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This file is dedicated to the history of Traders convoy, all the interesting things that happened during Ryan Cawdor and J.B. Dix's Time with Trader and the people of War Wag One to Three.

Red Holocaust

Brecht, a bearded tail gunner from War Wag Two once dropped his Beretta 92, it went off and shot a woman named Karen Mutter, also from War Wag Two, right in the ass. (Pg. 13).

O’Mara, A machine gunner from War Wag One, once suffered a nasty crack to his skull. Boasted for days that he was Traders Grandfather and Grandmother too! (Pg. 195).

Ryan heard a story of how a trader in the north killing a buffalo, cutting it open and crawling inside to stay warm. The Buffalo froze, trapping the trader so he couldn’t escape. The trader died from doing this. (Pg. 214).

Ryan relates a story on a friend who removed all his clothing and then jumped into a tar pit. When Ryan asked him why he did such a thing, his friend tells him that it seemed to be the right thing to do at the time. (Pg. 247).

Neutron Solstice

Ryan has been in the ruins of New York city at least once in the past. He has seen the cracked avenues of the city, the groves of poisonous vegetation on every corner. (Pg. 22).

Ryan recalls a story of another trader in a gaudy house near windy city telling him about missiles that destroyed life but left the buildings standing. (Pg.33).

A tail gunner off War Wag Three named Dean Stanton once threw himself off a high bridge into a couple of feet of water. As above, the runt said it seemed like the right thing to do at the time.

Trader told Ryan about some Crazies he encountered in the west. Slit the throat of a little girl. Claimed that she was a horn-less goat. Trader killed the entire group. (Pg. 105).

Crater Lake

Ryan and J.B. discovered a stockpile of old guns, magazines and manuals in a Redoubt near what used to be Billings. (Pg. 47).

Finn recalls a story of a little mutie girl with a broken arm and a sweet smile who was being carried by a man named Old Fletch. She reached up and plucked out his eye like it was a grape. (Pg. 115).

Trader got a watch from an ancient woman who was nearly blind. The watch appeared to be of excellent manufacturing, but it was empty. So he in return gave her a box of dry Soya that was also empty. Figured it was a fair exchange. (Pg. 115).

Homeward Bound

Trader told Ryan about the way some of the desert looks in Vada where the nukes exploded over the sand, creating vast areas of broken, jagged nuke glass. (Pg. 109)

Ryan new of an old blind mutie who lived up in the high plains that could hear a satin kerchief land on the ground at over two hundred yards. (Pg. 186).

Many years before while in a high class gaudy in New Orleans Ryan had seen a powerful metal detector set up to protect the women from anyone bringing in weapons. (Pg. 191).

Pony Soldiers

Kathy was the medic on War Wag one. (Pg. 83.)

Dectra Chain

One of Ryan's earliest memories after joining Trader is that of a firefight against some hillies in the Zarks. Most of the hillies were armed with two hundred year old muskets. The man at his side had stuck his head up a touch careless, and Ryan would never forget the warm, sticky splash of brains and clotted blood that hit him in the face as the man's head exploded from the impact of one of the musket balls. (Pg. 28)

A man named Rocco Papini from War Wag two put down a little mutie girl with two rounds from his pistol. Instead of putting a third round through the girls head, he knelt down to cut her throat, believeing that she was helpless. He was distracted by the site of one perfectly formed breast showing through a tear in her shirt. The young mutie opened him up from his groin to his throat with a straight razor. Ryan put a bullet between her eyes. (Pg. 149-150).

Ryan witnessed the impaling of a child killer in a frontier pest hole near the old Idaho panhandle. He had been the mildest, most gentle appearing man. Twinkling eyes and a halo of silver hair brushed back from an academic forehead and neat little hands and feet. He had rammed a beer bottle down the throat of a twelve year old girl, then smashed it in her. He died slowly and painfully. (Pg. 191-192).

At one time Trader had wiped out a ville of cutthroats near the Mississippi. The leader had been a giant, over eight feet tall who was blind in one eye. He had so terrified the locals that they wouldn't even come to view the body after trader had killed him. In the end they used some gasoline to burn the massive corpse.

Ice and Fire

About five years ago, a small four man team from war wag three came across a baby in the remains of a Stickie encampment. They picked up the baby which caused a pound of plastique explosives to detonate which was hidden beneath. It took over an hour to collect the shattered remains of the team. (Pg. 53).

Several years previous, Ryan lead a team into the remains of a hospital which was located in Wyoming. One section of the hospital remained intact, which reminded Ryan a great deal of the redoubt they jumped to located in the Sierra's. (Pg. 62).

J.B. talks about a baron up in the north who had a pair of residual hands. He kept a huge mutie maggot as a pet. It slept in a huge wooden bed covered in silk sheets and was fed just like a baby. (Pg. 128).

