Honored Dead

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This file will contain the people who have died while travelling with Ryan Cawdor and his band of followers.

Pilgrimage to Hell

Koll: Killed by the Cerberus fog guarding the Redoubt in the Darks. He was too close when he lobbed a pair of Implode Grenades into the heart of the killer fog, and it managed to get its tentacles into him, tearing him apart before the implodes detonated.

Red Holocaust

Hunacker: This tall, green haired lesbian was killed in the Anchorage Redoubt by one of its inbred crazy inhabitants, Rachel. She took four rounds to the chest from an MP5. Her death did not go un-avenged however. Ryan puts a single round through Rachel’s skull.

Okie: The Narodniki killed this tall woman. A bomber was about to bring down a sluice on top of Ryan’s group when she spots them. She kills three, and runs out of ammunition. She decides to kill the survivor hand to hand. Unfortunately, the survivor had the bomb. She attacked him, the man caused the bomb to detonate, killing both her and himself. Red Holocaust.

Neutron Solstice.

Arnold Hennings: This man was killed by being shot through the head by a musket ball. This was done in revenge for the team stealing the owners swamp buggy. He was buried by his best friend Finnigan in a quite lonely grave in the swamps.

Crater Lake.

Thomas O’Flaherty Fingal Finnegan: This fat man was killed while Ryan and his friends were attempting to destroy the Wizard Island Laboratory Facility, located below Crater Lake Oregon. He was literally cut apart by a laser weapon wielded by a black armored sec man in the Facility. His passing was hard, and one of the most hideous deaths Ryan and his friends ever witnessed.

Dectra Chain.

Johnny Flynn. This man was part of the crew manning the whaling ship, the Salvation. He and Ryan Cawdor made fast friends. Johnny stole a blaster from the ships armory and had every intent on using it in order . to help save Ryan from becoming Quadde's sexual play thing. To his horror, he discovered that the weapon was stored unloaded. He was killed after being shot in the head by Captain Pyra Quadde for his attempted mutiny.

Ice and Fire

Lori Quint. After the destruction of the ville of Snakefish, they are trying to get back to the redoubt. The fire which consumed the ville is hot on their heels. Lori loses her footing and is consumed by the conflagration

Baron Edgar Brennan. This man was the Baron of Snakefish. He opened the town's hospitality to Ryan and his band, and tried to get them to help him in the power struggle between he and the Motes. After losing both his brother and his nephew, he goes into a deep depression. Finally he shakes it off and wants to get revenge on the Motes. He offers to lead Ryan and the band through the old Amusement park to the Refinery. Here they encounter Zombie who shoots Edgar in the back, killing him. J.B. kills him as revenge for Carla's sake.

Red Equinox

Richard Neal Ginsburg. The freezie revived by Ryan and his band in Ice and Fire. He had ALS and was dying from it when he was put into cryo suspension. Just after helping Ryan and his friends repair the damaged gateway in a Mansion just south of what used to be Moscow, he finally succumbs to the disease and dies while the friends sing the Star Spangled Banner to him.

Dark Carnival

Sec Boss Kelly. The head of the sec men for the Greenglades theme park. He wasn't exactly the friendliest of the people, but he did try to warn Ryan and the group that Adam Traven had something in store for Ryan's son Dean. He also tried to get them to leave the park before Traven made his final bid to take over. In the end, because of his loyalty to Larry Zapp, he is thrown off a Paraglide Paradise ride to his death, taking one of the sec men who turned coat with him. He wore a uniform of camouflaged pants and a jacket and wore a dark green beret on his head. He carried a government issue colt .45. He appeared to be around thirty and had an air of casual professionalism to him.

Baron Larry Zapp. Even though Ryan, J.B. and he had a very unpleasant experience in the past, Larry held no grudge against them. He allowed them to stay, ride some of his rides and even gave Ryan a transmitter which he later threw away in anger. Larry knew that he was losing control of his Barony, and that he was hooked on Dreem. He simply didn't have the strength or will to fight any longer. In the end when Ryan and the rest confront Adam Traven in centerpoint. Larry simply falls on top of Traven, pinning the man to the floor. Traven empties his Browning into Larry's stomach, killing him. Before he died he weighed in around four hundred pounds. His silver hair was uncombed and hung around his shoulders. His eyes nearly disappeared beneath the fat of his face, and his hands were soft, almost feminine. He wore a dark maroon silk caftan.

Chill Factor

Kate Webb. This young woman of only seventeen was discovered by Ryan just after he left the redoubt and was trying to find a way into Zimyanin's mine to rescue his son Dean. Suffering slightly from Radiation poisoning as well as malnutrition, she was ready to give up and die when Ryan forced her to fight and regain the will to survive. She helped him find his way through the mine, even though he came close to killing her several times, they worked together. She was killed by the fourth of the Sec Hunter droids while they were trying to escape from Zimyanin.


Ellie Morte. This slightly built woman with light blond hair and a pale complexion. The woman only had a few months to live because during her travels in the Deathlands, she contracted rad cancer. She tried to get both J.B. and Ryan to make love to her, but they both turned her down, preferring to stay with their ladies. Eventually she ended up having a relationship with Doc Tanner. She was killed by Wizard Sidler, who cut her throat after managing to free himself from the bailing wire he was tied up with. Doc Tanner blows his head off using the Le Mat. They take a few minutes to give the woman a decent burial.

Monsignor Diego Capestrano. A stout red cheeked man, the leader of this small group of travelling thespians. He spoke quite a bit like Doc tanner, and was killed when he was thrown from the wagon just as it went over the edge of the road and crashed far below in the trees that lined the hill. He broke his neck.

