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Throughout the series there have been several unanswered questions that have arisen. I will post them here, and hopefully, one day, we will all discover the answers to these questions. If you have any questions that you want posted here, please E-mail me and I will add them.

What ever happened to Cohn and the other survivors of War Wag One? Check out Iceblood for a hint about what happened (Outlanders 7)

In Crater lake, it is mentioned that one of the characters is suffering from incipient carcinoma, which will result in that persons death in a few years time. Who is the one suffering from this condition?

In Homeward bound, Ryan turns over control of Front Royal to his nephew Nathan Freeman Cawdor. What happened to the ville over the past years?

Who is the Warlock, and what is his connection to the appearance of the Stickies nearly twenty years before the start of the series.

In Pilgrimage to hell, what is the importance of the 'singular experiment' which was taking place in the old Cheyenne mountain NORAD complex when the holocaust occurred?

What exactly is behind the freezing doors of the Anchorage Redoubt in Red Holocaust?

What is the second mat trans unit in the Ile au haut gateway used for, and who was using it just before Ryan and his friends arrived in the redoubt in Dectra Chain?

Who built the makeshift gateway near lonesome Gulch in Twilight Children?

What ever happened to Hope Future, and the old man who were also frozen in the same facility as Mildred?

Was the Ovarian Cyst Midred had malignant or Benign?

What happened to Marsh Folsom?

Who was Krysty's father, and why will she not talk about him?

Where was the first redoubt encountered in Seedling located?

Who was the person or person's inside the above mentioned redoubt before Ryan and the group arrive?

What happened to the Sulphur mine once Zimyanin died in Chill Factor, and what about all the men who now know about the gateways and their functions. Are they still using them?

Were the sec men encountered in the first redoubt that the group jumped to in Dark Carnival the same one's who had used the gateways in Dectra Chain and Seedling?

In Fury's Pilgrims Ryan and the group arrive in a gateway located above the earth. Inside the space station they discover dozens of corpses which appear to have been dead for no more than a month. Who are these people, and what killed them? And did the station actually self destruct or not?

In Twilight Children the group return to the redoubt near Jak Laurens home. When they leave the redoubt they discover the entire area has become a radioactive desert and are forced to leave. What happened?

It was mentioned that Russians invaded through Canada during the last days of the final war. Did any survive, and what happened to them?

What happened to all the soldiers and equipment that was evacuated from the redoubts during the war? That much military equipment can't just disappear without a trace.

We learn in Crossways that Sonja Wroth, Krysty's mother, left without warning and without a word not all that long after Krysty left Harmony ville. What happened to her? And why did she leave?

Straub is very much alive in Circle Thrice, but he never does reveal what happened to Trader. Did he die, or did he pull off a miracle and somehow survive?

Who was responsible for turning the Magus into an cyborg after he was left for dead by Trader?

How did Long Johnson know about Doc Tanner, as well as Operation Chronos. Why did he swear to get his revenge on Tanner?

How did Burroughs know about Ryan and his followers? What exactly is The Calypso Project?

What is the Heimdall foundation, and what is their purpose in the Deathlands? The Mars Arena.

What caused the flood in the gateway in Florida, the gateway that was located in the amusment park that was the home to Baron Zapp? Watersleep.

Who is Rollins and what is the story behind his men being inside the now empty redoubt and guarding it? Watersleep.

How could a military base such as the one at kings point remain undisturbed for as long as it did before Poseidon showed up? A nuclear sub would be a prise that anyone would either want to control, or destroy. The nuclear weapon aboard would have been stolen years before.

What ever happened to the scientists that created Alpha?

What was kept inside the morgue that Doc was locked in deep inside the redoubt located in the mountains near Frezno California? Why did the morgue have to have a special security lock? Crucible of Time

Where did the church come from that Joshua Wolfe used to base his religon around? Crucible of Time

What ever happened to Sam the Cat (one of the crew of War Wag one) in Pilgrimage to hell? Posted on request from John E.

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