Animal Mutations

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This file will describe all the animal mutations encountered or seen by Ryan Cawdor and his companions as they travel through the Deathlands and beyond.

Pilgrimage to Hell

In this novel, only one animal mutant is really ever encountered, or even mentioned. It is a voracious little mutant beetle that is used by Cort Strasser to aid in his ‘tender’ questioning. Physically, the beetle resembles a cross between a borer beetle and a termite. It is shiny black, and has four horned antennae, and six legs. Its labrum flap barely covers the insect's mouth, hardly concealing mandibles that seem totally out of proportion to its size, huge sickle shaped tusks, almost like horns. The little mutant beetle is a carnivore, preferring to feast on meat. Strasser used the little beetle to kill someone who ‘displeased’ him. He had the man swallow it, and the mutant ate its way right out of the mans stomach.

Red Holocaust

Ryan, separated from his companions, encounters a huge mutant polar bear. He is forced to empty the entire fifty round magazine into the bear, killing it. He then feasts off the bear in order to try and stay alive. Not much is mentioned describing the bear, only that it is huge (as if polar bears are not already huge!), had long tusks, and huge shaggy paws.

Several large, thin mutant wolves are spotted following the Narondniki Marauders. No real description is offered.

Also several times in the novel, large mutant seagulls are spotted. Huge wingspans, but that is pretty much it.

Neutron Solstice

Huge mutant misquotes are encountered in the swamps of Louisiana. Very little else mentioned about them.

A giant, fifty-foot long mutant alligator attacks Finn. It doesn’t get him, and Ryan kills it with four bursts from his HK G-12 assault Rifle. The alligator's jaws are large enough to swallow a cow whole. When it's killed, it is devoured by piranhas within a matter of minutes.

Crater Lake

Ryan is attacked by a mutant wolf while trying to get into a kenworth truck, after they escape from the ville of Ginnsburg. The wolf stood close to four feet tall at its shoulder. Its fur was matted and had burrs in it. It reeked. Ryan is forced to kill it using his Panga.

Homeward Bound

While travelling towards the Hudson River, Ryan spots a slithery gleaming animal slightly larger than an otter. It had deep set, deep green eyes, and a viscous looking jaw. The most startling aspect of the creature were its six legs.

After taking some time off and enjoying a much-deserved vacation, Krysty and Ryan spot a tiny four-inch long mutie raccoon. The leave it alone.

After hitting the shoreline to escape a huge storm coming, they encounter a small group of tiny little mutant bears. They were no longer than eighteen inches tall, with huge eyes and fat bellies. Their fur was exceptionally soft and pale orange in color. Their ears are pointed and they have tiny paws. After bringing eleven of the tiny mutants into the shelter, Ryan and his friends allow them to dry out. They then kill the little mutants and eat them.

As the party attempted to make its way to shore, they see several large mutie gulls with fifteen-foot wingspans and wickedly hooked nine-inch long beaks. Jak kills one with his handgun to keep them away.

While Ryan is being held prisoner in Front Royal, he spies a huge mutie hawk with a twenty foot wingspan and a hooked beak that could take the arm off a man.

The Cawdor’s have been breeding mutie Doberman Rottweiler dogs for generations. Harvey sends them after Ryan and the others. The dogs are huge, coming up to a mans waist, and weighing in at over one hundred twenty pounds. Its muzzle is long and the jaws wide. They were trained to go for the genitals, or for the throat.

Pony Soldiers

A young Apache warrior encounters a diminutive Gila monster, which is barely six inches long, just before he is killed by Cort Strasser's Pony Soldiers. The tiny little lizard had the usual coral and black patterns on its tiny body.

Just after Jak falls into a spike filled pit, Ryan comes face to face with a huge mutie panther. The animal measured fifteen feet from the tip of its nose to the tip of its tail. Its tawny hide seemed to glow, and its mouth was filled with razor sharp saber teeth. Ryan barely manages to kill it using his SIG Sauer.

While held prisoner by Strasser, Ryan has a nightmare about Krysty being eaten alive by mutie fish. They were thin as sword blades, with shimmering iridescent scales that gleamed turquoise, blue and green. Their mouths were long, lips peeled back to reveal triple rows of saw edged teeth. The largest was about four feet in length.

When Ryan was a child he barely escaped with his life from large mutant crabs. The largest of the King crabs was fifteen feet across, and nearly thirty feet from the tip of its head to the end of its tail.