Knuckles. This young hunchbacked boy was won by Diego in a card game years before. Instead of treating him like a slave, he treated the boy quite well. This young man had a livid red scar on his face, tugging down the left eye. He worked for Diego, helping take care of the animals and acted as a prop master. The young man saved Ryan twice, by being in the right place at the right time, and was responsible for helping them capture Jim Jennison. The woman Reena Miller, cuts the boy down with a scatter gun. J.B. kills her. Both he and Diego Capestrano are placed in their wagon and set ablaze. A fitting tribute to both men.

Rider Reaper

Christina Lauren. The wife of Jak Lauren. She was raped and killed by a marauding band lead by a man known as 'The General'. Jak Lauren is hell bent on killing the general and his men and they are joined by a group of Navaho's also bent on extracting revenge. She is buried along side her daughter and Michael Brothers.

Michael Brothers. This young man from the distant past had been suffering from depression for quite some time. When Jak's wife Christina and her daughter are killed and he is unable to prevent it, he feels terribly guilty. It's so bad that he ends up taking his own life by hanging in the Lauren's barn. He is buried along side Christina and baby Jenny.

Ground Zero

Emma Tyler. This petite young woman was one of the most powerful Doomies ever encountered in all the Deathlands. She met up with Ryan and the rest in one of the numerous pest holes that sprung up around the Washington hole. They prevented a group of rowdy's from killing her. Later they all find themselves guests of Baron Sean Sharpe. He discovers that she is a true Doomie and wants to add her to his collection. In the end, she sees her own Death, despite wanting to be with Jak. Sharpe beats her to death, causing her to drown in her own blood.

Blood Lines

Johannes Forde. This man plied a trade that was all but forgotten in the Deathlands. He produced films. Many years ago, he found a stock of camera's film, and processing equipment and has sense been travelling the Deathlands documenting the villes and people he encountered. He stayed with the group and slipped away while they were all in the 'families' house, where he found something that not only terrified him, but excited him as well. He was going to show the group what he filmed, when the family attacked him, and brutally beat him to death, then destroyed his equipment.


Carl Lanning. This once strapping young man let booze take over his life. He was the man who took Krysty's virginity back in the ville of Harmony in the Colorado mountains. The entire time Krysty was gone, he still carried a torch for her. When they are finally reunited, she is quite surprise to see how much the man changed. Ryan is forced to put him in his place when he tries force Krysty into having sex with him. Luckly for him, Ryan pulled his punch. Carl is killed by a Stickie when he tries to defend Krysty from a pair of them who managed to escape the massacre of their gang. He has his throat cut and dies in her arms.

Keepers of the Sun

The Shogun, Mashashige. This man chooses to commit ritual suicide after the Ronin wipe out his sec man army and destroy his fortress. He asks Ryan to act as his second, to ensure that the passing is the way it's supposed to be.

Toyotomi Hideyoshi, Mashashige's third in command. He is killed trying to defend his lord from the Ronin. Instead of fighting him honourably, the man is shot down in cold blood by the Ronin. His death is avenged by the others when they open up on the Ronin, wiping them out to the last man.

Eclipse At Noon

Paddy Maxwell. This racist, foul mouthed, dirty little man saved Ryan from dying when he found his body, near death, in the Tennessee river. He nurses Ryan back to health, and Ryan grows fond of the man, becoming his friend as Paddy is horribly lonely. They travel together towards Twin Forks and stop in a boarding house for a meal. While Ryan is resting, Paddy is killed by a trio of gamblers. Ryan kills the three men, avenging the man's death.


Shauna, the leader of the commune that lives in peace with a group of mutants near Kings Point, GA. She goes with Ryan, JB, Mildred, and Alan Carter to Poseidon's base, where they are captured. She is killed by the Admiral himself when he finally loses his temper and strangles her bare handed.

Way of the Wolf

The dwarf Albert. He was initially spared death when the gang he was forced to ride with was wiped out by Ryan's people near the ville of Hazard. He was only a mascot, a play thing for the gang members and readily joined Ryan's group. He and Doc Tanner became fast friends due to being so well read. It appeared that the little man was about to betray the group when he took Doc to the local book keeper, but that was not the case. He escaped with them after Handsome Wyatt attacked the ville to get Ryan and JB. In the arctic the little man met his fate. Ryan wouldn't allow Doc to carry him, as it would slow the old man down and he could have very well lost his life due to it. They had to race to the gateway chamber while a torrent of death cold water chased them. They all managed to get into the gateway except for poor Albert. The wave of water caught him and he drowned.

Dark Emblem

The sec man, Luis is killed as he traveled with the group to the mountains of Peurto Rico to hunt the mutants chupacabras. He is killed my a little mutant beetle that had been gestating inside him.

Crucible of Time

Maya Tennant. This old woman helped Doc Tanner hide from the sec men who were pursuing him. She lived all alone deep in the mountains with no one to keep her company but her cats. She was killed by sec man Owsley after he blew away one of her cats and then shot her in the stomach. Doc Tanner killed the man right afterwards but was unable to do anything to help her.

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he dungeon. His name was Shard. He did what he could to help them get out of the ville until he was recaptured.  They found him being tortured and rescued him again.  During the attack by the robotic tank they escape Novaville and are chased to a dead end.  Here they make a last stand against the tank.  Shard saves them by giving his life. He takes the satchel of explosives and climbs onto the tank and detonates it, nearly destroying the robot tank and giving the others a chance to destroy the supports under it.  The Tank is destroyed.

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