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Randarchist replied to: RE: Klash Hadron critiques and comments

Sorry that #56 got TBC'd so much, work schedule for holiday was in the way, but I wanted to keep it in one post for organization purposes. I am super ...

1 hour ago

masdaddieoreplied to: RE: Deathlands 117 - Desolation Angels

all this book was, is fight fight bang bang ban, move to the next area, bang bang bang fight fight fight........ very boring. no storyline what so eve...

7 hours ago

Randarchist replied to: RE: DL: Klash Hadron: Local Nonlocality

__Ville Juarez, The Greenhouses__ The coverall wearing farmers, warehouse and loading dock workers were just arriving for their duties, casually c...

1 day ago

silentalbinoreplied to: RE: New DeathLands movie?

If HBO did It it would be amazing I'm sure it would be great.

2 days ago

Randarchist replied to: RE: New DeathLands movie?

It would be like the Walking Dead, but with mutants.

3 days ago

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