Dectra Chain

While the redoubt is flooding after opening the main exit, Jak is attacked by a small, light green snake like animal, whip thin with a tiny head and a large mouth filled with needle teeth. It struck blindly at Jak's face until he decapitates it with one of his throwing knives.

Donfil More disturbs a mutie crab which is about three feet wide and had pincers that could easily cut through a horses leg.

While on a raft they built to get to the shoreline, they spot a huge mutie great white shark which looks as if it may be part killer whale. It's head has the black coloring and shape of a killer whale. The creature was a good sixty, to seventy feet in length and dumped the entire party into the Atlantic. As it was coming in to feed, their combined firepower destroy it.

Ryan spots a little creature, which appeared to be a cross between a rabbit and a rat. The creature had skin that glistened as if it was covered in scales. Its little eyes twinkled liked polished buttons. It tried to swim past the two whaling boats and was killed and eaten by a mutie shark.

While paddling to shore, the group find themselves in a patch of mutant seaweed. The seaweed is somewhat sentient, able to wrap itself around objects in the attempt to pull it into the sea. The fronds cut easily enough, releasing a stinking ichor the texture and color of molasses. The fronds are covered with tiny needles which can break skin, causing a great deal of pain. They probably use the needles to suck blood out of an entrapped victim.

Ice and Fire

Just after exiting the gateway and the control chamber they are forced to walk through a corridor that is filled with thousands of huge mutie cockroaches. The huge roaches are nearly a foot in length and are a coppery blue. They are meat eaters but are not very fast, and considering their size are quite easy to kill.

Just before reaching the ville of Snakefish, the companions encounter a huge mutie snake. If it wasn't for Doc Tanner's intervention, Lori Quint would surely have been killed by the snake. The combined firepower of the companions destroy the snakes head and the upper portion of its throat. The snake was well over twenty feet in length, and its hollow teeth are over six inches in length, dripping venom.

Northstar Rising

Ryan and the group are attacked by a swarm of mutant bees inside the redoubt. They barely manage to escape with their lives. The bees were longer and slimmer than regular bumble bees. This particular breed of bee was shaped more like an Ariel torpedoes, with scaled bodies of turquoise and silver, narrow wings that beat with incredible speed, and a stinger like a hooked barb. The tips glistened with toxic venom. Unlike normal bee's the stingers of this mutant does not stay in the victim, they can sting time and time again.

Inside the compound where the party discover Mildred Wyeth, they witness a huge copper coloured snake emerge from the tall grass, carrying a paralysed animal in its mouth. It was at least twenty five feet in length and could probably swallow a man whole.

Just after reviving Mildred they spot a huge 18" long dragonfly. It's body had a shining, iridescent purple sheen. Other than it's size, it was pretty much harmless.

The party is forced to take refuge in a huge tree when a swarm of huge mutie ants are encountered. Each ant was more than a foot long with a carapace of fiery copper. The mandibles are huge, longer than a grown mans finger, making them hugely out of proportion with the mutant's head.

Latitude Zero

After leaving the ruined redoubt they stumble upon a small homestead. While they are scouting the ranch, they are attacked by a tiny Mutated hawk. They originally believe that it is an insect until Mildred is able to shoot out of the sky. The bird was had a wing span no longer than a childs hand. It's plumage was coppery green, so dark as to be nearly black. It had a razor sharp hooked beak.

As they are nearing the ruins of a redoubt near the Grande river in Texas, they hear the sounds of huge mutant wolves in the distance. On of Strasser's men, a man named Rafe, is killed by these wolves. They are nearly identicle to the wolves encountered in the series, in Red Holocaust, as well as Crater lake.


While travelling through the ruins of New York city the group spot a five legged pit bull carrying an unidentified corpse in its jaws.

After disposing of the bodies of Dred and Retha, Ryan discovers that huge mutant alligators, nearly as large as those seen down in the swamps of Louisiana live in the sewers. The reptiles are very pale in colour and are at least thirty feet in length.

J.B. is stung by a mutant blow fly which injects hundreds of eggs into the wound. The eggs hatch and the combination of the larva and toxins produced nearly kill Dix.

Ryan is attacked by a small flock of mutant gulls. They had pure white bodies and black coloured heads. The wingspan was at least six feet long, and the birds had dagger beaks the colour of amber. The claws were no longer webbed, but designed far more like a hawks or eagles, proving the gulls are now predators.

