Humanoid Mutations

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This file will be used to describe the humanoid mutants encountered by Ryan Cawdor and his friends as they travel the radiation blasted realm known as the Deathlands.

Pilgrimage to Hell

Scale: A mutant man, the leader of a small band of mutants and Stickies who try to attack, but are beaten off by Traders men. Physically, he has greenish skin which is slightly scaled. His lips are thick, covering an unusually wide mouth. Overly large eyes, black rimmed and deeply hollowed. His nose is nothing more than a slight bulge above the mouth, with two tiny orifices. Because of this, his sense of smell is nearly non existent. He has unusually long arms and legs, and exceptional hearing.

Stickies: A race of humanoid mutants that appeared about twenty years before. It seems the man known as the Magus, or the Warlock may have had something to do with their creation.

These creatures have huge eyes, two tiny nostrils in moist flabby flesh, no mouth or ears and are totally hairless. They have suckers on their hands and feet which exude glutinous ooze which adds to the gripping power. They are totally savage and seem to have an unusual love for fire and explosions. To make matters worse, they are incredibly tough to kill. Wounds to the torso are pretty much ignored, and the only sure fire way to kill one of these creatures is by shooting it in the head. Stickies are also known to be cannibalistic, as well as they sometimes carry really hideous diseases.

There are at least two other types of Stickies known to exist.

Krysty Wroth: She is also a mutant.

Red Holocaust

Dwarves: Ryan is attacked by a band of small, deformed dwarves as he exits the Alaskan Redoubt. They appear to have slit eyes. One had incredibly long, monkey like arms, while the another had a third, residual leg sprouting from its thigh. They seemed to be able to communicate only in grunts.

Aliev, the mutant tracker working for Major Zimyanin. Most of his lower jaw is missing. Where the nose should have been, there was only a large hole fringed with damp pink tissue akin to rotting lace. The mouth gaped with a few yellow teeth jutting crookedly from his upper jaw. He had no way of closing his mouth, and his food had to be sucked into his gullet.

Across the dark cavern of his nasal orifice, Aliev had a veil of incredibly thin crumpled skin. It moved raggedly in and out in time with his breathing. Even with the obvious deformity, his sense of smell is unbelievable. He is Major Zimyanin’s best tracker. Needless to say, because he is missing his lower jaw, he is unable to speak.

Neutron Solstice

Swampies: Ryan and his band first encounter these mutants after leaving the swamp wag they stole and were making their way on foot.

Physically, Swampies are incredibly stocky. They are usually no taller than 5’.2" in height, but weight in excess of 220 pounds. Most swampies possess African American features, with flattened noses and thick lips. Their hair is short and curly and comes in all shades of colour, from black to white, red to yellow. The eyes protrude slightly, and are usually surrounded by ritualistic scaring. They do not have either fingernails or toenails.

The most unusual feature of the swampies is the fact that they possess double sets of organs. Two hearts, four lungs, two stomachs, etc. This makes them very tough to kill. They have gained the nickname : Les morts-vivants. Or the living dead.

Swampies use clothing and carry small crossbows (the bolts are usually poisoned), and large knives.

Crater Lake

Dwarves: When Ryan’s band open the gateway they encounter a diminutive mutant. It seems that the redoubt is home to a band of these mutants.

The mutant is only about 5 feet tall, and appeared to be about 30 years old. His face was flat and had a coppery tone to it. The lips were narrow, and barely covered long curved teeth. The nails on the hands were long and twisted, like horn.

The mutant wore animal skins, carried a long, collapsible spear, and a primitive flintlock rifle.

Homeward Bound

Ryan and the band come across a tiny ville filled with mutants. As usual, the mutants were all under five feet tall. They were heavily muscled, and had shaggy hair which hung over their foreheads. The skin was coarse and slightly scaled. Their jaws jutted out, and their language consisted mainly of grunts. They wore jerkins and breeches of sack cloth dyed deep green and russet yellow.

After pulling ashore for the night, the band is attacked by a group of a dozen Stickies. These Stickies had vulpine teeth, and cold, totally emotionless eyes, like a sharks. They have suction pads on their webbed hands and feet, allowing them to cling to walls like a fly. This breed of Stickies have no ears.

This is the second of three different breeds of Stickies.

While travelling on the Hudson river through what used to be the ruins of New York, Ryan is attacked by an amphibious mutant. The mutie had really long webbed fingers with five knuckles and no nails. The skin was creased and cold and slippery. The mutants jaw protruded eighteen inches past its face, just below the gaping holes of its nostrils. It had no forehead, the naked bones of its skull angling back in pitted ridges. The ears were tiny, pinned to the side of the hairless head. Its eyes were narrow protected by hoods of leathery tissue. It had row upon row of sharp, overlapping fangs. Ryan barely managed to fight off the creature. When it was killed it spoke in an oddly normal voice, considering how mutated it was.

