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This file will contain all the people that Ryan and his followers have encountered throughout the series that it wasn't clear if they were killed, managed to survive, or were never heard from again.

Pilgrimage to Hell.

Scale: The leader of a mutant band. He attempted to attack Trader’s convoy. After suffering a sound defeat at the hands of Traders well armed and skilled men, he and the survivors beat a hasty retreat back to his camp. Here, he is about to rape Krysty Wroth when he is attacked by one of his Stickie followers. He is not seen from again.

Cort Strasser: The head of security in the ville of Mocsin. He ambushed and killed nearly everyone in Trader’s convoy by attacking it using nerve gas he obtained from an enigmatic man called "The Magus", or "The Warlock". After attempting to use Ryan to disarm the boobie traps located on Traders remaining War Wagons, the tables are turned and he is forced to flee for his life. It is assumed that he attempted to follow War Wag One into the darks after leading a second attack on the only surviving vehicle, but his fate from this point on is unknown. He is tall and gaunt, wearing all black clothing. His head had a fringe of dark hair at the back but was otherwise bald except for a moustache on his lip. His skin is yellowish, the flesh over his face drawn tight, making him look skeletal. He is encountered once again in Pony Soldiers.

Abe: One of the gunners on War Wag one. After leaving war wag one in the hands of a man named Cohn, he was one of the ten that went the rest of the way on foot to see if they could discover this hidden Redoubt located in the darks. After getting past the killer fog known as Cerberus, they are attacked by a tribe of Indians. He takes an arrow through the throat and Ryan is forced to leave him behind. He survived, and meets up with the band in Moon Fate.

Trader: After losing all but war wag one to Cort Strasser’s treachery, Trader leads his surviving men into the Darks. He is dying from rad cancer of the stomach. One night, after the crew of war wag one make camp, he picks up his armalite and disappears into the forest. He is last seen meeting a Indian.

Cohn: After heading deep into the darks, Ryan leaves him in charge of the remaining crew of war wag one. He gives Cohn strict orders that if Ryan and the other nine in his band do not return within 100 hours, that Cohn is to assume the mantle of leadership and leave the darks.

Red Holocaust.

Major Zimyanin: The leader of a patrol of Russian soldiers who were hot on the trail of the Narodniki, a band of bandits and marauders. After finally catching up to the group only to see nearly all of them killed when J.B. Dix destroys an ancient dam, he confronts Ryan and his band. They negotiate a deal on who gets to kill the surviving prisoners. After which, Zimyanin attempts to claim Alaska for Russia, but Ryan’s band refuse, pointing at a dummy missile, threatening to use it against the soldiers. He takes the bluff and returns to Russia with his soldiers. Hi is only 5’.7" in height, appears to be about thirty years old, and has a thick drooping moustache. Otherwise he is totally bald. He wore a gray uniform of thick material, as well as long boots of tanned hide. He also wore a fur hat with a silver star in the center of it. He is encountered once again in Red Holocaust.

Neutron Solstice.

Jak Lauren’s People: After winning the battle against Baron Tourment, Jak’s people begin to rebuild their lives, finally free of Tourment’s iron fisted rule. Jak, knowing only how to kill, feels that his usefulness to them is at an end. He joins Ryan’s band and leaves his people to carve out a new life for themselves.

Harry Bochco AKA Pecker: This old man at one time had been the dog handler in Front Royal, Ryan Cawdor’s home. Ryan met up with this old man in the ville of Moudongue in Louisiana, he relates the story of Front Royal, updating Ryan on what happened ever since the fateful night he lost his eye to his eldest brother and was forced to flee for his life. What happened to the old man after Ryan and his band left is never revealed.

Homeward Bound

Nathan Freeman Cawdor. Ryan Cawdor's nephew. Ryan and his friends met this young man just after entering the lands surrounding Front Royal. Nathan Freeman Cawdor is the son of Morgan and mutant woman named Guenuma. Because of his heritage, he is a partial doomie. After Ryan killed his brother and Harvey's family, Ryan places Nathan as the new baron of Front Royal.