Dark Carnival

While testing their new weapons on the firing range, A huge mutant rat appears in one of the numerous holes in the walls. It is the size of a small pig, its body over two feet long, and standing at one foot at its shoulder. Above the eyes the head was quite broad, but narrowed towards the muzzle which will filled with double row of needle teeth. Its eyes were red. J.B. blew it away using his brand new scatter gun.

Just after leaving the redoubt they encounter a huge mutant snake they mistook for a robot. It grabs Dean and nearly kills him before Ryan decapitates it with his Panga. Its scales were coppery and gleamed. Its size is unknown, but has to be much more massive than it's unmutated cousins. The snakes head was blunt and tapered to resemble a chisel.

Dean fell into a patch of small waxen flowers which had long tendrils. They were fairly harmless but did attempt to coil around Dean. The tendrils were about as thick as a mans finger, and were fairly strong.

After arriving in New Mexico, they are chased by a pack of mutie coyotes. Ryan, over a period of two hours kills nine out of twenty of the animals, and four more when they close in. If it wasn't for Jaks timely arrival, the animals may have killed Ryan and his son. The muties stood about four feet high and weighed in around one hundred twenty pounds.

After his return from the redoubt, Ryan is surprised by a mess of mutie frogs. He discovers that he is surrounded by literally dozens, if not hundreds of them. Several try to climb on him and pull him down but after he kills one, the rest disappear. The body was an iridescent, luninious blue, pale and vivid. There was a small spot of yellow on its nose as well as red and yellow patches down its ribs and on its back. A pink stripe started behind its jawline and ran down the side of its body. It was more than two feet long and weighed about the same as a medium sized chicken. In its mouth it had fangs like a wolf's and poison sacks.

Chill Factor

During his time in the Deathlands Ryan has had the misfortune of seeing mutant Grizzly Bears, some of them topping eighteen feet in height.

Just after jumping into the redoubt from New Mexico, Ryan and Jak encounter three little 'Cuddlie" Mutants. Jak is taken in by their appearance and tries to pet one, when he is attacked by it, and wounded. The creatures will only about a foot long, covered in soft fur that was a mixture of honey and gold in colour. They had stubby little legs and made soothing, friendly noises. They also had razor sharp teeth and claws. Fortunately for the two of them, they were easy to kill.

Moon Fate

Small mutant insects named pokies are mentioned. These tiny beetles were found north and south of the big Grande. They had black iridescent bodies and were about an inch long, and third an inch wide. Their legs had hooked spikes to allow themselves to hang onto anything. They also had huge jaws, like scythes. They would find any convenient opening on a man or woman, get inside, hook in and begin to feed.

Fury's Pilgrims

Inside the redoubt Dean is cornered by a huge number of giant mutant spiders. He is rescued by his father, with the help of the others. The kill dozens, if not hundreds of the spiders, and scatter the rest when the webbing catches on fire. The largest of the spiders was no longer than two and a half feet from the tip of it's front leg to the back of it's rear leg. They spiders are albino, and had claws on the tips of their legs. When cut, their blood is slightly acidic and burns skin when it comes in contact. They are also venomous.

A hideously mutated rat is spotted in the ruins. It had two heads, eight legs with yellow tusks that curved over its upper lip. It was the size of a small dog. When Mildred comments on it, the creature turns and looks at her, hisses but otherwise leaves the party alone.


Living inside the walls of one of the corridors in the Colorado redoubt are hundreds of viscous mutant worms. Some of these albino scaled worms were as long as fifteen inches, some even longer. There small bodies were scaled and slightly cold to the touch. They have blood red eyes and a double row of needle teeth.

After leaving the redoubt the group encounters a small band of poachers. A short time later they encounter an incredibly huge mutant grizzly bear, which, after pumping it's hide full of at least fifty rounds of ammunition, they are able to kill. It was over twenty feet from nose to tail, and when on all fours, stood at six feet in height at the shoulders. It's dark fur was speckled with silver. It also had a huge hump of muscle between it's shoulder blades.

Deep Empire

Abe sees a mutant crow, the size of a bald eagle, waiting patiently for the man trapped to die.

As The group leaves the ruined redoubt, Michael is caught by an incredibly huge mutant sea snake. The snake measures one hundred feet in length, and its huge spade shaped head was at least six feet in size. It's body was as thick as a large man's torso, and its eyes were protected by bony hoods.