Pony Soldiers

Upon re-entering the redoubt located near the Mohawk river, the group of friends are surprised to discover that a band of muties had managed to gain entrance to the facility. Not one of the muties encountered were above five foot six inches in height. All the mutants encountered were male. The top of their heads were shaved clean, and had a shaggy fringe of hair. Several of the muties suffered from multi digits. One had eleven vestigial fingers and three thumbs on the right hand, and nearly as many as many on the left.

Dectra Chain

The town of Consequence was destroyed during the war by a nuclear weapon. The descendants of the survivors come to see Ryan and his band late one night. Every one of the muties that attacked were hideously deformed. The first one was over seven feet tall, with shoulders more than three feet wide. It had a lidless eye in the middle of its left cheek. It had no nose, just a semi circular hole with a fringe of pink tendrils. It was missing its lower jaw and had jagged stumps protruding from the rear of its upper jaw. It had several smaller hands growing from its side, growing progressively smaller. It left a trail of green slime as it moved. Another mutie had a totally hairless skull that was covered in small pink or white tendrils which looked like worms or maggots. A female mutie had a cluster of breasts hanging from its chest, while another had arms so long they dragged on the ground as it walked. After losing no less than seven to Ryan's band, the muties return to their caves, never to venture near the ruined ville again. They did take their dead with them to eat however.

Red Equinox

After killing an old Russian woman, Ryan and J.B. find her hut. They raid it for food and clothing. They encounter her huge mutant son. He was over eight feet tall and weighed easily over seven hundred pounds. His tiny eyes were nearly hidden by the puffy fat of his face. His nose was nothing more than a gaping hole in the center of his face. He had straggly blond hair and his ears were mutilated pieces of gristle. He had a downy mustache and beard. It took over five rounds from Ryan's SIG Sauer to kill the mutie.

Creatures known as forest ghouls are said to haunt the forests around Moscow. Little is known about these creatures other than the fact that they had long tongues that rotated like steel drills and could enter any opening in a body to drain away the fluids.

Ryan's dentist was a little man who's hands had only a single finger and a thumb, very similar to a crabs pincher. The two digits were incredibly thick and strong.

Northstar Rising

The second redoubt that Ryan and his friends arrive in is filled with Troggies. These muties were naked and not a single one stood above five foot two. Physically they were thin and weak, and their bodies actually seemed to have an odd shimmering phosphorescence to them. They were completely hairless and had no visible genitals. The mutant's mouth's were lipless, and had a single row of blunted teeth. The ears were quite large. The nose barely protruded from the cheeks. The creature's eyes were huge and bulbous. The iris's were colour less and there was no sign of a pupil. The mutant's were easy to kill, but there were simply to many of them and the group was forced to make a third jump.

The ville of Markland has been at war with another ville of mutants for years. During the time Ryan and his friends are with the villagers, they are attacked twice. One of the muties was over six feet tall. It's left hand was nothing more than a paddle that protruded from it's shoulder and had at least two more residual hands growing from it's torso. One of it's feet was more like a cloven hoof than a regular foot. The mutant attackers showed a variety of mutations. No eye's or noses, or having them in the wrong location, extra limbs, and so forth.

Time Nomads

The mutants known as Scabbies are mentioned for the first time. They suffer from the same skin disorders as their ancestors who managed to survive the war. Somehow the diseases were handed down from generation to generation. They suffer from dermoid cysts, rodent ulcers, keloids, lipomata, epitheliomata, acne, psoriasis and all types of rashes. Due to the condition of their skin, they very rarely wear clothing as it can be too painful for them. Other than the skin disorders, they appear to be normal humans.


Scalies. These mutants are encountered for the first time in the ruins of New York city. There is a huge band of them living on the southern portion of what's left of Manhattan. No less than five hundred of the mutants are part of a huge, organised gang who work as slavers. They are olive green in colour and have overlapping scales covering their skin. The hands have long fingers ending in wicked claws. The face is vaguely reptilian with an elongated jaw and slit like nose, as well as hooded eyes. The mouth is filled with a double row sharp teeth and they have long sinuous tongues.

Chill Factor

Trackies. These mutants live deep in the sulphur mines controlled by Gregori Zimyanin. They occasionally kill the slave miners, but generally leave the people alone. Ryan encounters these creatures twice while trying to locate and rescue his son. The first time is when he and Kate Webb are caught in their fish net. The second time is when they are travelling through the tunnels and encounter a total of thirteen and Ryan kills them all using his hand gun. None of the muties stand taller than five feet in height. The creatures were stocky and wore simple furs for clothing. Except for a few strands of hair, the mutants were totally bald. The ears were quite large and set further back on the skull than a normal humans. They had no true nose, just a small hole. There mouths hung open, and for the most part were toothless, except for a few, uneven jagged teeth. The eyes appeared to be lidless, and seemed to protrude from the skulls. The skin was a deathly shade of white, but seemed to have a greenish tinge to it.

