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Randarchist replied to: RE: DL: Klash Hadron: Local Nonlocality

The knock came at four in the morning. One hard rap and then three light ones, that was Ramone letting her her know it was time to go prep their weapo...

16 hours ago

Randarchist replied to: RE: Klash Hadron critiques and comments

Even I was worried that Maximo would lose his mask to the bad guys, by the way. I don't plan my stories too much. I just kind of set a place for it to...

1 day ago

mikeclrreplied to: RE: Which DL would you re-read

The first one for me, but I have always had a soft spot for Pony Soldiers.

1 day ago

)3az )3aziahreplied to: RE: Deathlands 118 - Blood Red Tide

I'm on my second reading of this one and its one of (if not) the best post LJ books to date. It reads like a DL should, its intelligent, the character...

2 days ago

Randarchist replied to: RE: Klash Hadron critiques and comments

I know, right? Seven installments and only one short fight with a solitary giant scorpion? Yeah, next instalment, I promise. Cheers.

3 days ago

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