Moving slowly northward, Krysty and Ryan see a odd, unknown creature, about three feet in length, which had a prominent jaw and a small horn protruding from it's forehead.

Abe is sleeping in a cabin, trying to wait for a storm to pass when he awakens to find himself sharing his bed with a huge mutant cougar. He barely manages to kill the critter before it can do him in.

Cold Asylum

After being separated from the rest of the group during a jump that went wrong, Michael finds himself alone in a redoubt. He exits the gateway and opens the sec doors. He sees a creature right out of his worst nightmare. It is a snake like lizard which had six legs, ending in wicked claws. It had a fringe of spiky fur around its neck. The muties body was about eight feet long and a dirty white in colour. There were about eight crimson eyes on stalks. Its head was shaped like a rattlers, and seemed to be mostly mouth which was filled with several rows of needle teeth. Michael closes the door, trapping the mutant beneath it, killing it. A tiny baby, identical to its mother escapes the corpse, only to be crushed under his boot. He jumps out of the redoubt.

Twilight Children

After leaving a very odd gateway, the party find themselves in a totally alien environment, unsure of where they are. Dean is bitten by a strange mutant insect. The bug was about an inch and a half in length and was a dull gold in colour. It had four sets of wings and six eyes on its head. It had a huge scorpion like tail, much bigger than the rest of its body.

Ryan spots a strange mutant which appeared to be a combination of lizard, mammal, and insect. It had six stumpy legs ending in claws, and its head was narrow and fierce, fringed by spiky hair. From the tip of its nose to the end of its tail it measured less than nine inches. The skin was mottled overlapping scales, and its crimson eyes were on stalks, allowing it to look in several directions at once.

A rat like creature with fins and webbed feet propels itself out of the river at Michael. His speed and agility prevent it from harming him. The creature was less than a foot in length.

During their trek through the alien land, they spot a strange creature that resembled a flying alligator. Bit it isn't until they are exploring the ville of Lonesome Gulch that they see the creature in all its mutated glory. The creatures had a wingspan of about five feet and its feathers were metallic, not a normal feather, and they had spiked claws along the leading edge. The jaws were elongated, like an alligators with two prominent teeth and a multitude of smaller teeth. They had golden eyes that protruded from the sockets and a ruff of crimson spikes around the throat that were either feathers or bone. The metallic nature of the creatures skin made it very difficult to cut, but when it did, the blood was amber and burned like acid. The claws are tipped with poison.

After being dumped out of a boat by a huge mutie pike, one of the members of the ville of Quidley is taken by the fish, and eaten alive. The mutie pike was no less than twenty feet in length. Just after the killing a huge mutant eel attacks, but there is no description of the creature.

Rider Reaper

Just outside the redoubt in New Mexico the group spot, but are not bothered by a mutant rattle snake. This snake isn't the largest they have seen, measuring only fifteen feet in lenght.

Going through the canyons the group is set upon by a rabid mutie cougar. The huge cat stood four feet at its shoulders and was twelve feet from the tip of its nose to the end of its tail. It originally goes after doc, but due to the rabies misses. It does manage to kill Doc's horse, and causes three to fall over a cliff face before Ryan finally puts two rounds into its fevered skull, killing it.

Trader Redux

Doc is attacked by a twenty foot long mutant Cougar. The attack comes in the middle of the night and he barely manages to draw his Le Mat and mortally wounds the huge creature in its attack, slowing it down enough to finish it off with his sword cane.

Abe finds his feet encircled by a huge twenty five foot long Cotton Mouth Snake. J.B. Yells at him to fall back so he can shoot the mutie. It takes two shots with his scatter gun, but they both have a devastating effect, killing the huge creature.

Genesis Echo

Abe goes to use the facilities in the redoubt and is attacked by thousands of mutant spiders, size varying from a golf ball all the way up to a grapefruit. But, they were not toxic, or difficult to kill.

The group spot a incredibly huge mutant Moose. The creature was so huge it's antlers were easily ten feet across. They wisely stay out of its way.

Just after leaving the redoubt, Dean is attacked by a mutated German Shepherd. The dog is the size of a huge wolf, and has a double set in canines. Mildred kills it by shooting it through the ear. A second dog is encountered, and it's identical to the first, as it is cloned from it. Ryan kills this one and both corpses are dumped in the lake.