Moon Fate

Another version of the Stickies were introduced in this novel. These Stickies were far more organised, intelligent and cleaner than those encountered in the past novels. They were led by a stickie named Charlie who made sure they didn't act like their savage brothers. He ran a tight community and wouldn't allow any transgression to go unpunished. Unlike the other Stickies encountered, these mutants had hair, and noses, and were easier to kill than the others fought throughout the series.

Fury's Pilgrims

While staying in the ruins of an old mansion they are attacked by several dozen mutants. They appear to be deformed, like so many of the mutants encountered in the Deathlands. One they saw was hunched over and had a thin, lipless mouth. It was dressed in a variety of rags and furs. Very little in the way of description is available.

The Midnites. This is a huge gang of female mutants lead by a woman named Billy who live below the ruins of Chicago. Other than very pale skin and protruding eyes, these mutants appear to be almost normal. They are also nocturnal and are able to see quite well in the dark.

Deep Empire

Krysty and Ryan are exploring a beautifully preserved hotel that they found hidden in the dunes in the Florida Keys. While looking over the building, they encounter a group of bizarre humanoid mutants. It was around seven feet in height had very broad shoulders, a narrow stomach and muscular hips. It's flesh was scaled and it had webbing spread between it's fingers and toes. The mutants had huge goggling eyes and a crest of skin that protruded along the top of the skull, much like the dorsal fin of a whale. It's lower jaw was underslung and filled with needle sharp teeth. Its arms were short and stumpy, only about half the length of a normal human's. The hands had curved talons, which looked strong enough to cut a basking shark.When they spoke, it was a strange gobbling noise, almost like a turkey under water.

Cold Asylum

A group of ghouls had managed to find their way into the redoubt located in Kansas. Here they had been living for several weeks, feasting off the preserved corpses of those who died during the Skydark. The eyes appeared as if they are melting in the watery sockets. The whites were a muddy pink and the pupils were nearly non existent. The skin was puckered and soft, and was pitted with open sores. They were also very slow, but could still be dangerous in large numbers.

Road Wars

Trader and Abe kill a crazy naked woman while trying to get away from a group of murderous revenge hungry posse men. She had two mutie children which had elongated skulls, nearly coming to a tapered point, and their eyes were stretched to slits.

Trader Redux

Ryan is lulled to sleep during his watch while in the ruins of Seattle. He awakens just in time to see a small band of muties ready to feast on the group. His shout of anger and fear awaken the party and a fight begins. It doesn't take long for them to gain the upper hand. The mutants had skin as white as snow. Broad flat nose's and eyes that glowed red in the dim lamp light. They also had elongated needle like canine teeth. The mutant's tongue was forked as well. The mutants were quite literally blood drinkers, vampires.

Genesis Echo

Inside the Crichton institute, the scientists created several mutants. One was a hermaphrodite, with a thin veil of lace like skin over it's eyes, no nose and a thin lipless circular mouth. It didn't have any arms, just a row of dwarfish fingers down the sides of its body. Another mutant was a dwarf male, on a quarter of its adult size. It had a forked tongue, and no eyes. Another was a woman who appeared to have been cut in half. Her body was cut diagonally from the left armpit to the top of her right thigh. But there was no scarring. Another mutant was a huge harry man. He had paws with yellow claws instead of hands, and only one eye. His mind was totally gone. The last mutant was a two headed woman. This woman was released by Ryan and Trader, so she could help them take out the scientists and rescue the others. She was killed by a sec man.

Ground Zero

The ruins of Washington have become home to many mutants, but the most prevalent seem to be 'Ghoulies'. They have pallid skin which is tinted bluish. It's said that they actually glow in the dark because of this. Their eyes are large and protruding and their mouths are filled with sharp teeth, as well as a reptillian tongue.

Blood Lines

Just after leaving the redoubt the group are attacked by a group of dirty, naked muties. They looked like a cross breed of scabbies and swampies. Most had sores all over their bodies, and quite a few had no teeth. They were all quite short, as seems to be the norm for mutants in the Deathlands, and were poor tactical fighters, constantly getting in each others way. They were wiped out without difficulty.

Circle Thrice

After being caught in a bad rain storm the group try to get some rest. Ryan wakes up to see himself staring into the hideous face of a muddie. The face was like that of a hideous carnival mask. All the features stretched, reshaped and warped. The muties hair was matted and stringy, almost like coils of wire. It had a hole where the nose would have been and a slit of a mouth, showing three rows of serrated teeth. The fingers end in sharp tearing claws, and not one of the mutants are over four feet in height. They also seem to be very strong.


