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Randarchist replied to: RE: Klash Hadron critiques and comments

I know, right? Seven installments and only one short fight with a solitary giant scorpion? Yeah, next instalment, I promise. Cheers.

3 hours ago

Randarchist replied to: RE: DL: Klash Hadron: Local Nonlocality

___Juarez____ The thick wooden gate into the northeast sector of Juarez was faced with salvaged sheets of iron and old chromed wag bumpers. The San...

7 hours ago

Diabloreplied to: RE: Which DL would you re-read

Doom Helix hands down...After all the DL books I've read that was the first one that made me go "wtf"....AP and Ron had to kinda walk me thru it lol

23 hours ago

Diabloreplied to: RE: New DeathLands movie?

I like the 80's cartoon idea.....But as far as a movie or mini series goes,I'd have to say Ron Pearlman wouldn't make a good Trader thinki...

1 day ago

Randarchist created the topic: Automata

post apocalypse goodness

1 day ago

DEATHLANDS, OUTLANDERS, EARTH BLOOD, and JAMES AXLER are all the property of Gold Eagle / Worldwide Library, and are used here strictly under Fair Use guidelines.
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