Led by A scientist named Dorthea Gibson, along with Trader and Ryan encounter a mutant grizzly. Originally the idea was to hunt it down, but when a blizzard hits the small party is forced to find shelter. The shelter was a cave, inhabited by the grizzly and her cub. After killing the cub, the mother chases the sec men. Ryan acts as bait and they are able to kill the bear inside the cave when it returns from taking out the surviving sec men.


On the beach near the redoubt Ryan spots a huge crab. The creature was easily fifteen feet across and stood as high as a normal man. The claws were six feet long and could probably cut through steel. After waking the others, they're able to inflict enough damage to send the crab on its way, even though they didn't kill it.

The General and his "Posse". A huge mutant warthog, weighing in at over one thousand pounds. The pig and his flock of about 30-50 mutant pigs have been terrorising the land for years. Ryan is able to kill it when it corners him. He jumps on it's back and severs it's spinal cord, paralysing the mutant, and eventually killing it.

Ground Zero

Inside Baron Sharpe's zoo there were a huge variety of mutant animals. One was a scorpion, over a yard in length. It's stinger was as long as a man's finger.

He also had a colony of Red ants, of which the smallest was two inches long.

In one of the cages, there was a mutant rattle snake, easily fifteen feet across.

There was a group of seemingly normal beavers. When the sec man tossed in a handful of mice, the mutants showed their true appearance. It was as if the had three sets of razor jaws. It opened its mouth and let a second jaw appear, then a third. Using the jaw, they were able to catch, kill and eat their prey.

Another exhibit had a huge sickly yellow coloured furred spider. It was bigger than the largest dinner plate.

Located in the zoo were three headed sheep, ten legged pigs, lizards with a dozen tails, a bald bear, a vulture with leathery scales instead of feathers, a small flock of jay birds with razor claws lining the edge of their wings, a boar with tusks so huge it couldn't hold it's head up

A special desert like enclosure was created to house a strange mutant that Sharpe named Rupert. It lives below the sand and strikes with incredible speed, sucking it's prey below the surface where it's then devoured. It is only glimpsed at, Ryan is sure that he sees a number of palm sized mouths filled with serrated teeth that seem to revolve at high speeds, surrounded by leathery sucking lips. The mutant beast kills Sean Sharpe.

Emerald Fire

Dean is fascinated by a huge mutant butterfly. They see no danger in the insect until it dives out of the blue and tries to latch itself onto Dean's neck. Ryan grabs it and crushes the creature in his hand, tossing it to the jungle floor. It was eighteen inches in length, with feathery tips to its wings that added another six inches to it. The leading edge of each wing was vermilion, gradually fading into dark crimson. Then came a strip of golden white that gradually faded into the tips, which were a rich purple in colour. It had a stinger, six inches long and hard as steel. It used this to suck blood from its victim.

While watching the slavers, Ryan discovers a tiny Vermilion coloured lizard has latched itself on the toe of his combat boot and is trying to bite it's way through, using a triple row of teeth. Ryan crushes the small lizard.

Rainflower, one of the native girls, is attacked by a fifty foot long mutant Python. Jak is able to kill it by driving one of his throwing knives deep into it's eye, then into the brain.

A heard of mutant bucks, standing ten feet tall at the shoulder and had a rack of antlers, stretching six feet across race past Ryan and Krsyty to escape a hoard of army ants, eating their way across the jungle.

Blood Lines

While Ryan and Krysty go for a walk, Ryan gets separated from Krysty and is attacked by a pack of mutant rats. These rats were the size of a small dog, and had a double row of teeth. Fortunately, they were easy to kill.

Just after the attack of the rats, Krysty is taken by a mutie alligator, at least thirty feet in length. Despite his blindness, Ryan goes after the creature, forcing it to let go of Krysty, but gets dragged into it's lair, where he finally kills it using his Panga.


Because of Doc having problems with nosebleeds, Krysty, Mildred, Jak and J.B. hole up in a house they find off the trail. While there, a pack of mutant wolves, some as large as four feet at the shoulder, surround the house, and then break through the window to attack. They are beaten off.

Ryan, while trapped in a collapsed house, is set upon by hordes of tiny mutant mice. They are soft and fluffy, but have sharp double sets of teeth and claws, and are carnivorous.

One the way back to the redoubt, A strange mutant creature crosses the road in front of the wag. It had a body of a large deer, but the legs were stubby and ended in furry, clawed paws. The neck was muscular, ending in a head that looked like the cross between a pig and a wolf. It had a double row of wickedly curved teeth.