While travelling through what is left of Texas, Ryan spotted many abandoned oil pumps, scattered across the prairies like the skeletons of long dead birds. (Pg. 137).

Years ago, a man named Harpo, a driver from war wag two was grabbed by a Stickie. It ripped of most of his face, as well as both eyes after grabbing his face. (Pg. 208)

Trader at one time had come across a ville filled with over two hundred Stickies. The biggest pack of Stickies Ryan has ever personally seen was about forty or fifty of the hated mutants. (Pg. 270)

Trader at one time had found a huge Cache of aviation fuel near what had once been the City of Boston. Since no one in the Deathlands could fly a jet, the Cache has remained untouched. (Pg. 273).

Red Equinox

In what had used to be Pennsylvania, Ryan came across an old coal mine that had been used as an emergency nuke shelter. The bombs had caused the mine to cave in, trapping those trying to escape death. After a century of erosion, the mine entrance was re-opened. Ryan had never seen so many desiccated corpses together in one place. (Pg. 32).

Northstar Rising

J.B. Heard of Troggies before. The big Rockies are supposed to be home to many of these odd little muties. (Pg. 26).

Five years previously Trader's convoy came across a ville on the gulf coast that had been attacked and destroyed by a swarm of mutie killer bee's. Ryan remembered the silence of the ville filled with the bloated corpses of men women and children, all stung to death. (Pg.71).

A man named Bob Duvall who was a relief driver on War Wag Three went bathing in a river up near the darks. He was attacked by a shoal of tiny mutant fish who killed him and stripped the flesh off his bones in fifteen seconds. (Pg. 97).

Ryan had once see a pair of men in a duel up in the Northwest. They stood on eight foot long branches that ran along side one another and began to saw. They cut through the branches at the same time and hit the ground at the same time. A second duel he witnessed a skinny kid in the deserts kill a bounty hunter by beaning him with an eight ball right between the eyes. (Pg. 187).


In a gaudy house south of Reno both Hunaker and Finn got high on a bottle of Joltsky. They stripped each other naked and painted themselves in black varnish. (Pg. 69).

After wiping out the ferryman York and his family, Mildred wants to know the reason why they had to kill the children. He relates a story about getting ambushed by a party of muties near Death Valley. Killed a woman named peachy, and severly wounded a man named Otis. The muties were tracked down to their camp and wiped out. A man named Giardino found a three year old toddler wrapped in a dirty blanket. The toddler had a implode grenade which detonated, killing him. Ever since then, they would kill everyone, young or old. (Pg. 101-102).

The air conditioning and heaters inside the war wags were always spotty at best. One time in the darks the outside temperature was -50, but it was so hot inside the war wags that most of the crew were stripped down to their skivvies and had all the doors and ob slits wide open. (Pg. 231).

Dark Carnival

Ryan had met a baron on the edge of the Darks who had an elderly woman as the head of his sec forces. She looked like everyones favorite granny. Ryan personally seen her tear open a mans chest and rip out his heart and lungs.

Again Ryan remebers meeting a trader about fifteen years ago near the Grandee. He didn't name his horse and when asked why, it was because he didn't want to know the name of something that he might have to chill in a few days.

Several years ago a tail gunner on war wag one slipped and cut himself on the thigh while climbing in a window. He cut the artery and bled to death before anyone could help him.

Moon Fate

Ryan relates a story about a baron in the Cascades who invited Trader, J.B. and Ryan for a feast. Was one of the best meals he ever had, served on rare china and they ate with gold and silver utensils, and had wine that was over one hundred and fifty years old. (Pg. 74).

A girl from a gaudy house near Pecos River was attacked by a stickie who tore the skin off her arm, like it was a glove, then killed her by tearing the skin off her throat. (Pg. 98-99).

A rear gunner from war wag two was blinded by a stickie who tore out his eyes one night while they were camped in the Cascades. Trader shot him, putting the man out of his misery. (Pg. 99).

A baron's fortress on the western side of the green mountains had been invaded by stickies. They got into the nursery where a dozen babies were sleeping. When the guard checked again, he found them butchered. The guard was driven insane by what he saw. (Pg. 99-100).

Jimmy McCluskey, a top gunner on war wag two contracted a disease known as 'trips'. Knowing he had only a short time to live, and that his passing would be bad, he opted to go outside during a rain storm. He tilted his head to face the sky and opened his mouth. He drowned.(Pg. 159).

Once, years before, Ryan and trader had encountered a group of bounty hunters who had seen a group of Fladgies in the brazo's. All they found were the mutilated corpses. (Pg. 193-194).

Fury's Pilgrims

After stopping in a ville called leadville near the ruins of Denver, Colorado, many members of the war wag crews suffered from headaches, nose bleeds, and sickness all caused from the altitude. (Pg. 8-9).

