Character Essays

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Click on the names below to reach a complete and detailed character essay. You will note that in some cases, the information has been left blank. That is because that information has not been revealed in the novels as of yet.

As I re-read the series, if I come across the information, I will update the essay immediately. If you know of the information I am missing, E mail me with the book the information is located in, as well as what page it is on.

I've made a minor change with this page. It has been divided into three sections: Primary Characters, Secondary Characters and opponents.

Primary Characters

Ryan Cawdor

John Barrymore (J.B.) Dix

Krysty Wroth

Jak Lauren

Dr. Theophilus Algernon Tanner.

Midred Wyeth

Dean Cawdor

Secondary Characters

Lori Quint


Man who's Eyes See More

Richard Neal Ginsberg.


Christina Lauren

Michael Brother



Cort Strasser

Major Commissar Zimyanin

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