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)3az )3aziahreplied to: RE: Deathlands 120 - Hive Invasion

Yet another, in my opinion only, God awful book. Chapter one was a struggle to get through and the rest got no better. No wonder the author didn't wa...

1 hour ago

Ron Milesreplied to: RE: Mr Chucks new Book.

The publication data isn't available yet, he is targeting April for the release of the first book in the series. I promise, I will make all the inform...

13 hours ago

silentalbinoreplied to: RE: Gold Eagle is Shutting Down

The next three look good but the synopsis of the last two leave me feeling.......flat.

1 day ago

silentalbinocreated the topic: Mr Chucks new Book.

Where can one buy this? Looked on Amazon uk and .com but cannot seem to see it.

1 day ago

Ron MilesSharing again to bump onto home page, for anyone who missed it over the weekend. Chuck Rogers' new book coming in April.

3 days ago

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