A tale gunner from War wag one, known only as DeeTee overdosed on some bad jolt. The tall, bearded and skinny man rolled around on his back, screaming as if his soul was being dragged to hell. Luckily for him, he recovered. He couldn't tell if he was mad, going mad, or dead while under the influence. (Pg. 38).

J.B. new of a baron near the ville of Waycross who had a sec force of gaudy sluts. The baron enjoyed watching the women torture their victims. (Pg. 248).


One of the worst places Ryan had ever encountered was a flop house in the glades that flooded everytime the tide turned. (Pg. 158).

Deep Empire

A mechanic from war wag one while they were up near the great lakes had suffered from a virulent bout of dysentery. He refused to use the facilities in the wag and headed out into a blizzard. When they were able to go out after him thirty six hours later, they discovered his frozen corpse, only fifty yards away from the war wag. (Pg. 11).

Twenty years before Ryan had visited a frontier gaudy which had electrical power. Here he had watched a predark video about a huge great white shark. (Pg. 117-118).

Hunaker had once gone after Loz, the cook, after a particularly nasty argument about near death experiences. It was all over whether your whole life can flash before your eyes. Trader had to lay her out using his armalite. (Pg. 139).

Trader one time found a case of Coke in the basement of a isolated house near the ville of Crested butte. The crew of the war wags had shared it, with mixed feelings towards it. (Pg. 150).

On the edge of Canon city Colorado, Ryan had encountered a high price gaudy that specialised in S and M. (Pg. 171).

Cold Asylum

Just after joining with Trader, Ryan and the rest had been hired by a Navaho to go and scour out a group of renegade drug dealers who had set up shop in the ruins located at the bottom of Canyon De Chelly. It had been an easy kill for Traders men. (Pg. 163-164).

Abe encountered a huge fat woman who asked him if she was on the fat side. He said that she was and got the piss beat out of him for being honest. (Pg. 213).

A fat kid, named Ray, one of the cook assistants had a problem with lice in his blanket. Remembering a trick taught to them, he placed the blanket on a red ant hill and allowed the ants to clean it off. Except when he was done he made the mistake of not shaking it out. Got bit quite bad. (Pg. 214).

One of the funniest things that Trader ever saw was a breed whore master near Nogales who slammed his cock in a drawer and cut it off. (Pg. 215).

Ryan had been in a ville in the Bayous where a coup had taken place, but was unsuccessful. The baron set out eight glasses and the idea was that the coup leader and his son would drink one at a time until one drank the poison. The survivor would be allowed to go free. The father made a mad rush and downed all eight to try and save his son. In the end, as he lays dying, he watches the baron execute his son. (Pg. 248-249).

Twilight Children

A group of Stickies captured a shipment of alcohol ten years ago in the Apps, near Odessa way. They not only drank it but spit it into the fire, causing explosions. After Cohn was injured, Trader sent in a search and destroy team. Most were killed outright, but the survivors were doused in the potent moonshine and set on fire. Several of the muties literally exploded! (Pg.47-49).

J.B. learned a trick to starting fires from a man who lived in Oregon. Was paid by a local baron to spot the fires. The more he spotted and helped put out, the more jack he got paid. (Pg. 63).

Ten years ago Trader found a warehouse near Taos in which he found hundreds of the tiny rad counters that the group carry attached to the lapels of their jackets. (Pg. 93).

Trader did a good deal in knives in the ville of Rome Georgia once. (Pg. 176).

Abe and Trader talk about the gaudy shows they saw in Leadville, the various shows between multiple partners, women and animals. and so forth. (Pg. 235-236).

Someone on War Wag Two fell through the ice during an ill planned fishing expedition. It took six minutes for the crew to fish him out. They were able to revive him partially, but after twelve hours it was obvious he would never recover from his coma, and the next day Trader killed him. Only thing for him to do. (Pg. 258).

Rider Reaper

Trader was quite worried about rabies during one time when they had been camped near huge caves in New Mexico. Abe had went out one night and found himself in the middle of a bat storm. He ended up falling through a basement and found a store of liquor. When the others were finally able to get to him he was pissed out of his tree. (Pg. 26).

A fat engineer on War Wag two named Lek went crazy one day during a powerful storm. Ryan had always suspected that he was a jolt user but was never caught. He might have been suffering from claustrophobia and ended up going outside in the storm. Instead of trying to protect himself, he ended falling flat on his back. The rain is so powerful that it ends up drowning the man, but not before his heart stops. (Pg. 196-200).

Fifteen years ago Ryan and Trader had found themselves caught between two separate groups of Stickies in the Cascades. Trader had picked apart a Deathlands daisy showing that he was totally un-worried and ready to fight. The Stickies never stood a chance. (Pg. 235-236).