Circle Thrice

Ryan is exploring the area near the redoubt, when he spots a foot long mutant dragonfly. It leaves him alone, and flies off.

A short time later Ryan finds himself in the middle of a huge nest of mutant insects. The looked similar to centipedes. The creatures were low to the ground and had dozens of legs. The hides were like polished green brass, and scaled. They had long antenna's which were situated over razor sharp jaws. The biggest of the insects was nearly four feet long.

While heading down the Tennessee river they discover that the river is home to tiny, eels, most under six inches in length that are voracious and have a triple row of needle sharpe teeth.

Eclipse At Noon

While Ryan and J.B. are trekking to Gert Wolfram's Compound, they spot a twenty foot long mutant snake. It had half a dozen stumpy legs that helped move it at a fast walking speed. The mutant had a row of six inch long horns along it's spine that dripped a oozing crimson ichor.

The pair also see a group of mutant birds. They had orange wings striped with emerald streaks. They had unusually long beaks


The group is attacked by a swarm of rare, but dangerous mutants known as Screamwings. These creatures are quite small, having a body length of only six inches but a wingspan of two feet. They are scaled, and have rows of serrated, sharp teeth in their mouths. The long leathery wings were talon tipped, and they also had long curving claws on their rear legs. The mutants had long, whip like tails. They hunt by movement, and are attracted by loud sounds. They actually seem to be a throwback species, related to a early saurian species.

Bitter Fruit

In the radioactive desert around White Sands, New Mexico, there are a number of giant mutated spiders. These spiders have a powerful camouflage ability, which allows them to bend light around themselves so as to become invisible to the naked eye. It had only three eyes, and whip like appendages. The coarse hair was nearly black in colour.

The Celts of England use a genetically engineered vine around their home as not only defence but for food and clothing. The plant itself is nearly sentient, reacting to sound and pheromones. They are armed with large spikes, or thorns that are coated in a poison to which they have no antidote. The poison can be milked and then turned into a potent drug.


As they head towards Willie Ville, the group pass stumpy and deformed trees with very tough bark, able to withstand even the worst acid storm. The sap is highly acidic, and if gets onto the skin, it burns it's way in with in seconds, where it enters the bloodstream, spreading like wildfire, killing the victim quickly but the victim dies in horrible agony.

There are colonies of lichen which seem to be very fragile, and harmless. But if the fronds are touched, they burst, releasing spoors, which if inhaled, will cause a colony to form in the lungs, eventually killing the victim that breathed in the spores.

Jak befriends a huge mutant cougar while trapped in Willie's zoo. The creature was well over six feet in length, and had great bony nobs along it's spine. It also had curving horns growing from it's neck. The mutant was also highly intelligent and it was mentioned that it could also speak. But if that is the case it was never demonstrated.

Demons of Eden

Though technically not mutants according to the author, the wolves of the Wolf Soldiers. They are highly intelligent and when gold disks are used, can be communicated with telepathically. They are considered to be equals to the humans in the valley they originated in.

The old black blind doomie who Doc and Mildred visited had a huge cougar as a companion. Other than it's great size, it had no other visible mutations. Both the cougar and the woman are Cannies.

The Mars Arena

While trying to escape from a group of Brush wooders, Ryan and his band head deep into underground river. Here when they go ashore, Ryan is attacked by a pair of mutant Skikes. They are wedge shaped and had wicked barbs on their tails. To make matters worse, the also happen to be poisonous. They are extremely fast and agile, making it exceedingly difficult to hit in combat.

Deep inside the arena, Dean is attacked by some sort of mutant that lives in muck. It had five limbs that were over six feet in length, and one of the limbs had three eyes in the patter of a triangle on it. The limbs were attached to a algae covered shell that opened to reveal a mouth full of razor sharp teeth, which extended out from it's abdomen. The opening was wide enough to easily encompass Dean's entire head.

Inside the ruined hotel, and explosion ruptures a number of fish tanks filled with small mutant fish, which immediately set upon Dean's team. The fish were only about three inches in length, but had jaws of deadly teeth that wouldn't let go, even after the fish died. At least one of the boys are killed when the fish burrow into his body.

The last obstacle in the hotel is in the form of a hoard of mutant monkeys. They are no larger and a foot and a half, but are immensely strong. The heads are about half again as big as a normal monkey's and they have jagged, cutting teeth. To make matters worse, they also have feathery wings, but can only glide, not actually fly. The mutants are inbred, and crazy, as well as totally carnivorous. The speed, and just plain insanity of the monkeys make them a deadly foe.


