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kev64replied to: RE: Deathlands 115 - Hanging Judge

actually didn't care for it. I can see Jack taking off on his own again but, just poof and off he goes? And why do they always talk and say thigs like...

2 days ago

Kerrickreplied to: RE: Deathlands 115 - Hanging Judge

Max: I loved the early books. This one just didn't keep my interest for some reason. Ryan the others playing "house" didn't bug me as much as everyone...

2 days ago

Ithaquareplied to: RE: New DeathLands movie?

I think it would make an excellent cable tv series if done right, but for now I truly love the graphic audio books. They really are a movie in your mi...

3 days ago

Man Whose Eyes See Morereplied to: RE: New DeathLands movie?

I would like to see another Deathlands movie. I think the biggest down fall was that screen writer only read a book or 2 and didn't realize the impor...

6 days ago

Warwickreplied to: RE: Deathlands 118 - Blood Red Tide

Here's the full rear cover text -
RUINS OF WAR In a nuclear wasteland where death and destruction are the norm, Ryan Cawdor and his fellow survivors...

6 days ago

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