Pony Soldiers

It turns out that after suffering his defeat at the hands of Ryan Cawdor, he left the ville and made his way through the Deathlands until he came across Fort security. Here he quickly took over as the leader of this rag tag group of mercies. He whipped these men into a decent fighting force and waged a war against the Drowned Squaw Apache Tribe. Much to his surprise and delight, he discovered that Ryan, his hated enemy had somehow made it to New Mexico. After capturing him, he actually offers to let Ryan and his band join him and become the most powerful Barons in all of the Deathlands. With the help of Jak Lauren, he escapes, leading Strasser and the Pony Soldiers back to the Canyon, where the soldiers are wiped out. Once again, Strasser is able to escape, but only barely. He is encountered one last time in Latitude Zero, where he finally is killed by Ryan Cawdor.

Cuchillo Oro. The chief of the Drowned Squaw Apache Tribe. He wished to go and take is daughter with him and travel with Ryan and the band as they used the gateways to explore the Deathlands. But after the group of friends witnessed the brutal torture of the four Pony Soldiers, they sneak out before everyone wakes up.

Steps Lightly Moon. The daughter of Chief Cuchillo Oro. She fell in love with young Jak Laruen, who was named Eyes of Wolf by the tribe. She wished to marry him, and to prove herself and her love, she took his virginity. Jak was not sure how he felt towards her, be it lust or possibly love. Maybe someday they will have a chance to meet once again and find out.

Dectra Chain

Man who's eyes see more, AKA Donfil More. Ryan and he are both taken captive by the captain of a whaling ship. During the time on the ship, Donfil discovered that he had a taste for the life. After destroying the evil Captain Pyra Quadde and being rescued by J.B. and the rest of their friends, he decides to stay behind and live the life as a whaler.

Ice and Fire

Carla Peterson. The daughter of Edgar Brennan, the Baron of Snakefish. She took a liking to J.B. and tried to get their help in overthrowing the Motes. After the ville is destroyed in a firestorm ignited when Ryan and his friends blew up the gas refinery, her Father, Uncle and cousin are all killed. Taking Zombies motorcycle, she Heads north to the ville of Champmanston, located on the Missouri river, where she plans to stay with her sister. She give J.B. and the group an invitation to stop by and visit if they are ever up around there. She was a little average height, in her Early Thirties. She wore her black hair down to her shoulders and it was held in place with a purple comb. She wore a black jacket over a cream blouse, as well as pale fawn riding breeches tucked into knee high polished black leather boots. She is the first woman in the series that J.B. was ever intimate with.

Riddler. The last surviving member of the Last Hero's. Ryan allows him to live and leave the burning ruins of Snakefish as payment for his warning them about what the Mote's had planned to do with Carla and her uncle. The big man rode off north on his motorcycle. Riddler was the fattest and the oldest of the bikers.

Red Equinox

Major Commissar Zimyanin. After discovering themselves in the heart of mother Russia, Ryan's band attracts the attention of Zimyanin. After following their exploites for several days, he and a band of his soldiers finally encounter the band of friends. He chases them right into the gateway and is forced to jump with them. In the first redoubt they jump to, the Major is forced out into a control room where he encounters some sort of huge mutant, which is never truly seen. Several shots are heard and a scream but it is not revealed if he is killed or not. This takes place at the end of Red Equinox, and the beginning of Northstar Rising. He is encountered for a final time in Chill Factor, where he is killed.

Northstar Rising

Erik Stonebiter This toothless man takes over the role of leader after Jorund Thoraldson is killed by Ryan Cawdor. He never wanted things to turn out the way they did and readily agrees to allow Ryan and his group to pass. Mildred warns him that they must move the ville at least fifty miles up the coast if they wish to survive. Even then many of the ville's people will end up dying from Radiation poisoning.