After leaving the redoubt near the former barony of Larry Zapp, Doc Tanner is attacked by a huge eight foot long mutant leech. It latches onto his face with the sucker end full of teeth. If it wasn't for Ryan jumping in after him, and using his Panga on the mutant monster, it surely would have drained all fluids out of Doc's body. JB finds himself under attack from one of the mutants as well, but one that is a great deal smaller.

Dark Emblem

The group left the fortress to find the source of the chupacabras in the mountains of Peurto Rico. A sec man when with them had the larva of a deadly mutie insect gestating inside him. After a brief rest the insect kills him as it eats it's way out. It is the same breed of insect that Cort Strasser tried to use on Krysty in Pilgrimage to hell.

Shortly after being captured by Cort Strasser, Doc tanner encounters his first mutant. The vapid green millipede was nearly as long as Doc's for arm, and had thousands of tiny legs.

Crucible of Time

Mildred is attacked by a huge mutant panther inside the remains of an old rest stop. It's about half again the size of a normal Black Panther, and nearly kills Mildred before she blows it's brains out.

Due to a major radiation leak, a large number of trout grow to incredible sizes, some well over six feet in length near the redoubt about fifty miles due east of the ruins of Frezno California.


Ryan, Hun and Poet encounter a two and a half foot long blue black scorpion that moved incredibly fast.  Unlike the un-mutated kind it was a daytime hunter.  Ryan was about to shoot it when Poet commanded him not to.  He instead he killed it with his Panga. Hunaker used her shotgun to wipe out the nest of it's young.


Along the Idaho River mutant Crayfish could grow as large as a man's arm and developed a taste for meat, no matter what kind, human, animal or other fish.  Several could kill a large man in no time at all.

Some of the smaller fish in the River mutated into piranha like monsters with luminous eyes and huge  jaws that were filled with overly large razor sharp teeth. Some had even developed vestigial legs which they could use to crawl onto the land to go after prey.

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utants live under the icy ground and hunt by detecting heat. They attack by total surprise because the target has to be practically right on top of them.

The group is attacked by a large group of mutants on their way to Front Royal. They appeared to be totally normal except that they had green skin and were hairless and the teeth were shark-like and had forked tongues.  The mutants didn't wear any clothing but seemed to be resistant to the cold as well as they smelled fishy so it is speculated that they are ocean living creatures and may have originated near the Washington hole.

In the woods of Virginia there are deadly mutants that live in the trees. These creatures are almost invisible and have long tentacles that hang from trees. They wrap around prey and drain blood from them. The tentacles are barbed and cause blood poisoning if the prey escapes and has a barb left imbedded in the flesh. The creatures were pretty much shapeless, like an amoeba.

Gaia's Demise

Off the coast of Virginia there is a huge mutant alligator that is over thirty feet long and incredibly tough and old. The mutant is known as Frankenstein and has been terrorizing the area for many years. The mutant is finally destroyed by the companions combined firepower.

A large group of friendly mutants help protect Ryan and the group before and after the attack by the alligator. They appeared to be mutated beetles but had humanoid forms. They had rainbow chitin covering their bodies and antenna sprouting from their heads. They had beetle like claws and mandibles and made clicking noises when they communicated. After killing the mutant the beetles helped the group by recovering their lost weapons and supplies and even gave them the skin of the alligator.

As the companions traveled to Shiloh they had their horses and supplies stolen by a group of strange mutants that had a symbiotic relationship with plants. They appeared to be human but were covered in plants that at first the companions figured were used for clothing. But that wasn't the case. The plants were actually part of the humanoids. It provided not only protection from the elements but natural weaponry. The vines had thorns on them. When the humanoid was killed the vines and leaves withered and died as well.

The strange plant humanoid symbiots worshipped a huge mutated plant that lived in a sports arena. This plant gave off an incredibly powerful pheromone which induced humans (an assuming humanoids) into a sexual frenzy. Those affected by it would mate until they died of thirst or starvation. The rotting corpses would then feed the plant.  JB and Jak don protection and kill the plant by pouring battery acid into it's roots. This starts a holy war between them and the mutants and they barely manage to get out of the ruined city.

While JB is busy removing explosives from the mines on a bridge he spots long deadly looking mutated eels in the river water below. They don't pose a threat to him though.