Several years ago a couple of kids enlisted on as gophers for War Wag two. One was part Indian, the other black. While camped by a lake, they both out skipped Trader in a skimming stone contest. Jud was killed later by a mutie gaudy, the other disappeared. (Pg. 286).

Road Wars

There was a baron in a ville near the Washington Hole. His nose had been eaten away by rad cancer. He got drunk and bad mouthed Trader and the war wags, saying how he thinks Trader is a coward and would say it to his face. He didn't realise that Trader was still near by. Ended up getting a mouth full of busted teeth from Traders Armalite. (Pg. 32).

A member of the crew, a man named Simon Lam had an interest in Indians. Said that he had visited the Chaco canyon when he was a young man. (Pg. 68).

Ryan had heard about a man on a wagon train west that had to take a leak, and was bitten on the end of his dick by a rattle snake. No one would suck out the poison. (Pg. 73).

Trader lost his temper with a teenager in Kansas who barely kept an animal alive. Trader took pity on the barely living bear and put it out of it's misery. He then had the boy stripped naked, and had the collar welded on the boys neck. The using a cattle prod, he forced the boy to dance and caper until he finally fell unconscious. (Pg.121).

A tall silent man named Jerzy Wajda, a map reader with a prostate problem had opened a window to relieve himself when a Stickie grabbed his balls and tore the entire thing away from his body. He died quickly. (Pg. 207-208).

Trader Redux

Up in Ohio they once found a really long suicide letter, one that filled three notebooks. By the end of the letter, the writer convinced himself not to commit suicide after all! (Pg. 66).

A young woman from War Wag two got lost in the desert and when they found her, she was severely dehydrated. It was near nightfall and they were sponging her body down with water and allowing her only small sips, despite her demands for more. During the night they woke up to find her dying. She drank too much cold water, too quickly, and it put her body into shock. She convulsed until her heart failed. (Pg. 214-215).

Genesis Echo

A mutant know as three eyed charlie near the mississippi was the best shot that Trader ever knew. Until he met Mildred that is. (Pg.129).

Things that Trader and the others have seen in the Deathlands. Onxy woman in Huston, Giant mutant rats in Allegheny, purple creeper in Tuscaloosa, and gold eagles up near the Canadian border. (Pg. 138).

Ground Zero

The war wags came across a frontier ville in either the Darks or in the Idaho panhandle. For years the inhabitants had been at odds over religion. When the convoy arrived, they discovered that the hatred had finally come to a head and the inhabitants killed each other in a final brawl.

Emerald Fire

Ryan and J.B. had a run in with a group of inbred sicko's up in the smokies. They brewed potent liquor and were experts with throwing axes. (Pg. 286).

While walking through woods in old Texas they came across an old mill with a family of mutants that didn't have any body hair. Things get bad and there is a fire fight. The entire group are wiped out. (Pg. 286).

J.B. mentions a story, but is unable to complete it, regarding a limping man, a missing brindled dog, and a triple fat woman. (Pg. 287).


J.B. and Ryan remember a time when they were captured by a baron in the Carolina's. The baron kept them in a cage that was in the water, and at high tide, forced to fight to keep their heads above water, and at the same time fight off rats and blind eels. When Trader rescued them, he placed a metal bowl over a rat on the baron's belly, then lit a fire on top so the rat would have to chew its way out to escape. (Pg. 33-35).

Once while travelling through northern Minnesota, Trader's convoy encountered a pack of over two hundred wolves!

Keepers of the Sun

Years before while travelling along the Idaho Panhandle, the convoy was forced to stop when a huge swarm of locusts landed. When the swarm finally passed, the area that they were in was stripped totally barren of all plant life. (Pg. 262-263).

Circle Thrice

Up near the great lakes many years before Ryan had found a stash of children's books. One beautifully illustrated book was about Robin Hood and his merry men. The story proved to be of great amusement to the crew of the war wags. (Pg. 141).

In the ville of Jackson, in the backwoods of Missouri, Ryan had witnessed a sacrificial ritual where the population of the ville drew from a bag full of stones, one by one. Anyone who drew the black stone was then stoned to death as a sacrifice to ensure good crops. (Pg. 317).

Eclipse At Noon

A pair of gunners from war wag two deserted to go work as sec men on a river boat named Delta Princess. Trader spent days following the boat until it docked at the ville of Cairo where they took back the men and had them flogged for desertion. They then abandoned the men. (Pg. 75).

Way of the Wolf

A man named Handsome Wyatt had ridden with Trader for a long time before Ryan and JB had joined the convoy. Shortly afterwards he had been caught siphoning gasoline from the wags to sell at his own profit. Trader cut off one of his thumbs and kicked him out of the convoy. (Pg 210).

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