attack. No data has been compromises, and at this point it seems like I have finally shut down all of the vectors they were using. If you happen to notice anything strange on the site, please let me know ASAP.
3 4192
by  silentalbinoJump to last post
11/20/2014 10:35 AM
6 Replies and 4839 Views Nobody here??  4839  6 Started by  twinsrule26 I have been checking in here for the last week and nobody has posted anything. I was wondering if the site was working OK or has everyone gone away on vacation twins.
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by  UrbanSavageJump to last post
5/21/2014 8:23 PM
2 Replies and 4341 Views Forums should be working now  4341  2 Started by  Ron Miles It seemed unusually quiet, and I just finally figured out why. The site logs on the database had grown out of control again (this has happened before), and so the database ran out of room. The net result would be that although the site itself loads fine, no new posts would be able to be added to the database. I apologize for the inconvenience, I have truncated the runaway tables and all is well again.
2 4341
by  Ron MilesJump to last post
1/3/2014 7:35 PM
4 Replies and 5197 Views I'm Back  5197  4 Started by  Ron Miles Hey all, sorry for  my long and unannounced absence. You probably didn't even notice I was gone. In any case, my son was in the hospital for a couple weeks and we are still dealing with the aftermath of that. If you are interested in the details you are welcome to take a look at my personal blog over at I see that I have a fair amount of cleanup to do here, and I will be working on that over the weekend. Please give it a few days, and then if you are still seeing ...
4 5197
by  silentalbinoJump to last post
9/17/2013 3:15 AM
10 Replies and 5598 Views Status Update  5598  10 Started by  Ron Miles So here's the state of things as far as I am aware: 1. Forum moderation is broken with the latest update. The only potential fix is a beta version of the forum software that is specifically noted as not being ready for production. I don't know when a stable version will be ready. That leaves me with the options of either turning off forum moderation, which terrifies me, or leaving it as is, which means new users like Shane will never see their posts go live because I can't moderate them to appr...
10 5598
by  twinsrule26Jump to last post
7/26/2013 2:45 AM
1 Replies and 4522 Views Test  4522  1 Started by  Ron Miles Test
1 4522
by  )3az )3aziahJump to last post
6/23/2013 2:59 PM
0 Replies and 3720 Views Site Update  3720  0 Started by  Ron Miles I just finished updating the site software to the latest version of DotNetNuke (v7.0.6). Please let me know right away if you notice any issues.
0 3720
5/26/2013 1:38 PM
0 Replies and 3888 Views New images added to home page rotation  3888  0 Started by  Ron Miles I just added more than a dozen new images to the rotator at the top of the home page, and also randomized the image display. Every time you come to the home page you should see something different. Enjoy!
0 3888
11/4/2012 1:33 AM
9 Replies and 5557 Views Major Software Upgrade this weekend (9/8/2012)  5557  9 Started by  Ron Miles I will be performing a major software update to the site this weekend which involves updating the core software to DotNetNuke v6.2.3 as well as updating the Forum software and some other detail bits. There is a better than even chance that the site will crash during the update (I will have backups to restore from), and in any case the site could be down for maintenance for a significant period of time. I will let you all know when the updates are complete. Thank you for your patience.
9 5557
by  Ron MilesJump to last post
10/12/2012 9:04 PM
1 Replies and 4247 Views Registration Broken  4247  1 Started by  Ron Miles I received an email today from someone who wanted to register for the site and could not. When I looked into it, I discovered that all of the Active Social components that drive the site's registration, profiles, and messaging are giving errors right now.  I am not sure how long it has been broken. I have opened up a support ticket to try and troubleshoot the problem, I have no idea how long it will take to resolve. It is not something that I can fix myself. I apologize for any inconvenience,...
1 4247
by  Ron MilesJump to last post
3/23/2012 12:13 PM
2 Replies and 4359 Views Moving Servers  4359  2 Started by  Ron Miles As many of you have noticed, we have been having stability issues with our web server for several months now. Because we have been unable to satisfactorily resolve the issue with the current server, I am moving the website to a new server today. This involves changing the DNS entry  in order to point to the new name server and web server, which means for a period of time you may be seeing either the old or the new depending upon how quickly the DNS change propagates. In order to prevent any data...
2 4359
by  Ron MilesJump to last post
3/1/2012 6:14 PM
0 Replies and 3743 Views Software Update  3743  0 Started by  Ron Miles I just applied a new security patch to the website software. If anyone notices any issues, please let me know.
0 3743
2/3/2012 6:26 PM
3 Replies and 4506 Views Server Issues  4506  3 Started by  Ron Miles As many of you have noticed, we have been having some stability issues with the server lately. I am keenly aware of this problem, and as you can imagine I am frustrated about the situation. At the moment the best I can do is reassure you that I am working the issue, and hope to have it resolved very soon. I appreciate your patience.
3 4506
by  Ron MilesJump to last post
1/22/2012 9:09 AM
0 Replies and 3720 Views Update to the Books & Reviews module  3720  0 Started by  Ron Miles FYI - I just published an update to the code that drives The Books section of the website, along with the review engine. Theoretically you should not see any difference, the changes were all administrative, but if you do see anything odd or get any errors please let me know.
0 3720
12/10/2011 7:26 PM
0 Replies and 4001 Views Outage this morning  4001  0 Started by  Ron Miles My apologies for the site outage, I'm not sure how long it was down for. It was a database issue, and is resolved now. Please let me know if you see any other issues.
0 4001
11/3/2011 8:07 AM
3 Replies and 6017 Views Forum Moderation  6017  3 Started by  Ron Miles Now that I have completed my updates and fixed all of the styling issues (at least the ones that I am aware of), I have turned on a new feature of the forum software.  Effective immediately, all of the forums (except for the custom forums for Groups) require moderation on any posts from newer users.  There is a threshold at which a user will no longer require to have their posts moderated, but until a user hits that threshold any new post has to be seen and approved by a moderator.  I may or may...
3 6017
by  Ron MilesJump to last post
9/20/2011 8:32 AM
4 Replies and 5489 Views Registration Issues  5489  4 Started by  Ron Miles It turns out that ever since I installed Active Social, no new users have been able to register for the site.  I did not notice that this was happening, it took a couple of emails from a guy who really wanted to join for me to realize there was even an issue.  So, if you are an anonymous user reading this, and you couldn't figure out how to register for the site before, well.... Sorry!  My bad!  It's fixed now, so please register and come join the conversation.
4 5489
by  Ron MilesJump to last post
8/29/2011 7:34 AM
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