Time Nomads

Sharona Carson. The wife of Alias Carson. After the destruction and the death of her husband she encounters Ryan and convinces him to allow her to leave unmolested. She and Ryan had sex twice during the time they were together in the ville, and it is revealed that as she is driving away to the north, she is carrying his child. She dies of Rad Cancer in 2093.

Latitude Zero

Major Seth Ward and the survivors of the wagon train. After over half the people are killed, including the Reverend Vare, Ryan and his band leave the survivors, facing open hostility and hatred, as they blame the friends for the deaths. Did they ever make it to their promised land? We may never know. Out of over one hundred, nearly seventy of the people were killed in the small ruined ville of Salvation.


Harry Stanton. The king of the underworld. After Ryan stole his LAV 26 Ryan was kind enough to leave the weapons behind so they could return to his territory. Did he make it or not?

Moon Fate

Harold and Dorina Lord. These two survivors who were held prisoner by Charlie take over a homestead near Jak and Christina. What ever happened to them?

The survivors of Charlies Stickie ville. A number of women and children survived the leper attack, and Charlie left several older male Stickies to watch over them. However, Charlie was killed two months later, and he was ragged and starving. What happened?

Deep Empire

The Scientists of the Mark Tomwun's Institute of Peaceful Oceanographic Research. After the defeat of the pirates at the hands of Ryan and his band, they are left behind, as a huge Tsunami rushes its way towards land, triggered by the combination of an eruption and quakes. The odds of the scientists surviving the Tsunami are slim, but you never know.

Twilight Children

A young woman named Dorthy goes with the group to be with Michael, after her ville, Quindley is destroyed. During the process of the jump, she is so terrified that she somehow manages to get up and open the doorway to the gateway and leave. Did she manage to make it out?

Road Wars

A travelling show run by Ellie Kissoon and her three daughters Julie, Nell, and Katie. These four lovely ladies joined up with Ryan and J.B. for a couple of days while they were travelling in the same direction. In a stop over in the ville of Wetherill Springs. Some of the local buffalo hunters cause trouble, and end up getting killed during a show. They lose their tiger, but that's all. The four really want Ryan and J.B. to stay with them, but because of their former leader, and their loyalties to Krysty and Mildred. They part ways.

Genesis Echo

A woman named Susan 'Sukie' Smith met Doc Tanner as he was off 'finding' himself while Ryan and J.B. were looking for their former leader. They became intimate with each other and Doc found himself falling in love with the woman. He even forgave her when she revealed (after Trader forced her to) that she hid a note that Krysty left behind for either him, or Ryan to find. But she is still allowed to go with them as they jump out of New Mexico. In the last moments of the jump, she panics and leaves the chamber. All that was found was the heel of her boot.

The surviving staff of the Crichton institute. Ryan and his band killed a lot of people, including several prominent scientists on their way out. They also caused considerable damage to the building itself. What happened to the survivors? There were quite a few people left alive.


The Baron Weyman and his son Jamie. After the brushwooders are destroyed and Jamie is rescued by Ryan and his band. The ville was quite weak, and any determined band could potentially take it over without much difficulty.

Straub. Where did he go after the final encounter with Trader and Abe. Did he survive? For more information see Deserving dead, specifically the entries located for Circle Thrice.

Emerald Fire

The ville that was led by Itzcoatl. Did they survive after the deaths of their leader and so many of their warriors?

Blood Lines

Mildred shot Elrick Cornileus through both eyes, knocking him over a cliff into a river. He is a genetically engineered vampire and can regenerate from nearly any wound. It is not known if the shots killed him, or if he survived.

Eclipse At Noon

The Magus survived the attack on his and Wolfram's mining camp by hiding in a hidden bear's den just outside the gates of the base. Wolfram is dead, but he survived.


The military personnel inside the Mount Rushmore facility. These men and women have survived for nearly a century, using organ replacement and cybernetics. Between Ryan and Mildred they are able to cause severe damage to the huge cooling plant inside the base, which the men and women rely on to keep them alive. When the group jump out of the base, the surviving men and women are frantically trying to repair the damage that was done.

