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Ron Milesreplied to: RE: Polestar Omega Contest

Sure. Be creative, have fun. Don't be boring.

18 hours ago

RPGjunkiereplied to: RE: Polestar Omega Contest

A single paragraph seems far too little, considering the amount of vitriol Mr. Philipson has spewed in the direction of Gold Eagle in the past. I beli...

22 hours ago

silentalbinoreplied to: RE: Polestar Omega Contest

Lets all just take a step back and a deep breath and relax. It's a website about books so let's talk about books. I'm sure we've all got enough BS in ...

1 day ago

APreplied to: RE: Polestar Omega Contest

I don't want to trade shit on the site or PMs. I want my life private. If people want to talk about the books I'm perfectly willing to do that. If it ...

1 day ago

APreplied to: RE: Polestar Omega Contest

I knew you'd enjoy the taste. Stay out of my business.

1 day ago

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