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James Axler Lives!

Hot off the presses from Graphic Audio: 

All New Stories and ONLY in GraphicAudio! Look for the NEW DEATHLANDS #126 in the FALL 2016.

More news as it develops. Stay tuned!

Merry Christmas


Usually I do a special Christmas image each year, but this year I felt more than a little sad and nostalgic about James Axler and the fate of Gold Eagle. Here, then, is a mega-image showing the cover of every single James Axler title ever released, in chronological order by publication date. If you view the image full sized you will see year markers as well. I also created a word cloud out of the names of every author who has written under the Axler house name. The more Axler books written, the larger their name. 

In building these, I spent several days looking over each title. I know it's just a stupid men's action series, but as I looked at the covers each one brought back specific memories of things that were going on in my life at the time. Some happy, some sad, but all very real markers and mileposts for me over these past thirty years. I have only ever been involved around the periphery, but James Axler has been a big part of my life for more than two decades now. Running this website has allowed me to meet, and in many cases become friends with, several working authors. I count myself as very fortunate, and I do not believe that this journey has ended.

Thank you to everyone who has visited this website over the years. Happy Holidays to you and yours, I hope you have found at least a little joy this holiday season. All the best, from my family to yours.

 - Ron


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Alexaviorreplied to: RE: Kristy Wroth

It was crossways where they visited Harmony

2 weeks ago

UVTiO2created the topic: Deathlands in my life

It started for me back in, I think, 1993. Fury's Pilgrims was the latest release, and I was on my way back from a vacation with my family. My dad had ...

1 month ago

aceonthelinereplied to: RE: The End Of Deathlands:

 I'm not much on audio books, so I guess this is the end of the line for me. I started with Pilgrimage to Hell in '86 and stopped for a while wit...

2 months ago

aceonthelinereplied to: RE: Deathlands 120 - Hive Invasion

   Why are used copies listing for well over a hundred bucks? Low press run? It doesn't make my top 50 DL books.

2 months ago

Shulpaereplied to: RE: Happy Christmas one and all...

  You wrote "Have a fun safe Christmas folks whatever you do and whether you believe or not.".  Which I really appreciate because so many pe...

4 months ago

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