The leader of the Helskel community, Lars Hellstrom is left alive, enraged outside the redoubt. He vows to hunt Ryan down and kill him slowly for betraying him and not helping him get at the technology that is buried deep inside the mountain.

Bitter Fruit

A group of soldiers from White Sands. They are lead by a man known as Major Drake Burroughs. He and his men underwent a process known as they Calypso Project which made them ageless and immune to disease, but they can still be killed. They tried to get Ryan to join their band, but when he refused Burroughs sent a squad to take them out. The squad, lead by a Sgt. Conte make a pact with Ryan to help him destroy the genetically engineered plant that was about to release a mutated bubonic plague into the food chain. Once the threat was eliminated, they went their separate ways, Conte letting Ryan know that if they ever met again he would continue to try and kill him.

Long Johnson. This pirate, who happened to be bisexual, was encountered by Doc Tanner in a playhouse known as the Globe in New London. He tried to kill Doc, swearing to get vengeance on him and his family for what happened with Operation Chronos. He and his crew escape on their ship before Doc and press the matter.

The people of Wildroot, including the young man named Tarragon. When the book was ending, the ville of Celts was under siege by the people of New London, lead by Blackjack Gehrig. What happened to them? Were they wiped out? Taken as slaves? What?


Kaa. This huge bald mutant with a third eye is caught in the midst of a jump when the nuke that JB planted inside the control room detonates. He is caught in the nothing that lies between the gateways, in a continuos loop. The huge mutant controlled the Stickie army using his psionic ability granted from his third eye. He sought to marry Krysty, as he thought that she was the woman destined to be his mate, but after throwing off the effects of the bad jump, she sees him for what he truly is an rejects him.

Demons of Eden

Sisoka and the Wolf Soldiers. After destroying Touch the Sky and his followers, then forcing Ryan and his band to leave are left to repair the damage caused during the fighting. She assumed the mantle of Guardian of the valley. When Ryan and his people leave, they are told that they are not allowed to return, ever.

The villagers of Amicus. The battle against the Red Cadre cost the ville over a third of their adult population, but the threat presented by the land pirates was eliminated. They were then left to rebuild the ruins of their town and try to start over again.


At the end of the book, Poseidon is still alive but trapped in the wreckage of his nuclear submarine deep in the depths of the ocean. Does he die, or does he somehow find a way to escape?

Nightmare Passage

Krysty kills Alpha, and his daughter, Nefron claims the title of Queen, ordering her people to allow Krysty and the others to leave the ville unmolested. What happened after that? Is she able to hold onto her control of the city and it's people?

Freedom Lost

Administrator Morgan. This man ran the Freedom mall. He was honest, and fair, but soon found himself out of a job when a group of Stickies led by a disfigured man named Lester Johnson attack and destroy the mall. He helps Ryan and his friends leave, then takes his own weapons and heads out into the Deathlands to find a new life for himself.

Way of the Wolf

Doc Kirkland. He managed to survive the firefight instigated by Ryan and his band, and even managed to escape getting killed when Handsome Wyatt and his travelling circus entered the ville. But at the same time the townsfolk of Hazard discovered that the so called plague he had been using as a method of controlling the people was nothing more than a hoax, and that he had anyone who tried to leave the ville injected with it

Handsome Wyatt. This former member of Traders Convoy, upon discovering that Ryan and J.B. were in the town of Hazard, decided to extract revenge for the loss of his thumb when he was kicked out of Traders convoy for theft. His people get caught in the firefight going on between Ryan's band and Kirklands sec men. During the battle Ryan shoots Wyatt in the hand. Wyatt's group chase Ryan's all the way to the hidden canyon where the redoubt was located.

Tinker Philips and his family. The deformed man had been a virtual prisoner in his own home for years ever since Kirkland took control of Harzard. Dud he and his family come through the firefight intact?

Aunt Maim. This woman was the owner of the hotel in Hazard. She had been brutally mutilated by Kirkland. During the siege, Ryan and J.B. planted explosives around her hotel to help them escape. They blow the charges but did the crippled woman and her ward manage to escape or not?