When the group reach the Shiloh redoubt they open the door and encounter a hideous mutant creature that was left behind to stop them. The grotesque creature had a misshapen head covered in various sized eyes and multiple ears. The drooling mouth was filled with sharp fangs and a forked tongue over pale leathery lips. The body was long and serpentine which was covered in spotty fur. It had two massively powerful legs it used to walk with but two shriveled forearms. The feet had wickedly sharp claws.  The worst part about the mutant was the fact that no matter who much damage is sustained.  They finally managed to pin it and get past into the redoubt.

Dark Reckoning

After discovering the second exit from the Tennessee redoubt in the lower levels, they open it and are attacked by a mutant crab.  They shoot a couple of rounds at the creature and close the door.  Just a giant Crab. 

One of Sheffields teams are at one of the satellite dishes they are to check out and are attacked by what appears to be a further mutated Screamwing. It is a lot larger than a normal Screamwing and is impervious to small arms fire.  The creature was also a lot more aggressive than normal. 

After fighting a group of pigmy mutants and killing several, the mutants bring their 'god' to finish the intruders. The creature was abnormally large, and had slick wet looking skin, and a writing nest of tentacles reaching out from it's miniature face, the eyes mere slits and the mouth was filled with sharp teeth. It had a long forked tongue that it used as a weapon. It took a lot of ammo to kill it.

Another one of Sheffields men are at one of the satellite dishes. They are attacked by a hidden mutant that lives under the ground.  It attacked using long gray tentacles.  It impaled men and dragged them under. Nothing is seen but the tentacles, and there are so many that the LAV 25 APC is dragged under the ground by it.  

During the mutant attack on Sheffields base, a group of large cougars are seen that are able to blend in with their surroundings.

The surviving team go through a ville that had been destroyed during a mutant attack. One of the attackers flew out of the water and clawed the APC, Pushing its black muzzle and sending it's forked tongue into the APC a good three feet. It went under the APC and tried to get in through a hatch.  The hands are taloned and it was very tough.  Not much more was seen of the creature except when it was defeated it left and egg sac before it died.

Shadow World

The group is attacked by a large pack of mutated Coyotes.  They are about fifty percent larger than the normal coyotes.

Pandora's Redoubt

Inside the redoubt where the group found the Leviathan tank they discovered that it was being guarded by a group of bio-engineered dogs known as Hellhounds.  They were huge, vaugely dog appearing. The muscular bodies were covered with thick scales like an armadillo's and had a oversized head.  From its shoulders sprouted tentacles and where the tail should have been was a scorpions tail.  The creatures were incredibly tough and could blend into the surroundings much the way a chameleon could.

In the ruins known as the Wheel, the city is covered by a deadly intelligent vine like plant.  This plant is smart enough to know to avoid danger and could even use the bodies of victims as 'puppets' if you will in order to try and prevent Ryan and his companions from attacking.  It didn't work.  The heart of the plant was an impossibly long creature covered in black chitin, like a cross between a man and an insect. It had huge segmented eyes and seemed to be partially made of the vines as well. 

Outside Novaville in the river lived a horribly mutated snake. Its body was greatly segmented and it had three heads.  Each head had a multitude of mouths.

Rat King

There was a huge, grossly mutated and enlarged lizard, what appeared to have been descended from Gila monster. It attacked the group of 'outsiders' that captured Ryan and people after they escaped from the 'Insiders' redoubt. They eyes of the mutant were protected by a thick transparent membrane that protected it from the raging storm of the area. It was about twenty feet in length and around five feet in diameter. The tail alone was over ten feet in length. The mutant's tongue was long and coated in venom. The venom itself was acidic, making the creature even deadlier.  Due to the thickness of the scales, most normal weapons.  It was killed when Jak got under it to the softer, less dense scales and he was able to gut it. 

The storm wracked valley had another dangerous mutant. The little creature was clearly the descendents of normal squirrels, but the radiation changed it radically. The body was eighteen inches long, with short, dark gray fur. The head had elongated jaws and almost reptilian eyes. The jaws were long and powerful and had large incisors that were sharpened almost to points.  The body was thin and wiry, with short front paws that had wicked claws and short but powerful back legs.  The tail was vast and bushy, almost as long as the body. They were exceptionally dangerous to people on foot as they attacked in large numbers.  They grey coloring was perfect camouflage in the storm swept land. But even they knew when they were outgunned and when too many were killed, the mutants retreated. 

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