Inside the Mount Rushmore facility Mildred encounters a strange, lonely mutant that calls itself Uni. It is sexless when she first encounters it, but can become male or female at will. It doesn't harm her, and actually helps her find her way out of it's home into the main portion of the redoubt, where the cooling machinery is located. She tells the mutant to go back to it's home so it's safe when she damages the machinery.

Bitter Fruit

Below the ville of Wildroot in a huge nutrient filled tank is a genetically engineered plant that can not only speak, but is slightly psionic. It also contained it's creator DNA, and was hooked up to the computer, in total control over the release of the plague it's creator wished to release into the world. The creature was made up of the same material as the living vines that surrounded the ville, and it could attack using the same thorn and poison. The creature was finally killed when Ryan used Plastic explosives to rupture a tank full of liquid nitrogen.


Another sub group of Stickies. These are very similar to the strain first encountered in Pilgrimage to Hell. The biggest difference is that these mutants are true hermaphrodites, capable of both impregnating, and being impregnated. They are incredibly fast breeders and mature at an accelerated rate.

Kaa. This huge seven foot tall mutant had patches of dark brown flesh over his body. He had a third pure white eye in the centre of his forehead. When he opened the eye he could communicate telepathically with mutants, especially those of the Stickie genotype. The huge mutant could read and had a grand plan to reshape the Deathlands, for mutants only. He really wasn't killed. He is caught in a constant loop in the Cerberus cyberspace.


Near King's Point, GA is a small commune. The people of the commune live together in peace and harmony with a group of aquatic humanoid mutants who they dubbed dwellers. These friendly mutants. The mutant had huge oval eyes that were white. A pair of vertical slits for a nose, and a half moon shaped mouth with the corners turned downwards. The lips were pencil thin and dark purple. The skin on it's face appeared to be peeling in several locations, revealing new flesh that appeared to be shiny and wet, not dry. They are not true water breathers, but can stay underwater for a long period of time. The flesh is also covered in scale like growths, and their hands are clawed. Under water, they are very strong and agile, but somewhat clumsy on land. Speech is very difficult for them, but they can communicate with elaborate hand signals, as well as body and facial language.

Dark Emblem

On the Island nation of Puerto Rico a new menace has re appeared after nearly one hundred years of absence. The mutants known as the Chupacabras. These beasts were originally from the future and were captured by the military and had genetic samples taken so that they could clone their own copies of the mutants. A time Paradox was created by this. The creature stood on a pair of muscular hind legs and was covered with coarse black hair. It had spines growing out of it's back and it's hands were wickedly clawed. The arms were stubby and partially concealed by bat like wings. Its head was oval shaped and had a long pointed chin. Huge eyes covered the upper half of its head and rested above two nasal slits. It's mouth is filled with jagged fangs. The creatures use it's spines and movement to try and hypnotise it's prey. As for their intelligence, probably just over an animals.


In the ruins of Idaho Falls Ryan and his band as well as the Baron's men who are attacking the coldhearts come under attack by a group of Ghoulies.  They are rad damaged, having scarring, scabs and tumors.  They are dressed in rags and are filthy. The mutants were cannibals and some where monstrous in size. All dangerous, if not just plain primitive.

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of mutants on their way to Front Royal. They appeared to be totally normal except that they had green skin and were hairless and the teeth were shark-like and had forked tongues.  The mutants didn't wear any clothing but seemed to be resistant to the cold as well as they smelled fishy so it is speculated that they are ocean living creatures and may have originated near the Washington hole.

Gaia's Demise

A large group of friendly mutants help protect Ryan and the group before and after the attack by the alligator. They appeared to be mutated beetles but had humanoid forms. They had rainbow chitin covering their bodies and antenna sprouting from their heads. They had beetle like claws and mandibles and made clicking noises when they communicated. After killing the mutant the beetles helped the group by recovering their lost weapons and supplies and even gave them the skin of the alligator.

As the companions traveled to Shiloh they had their horses and supplies stolen by a group of strange mutants that had a symbiotic relationship with plants. They appeared to be human but were covered in plants that at first the companions figured were used for clothing. But that wasn't the case. The plants were actually part of the humanoids. It provided not only protection from the elements but natural weaponry. The vines had thorns on them. When the humanoid was killed the vines and leaves withered and died as well.

Dark Reckoning

Deep in the earth the companions encounter a group of pigmy mutants that live below Sheffields base. They were all tiny, barely three feet tall. The flesh was so white it was almost transparent. The hands had only three elongated fingers. Its eyes were oversized and pink. The hair was long and black. 

Pandora's Redoubt

After the fall of Novaville a group of deathly pale humanoids who wore untreated leather or loin cloths entered the ville. They stood hunched over and had animal like fangs.  They went around the ville and took the dead sec men to be used as food for the upcoming winter but left the slaves alone.

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