Chief Harlan. This leader of an Inuit tribe found that they were trapped on an iceberg which was slowly starting to sink below the surface of the ocean. His Tribe made a temporary alliance with Ryan and the band so that they could attack and wipe out a generations old foe, the Russians. The attack went over well, the descendants of the Russian sailors were wiped out and the Inuit secured the life boats just as the berg was beginning to sink. Did they all make it?

Dark Emblem

Dr. Silas Jaamaisvous. The doctor wasn't really a bad man, he was just more interested in making it back to his own time. He used Dr. Tanner as his test subject to make sure that the time trawling device worked properly. The destination control computer was damaged in the fight against Doc and instead of being transported back to the past, into the late nineties, he found himself sent far back into the past, to the eighteen hundreds where he meets Emily Tanner.

Crucible of Time

The Children of the rock. The settlement of Hopeville suffers a major earthquake and is nearly totally wiped out. As the survivors attempt to salvage what they can, Ryan Cawdor shoots and kills their leader, Joshua Wolfe. Without a leader, and without a home, survival for this group is slim. To make matters worse the radiation leaking redoubt nearby is throwing out more of the deadly unseen poison and anyone staying in the area for more than a couple of days is sure to die. Did any of them manage to leave and survive?


Traders first War Captain. A man named Poet. He had been with Trader for several years and was at the time Ryan and J.B. had joined, Traders most trusted Advisor.  He could see in the young Ryan that the one eyed man coveted his position.  He didn't hold anything against Ryan for it either.  After the disaster at Lake Virtue, Ryan wanted to kill the man, but he convinced Ryan that he was not the source of the other man's internal Demons.  After they all got out of the situation, what ever happened to him?

A young boy named Guy-ito.  He got Ryan's Panga in exchange for leading them through the ville to where they could find their friends.  After the ville was destroyed Ryan found his Panga but there was no sign of the young man.  Did he somehow survive the destruction of the Virtue lake refinery?

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en around since before the skydark and are Doomie or psionic muties.  Many have learned how to transfer their mind from dying bodies into living ones. If the transfer isn't undone by other Chosen, the person sharing the body inevitably die.  After Krysty almost dying from being possessed the Chose were left on their own.

Dark Reckoning

The mountain man known as Clem. He fought with Ryan and the others to defend Front Royal from Silas and Sheffield.  He was taken in to be part of Nathan Cawdor's sec force but what happened after the fall of Shiloh? 

Shadow World

The people who crossed over from the Alternate earth. It appeared that they were the only survivors out of one hundred billion.  They have high tech armor that is all but immune to small arms fire, laser rifles and all manner of equipment. They are currently in the ruined ville of Moonboy.

Pandora's Redoubt

Richard Ward.  The only survivor of the Ward family of Novaville. After learning of the fate of his father he killed his 'sister' Amanda.  The ville was coming down around them, due to the attack of the 'Beast', the rebellion, and Ryan and his companions.

The Sun's of the Knife. This biker gang was first found inside the Redoubt that the companions came out of just after jumping away from a redoubt that was being destroyed by lava. The bikers that were inside the redoubt were all dead, having killed each other after building the Leviathan tank.  They were encountered a second time in a huge truck stop where they captured Lady Amanda Ward and were raping her. Many of the gang that were located here were killed as they went after Ryan and the companions, as well as the Leviathan. It is not known how many survived the attack. 

Rat King

The outsiders.  This group of inbred mutated people had been living hand to mouth for decades, always fighting against the perpetual storm and the 'insiders', the equally inbred and mutated soldiers of the redoubt. After capturing Ryan and his people, and almost being killed in return, the ville leader, Abner, agrees to let Ryan's people train them.  With a weeks training, they ward off an attack by the 'insiders' and follow the retreating forces back to the redoubt. Here they fight the insiders until the redoubt begins to fall apart around their ears and Ryan and his people lead them to the exit.  How they faired after the collapse of the base is anyone's guess. 

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