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Jax2replied to: RE: Belated Birthday Wishes

Thanks, guys...I appreciate it! And in response to a couple of questions regarding how I feel about the OL series--and Gold Eagle--entering the "Final...

1 week ago

The Phantomreplied to: RE: Belated Birthday Wishes

A belated Happy Birthday Mark!

1 week ago

)3az )3aziahcreated the topic: Belated Birthday Wishes

A happy if belated Birthday to the Father of Outlanders himself Mark Ellis. Jim

1 week ago

Ron MilesThese Final Hours

In the 2013 apocalyptic drama These Final Hours, a meteor has crashed into the North Atlantic causing a spreading firestorm that will inexorably destroy all of humanity. As the film begins, roughly twelve hours remain until the wall of fire will reach Western Australia. With absolutely no chance of escape or survival, society is rapidly devolving into chaos and madness. Frankly, it's not a particularly original scenario - off the top of my head I have seen this same setup in 1998's excellent Last Night and again in 2012's Steve Carell / Keira Knightley vehicle Seeking a Friend for the End of the World. It's a simple enough hook as the launching point for a story, and the success hinges entirely on the strength of the actors and the characters they play. How does this movie fare? Well, let's check it out.

These Final Hours

4 weeks ago

Ron MilesFarewell, Wes Craven

I was the perfect age for Wes Craven. I suppose by extension that should mean that I am still the perfect age for Wes Craven, but let's face it: As a middle-aged guy who has lost track of the current zeitgiest of modern horror, I don't have anything interesting to contribute. But as a sixteen-year-old boy in the winter of 1984, A Nightmare on Elm Street was completely transformative.

1 month ago

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